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Episode 13,859
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stylish Kate joins dapper Abe at his bistro table with a sugary smile. He sighs he is expecting a job applicant. She purrs tis her … Chad stares darkly at Stefano’s portrait. Abigail enters and worries. He solemnly states last night he ended Stefano’s existence … Stylish Gabi looks at the woman in the mirror and touches the ring she wears on her necklace now. She remembers when Stefan placed his mother’s heirloom on her finger. His feelings for her were real though at the beginning it was a fake marriage. She woefully sighs … Justin comes across heartbroken Kayla, believing she is back with Steve … Steve woefully remembers Kayla’s upset. Here comes Hope bearing flowers. He calls her his partner in crime. The flowers are from the nurse’s station with a card from someone but he would rather not read it. She wonders what irks him. He just pushed Kayla into Justin’s arms … Kayla complains about Steve making the decision that they should be together … Back at the mansion, Chad explains the police gave him and Tony the microchip that Rolf planted in Steve. He alludes to them deciding to destroy it. Abigail is sympathetic. Chad believes his father died ages ago and should stay that way. He hopes there are no more microchips. Abigail sighs he always rises. All of a sudden the secret door starts to open. For a split second Chad senses Stefano ...

Abe is miffed Kate gave his secretary a fake name. Kate smoothly states her case. She has the experience and the panache to be his spokesperson. Abe reasons she could have stopped Stefano’s reign of terror this time but she did not … Hope wonders why Steve believes his beloved Kayla belongs with Justin. He admits he pushed her away for she was in peril with him. Hope understands ... Justin is surprised. Kayla was too but Steve decided it was too dangerous for her to be with him. He realizes it was the result of him enlightening Steve on how as Stefano he was ruthless and brutal toward Kayla … Kayla adds John was the one who told him. Justin wants to know how she feels … Gabi gets a call from Simon and starts to give orders about the fall line. Alas the Gabi Chic order was cancelled by Chad. She gasps she is Stefan’s widow and wishes he were here now … The secret door was used by Tony, who returns from the wine cellar with a bottle of fatha’s finest and for a toast. Glam Anna announces they are leaving Salem and are here to bid adieu … Hope sighs she was Gina just as Steve was Stefano. The guilt never goes away. She should never have trusted Rolf! Steve believes they both should have known better … Justin the good knight gets that Kayla loves him but he wanted to win her ...

Kate is sorry for hurting good people like John, Marlena and others. Abe assumed she had changed after what happened to Theo when she dragged him into her DiMera drama. She argues Theo is a DiMera and they always have drama. Stefano was her lover her friend her spouse but this could be the beginning of a fresh start for all of them. She argues Abe does not blame Hope and Steve. She too fell under Stefano’s spell and will forever regret it … Tony and Anna are ready to return to Europe with its culture, wine and cheese. Alas Tony could not reach Gabi for one last meeting of the minds. Their flight leaves soon. As Gabi comes up behind him Tony tells Chad he will need more firepower to get rid of her. She hisses she is a DiMera and not to forget it … Animal print Kate argues Abe has made his fair share of mistakes as mayor. His voters are not pleased with his performance but PR Kate can turn it around. She plays the spin game to perfection. Abe is listening … Gabi accuses Chad of cancelling her fall fashion shipment without consulting her. He pulls rank so she reminds him he was under Stefano’s spell and could use some help like Abigail. He hisses to shut up. She now offers Anna all her fashion samples if she and Tony side with her. Anna turns her down. The fur flies. Gabi rubs in what Anna did with her designer shoe … Hope suggests Steve open the card that came with the flowers Tis a designer shoe apology from Anna. Steve is amused … Justin longs to hold Kayla but cannot be her consolation. He feels he was not the fair maiden’s first choice … Brunette ambition Gabi wants the family to acknowledge her hard work. Tony tells her to take the self-absorbed talk elsewhere and let them celebrate. He pops the champagne cork and hands out the glasses. Gabi storms to the office … Steve feels Anna actually did him a favor and recalls how the earlier version of Steve was a badass. Perhaps Patch never changed and Kayla is safer with the other dude … Kayla explains her romance with Steve was never easy. She believes there was also bad blood after she entrusted Stefan with his bionic eye. In addition, she is no longer the naive nurse he knew. She was a single mom who became a doctor and she likes her stable life. She praises Justin for making her feel safe and loved. Steve was the past, Justin is her present and her tomorrow. She tenderly kisses him …

Steve asks Hope about continuing to be Kayla’s friend. She wants to be but has let down all her loved ones this past year. How to overcome? She feels like another woman even now … Kate talks turkey. Abe needs a PR guru who can convince the good people of Salem that his hands are clean and he has everything under control. If he does not hire her, he will be toast at the next election … Back at DiMera mansion dapper Tony gets back to the task at hand – how to depose Gabriella. They sip champagne. Abigail suggests they let her stay in control of Gabi Chic. Chad disagrees as it did not work before. Anna blames herself for ever believing her. Chad toasts to dealing with her in whatever way he must and they drink to that. He has something up his sleeve …

Abe has heard enough. Kate already knows she is the only qualified candidate, suggests Abe consider carefully and waltzes off … Hope and Steve compare notes on flashbacks. They remember toasting to getting all they wanted. Steve sighs he got what he deserved … Justin believes Kayla when she claims she chose him, kisses him and wants to go home with him … Tony wants more champagne with a toast to the future without fatha. The new DiMera era has begun. Chad agrees and hugs his brother, who wishes him luck, leers to get Gabi and is seen to the door with Anna by Abigail. Chad takes a deep breath, bracing for what is to come … Gabi enters her office as she leaves a message for board man Shin to call her right away The DiMera legacy is at stake. Her husband cannot be forgotten! She now sees the back of a man’s head – a man who is seated in the chair at her desk, facing the window. She whispers Stefan’s name. Could it be?????


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 21, 2020