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Episode 13,858
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena gasps “Orpheus.” He leers long time no see and enters. She suspects he escaped. He alludes to new tricks … At the park Evan complains about Ben going crazy on him. Zoe reminds him all charges were dropped but he only wants his son … Chez Rafe, David listens as Rafe talks family types. He is his daddy now but he had a different one when he was born. The lad agrees with everything … At the bistro Jen truly feels for Justin. He explains Sonny urged him to fight for Kayla. Jen is encouraging. However Kayla does have history with Steve … Kayla informs Steve she intends to choose between him and Justin … Marlena warns Orpheus that John is in the other room. John calls her phone and Orpheus notices. He knows Marlena is alone. She curses him. He suggests they catch up and eyes her … Justin hates feeling like a teenager and regrets Jen being in the middle. He states Steve and Kayla had bad days as well as good plus they were apart a long time. He now gets an urgent call from Rafe. Justin is on it and on his way … Steve announces he is letting Kayla go and she gives him a stunned stare …

Evan praises Zoe and pouts Rafe is getting closer daily to David and making him look bad. Zoe wants to help get him back. Evan appreciates his sister he grew up with and wishes his boy could know her kids. She has a plan … David continues to agree with soulful Rafe, who hugs his little man … Marlena gets mad and rages at Orpheus for his reigns of terror. When she states his son is a criminal he gets testy and blames the blonde … Suited Jack surprises jumpy Jen with a kiss at the bistro. She babbles about Kayla, Justin and Steve. Kayla has apparently made up her mind … Kayla is astonished. Steve believes Justin is better for her. She stammers he said he would fight for her! He sighs he now knows what he did to her when sinister Stefano was in his head. She demands to know who told him. He flashes back to Justin revealing everything and suggesting he check with John. Steve now replies John confirmed everything. They have to be over … On the sofa Justin hears how the ISA made Orpheus a free man. Rafe complains he broke in and Justin talks restraining order. He believes when he presents David’s kidnapping of the lad to the judge he will lose all chances. Rafe is desperate to be David’s daddy forever … Evan and Zoe sit in front of the flowers. He regrets his rage with Jordan and she reminds him t’was an accident. He sighs at least if he was on the run he would have his son … Orpheus growls to Marlena he only stole her from John back in the old days because he robbed him of his Rebecca. John rushes in. Much to Marlena’s chagrin, he growls all charges against the fiend got dropped …

Kayla seems to have a headache. Steve blames himself for Stefano’s actions. Kayla blames herself for causing their rift by getting him that bionic eye from Stefan. It was hacked and that was when the trouble started. He whispers he will not be with her anymore as he almost made her lose her sweet life …The silver fox stares down the snake. He has told Marlena that in exchange for intel Orpheus got the ISA to grant him his freedom. Marlena has her doubts. Orpheus taunts he is staying in Salem for his family. The silver fox leers to leave his house now or else … Orpheus murmurs he will see Marlena again and goes on his wicked way. Marlena throws herself into John’s manly arms with a whimper … Chez Rafe, Justin arranges for the restraining orders and adds he will be able to expedite the adoption. Grateful Rafe asks about the Steve situation. He is now back. Justin sighs it is confusing for him and Kayla. Rafe likes all involved. Justin repeats he will fight for her … Jack and Jen discuss Steve and Kayla, Jen senses Kayla will choose Steve and wonders what Jack thinks … Steve lists Justin’s qualities and declares Kayla deserves such a man. She screams at him for not letting her have her say … Jack alludes to twists and turns in stories and is sorry to tell Jen that Orpheus and his son are back on the streets of Salem … Marlena hears from John that Evan evidently has a sister. She hopes she is not as bad as him … Zoe believes Evan did love Jordan and hugs him. She calls him Chris and assures him she is always on his side. He notes she even helped Orpheus. She sighs she loves him. However, he always has an agenda. Orpheus comes around the corner in his cool sunglasses and asks darling daughter if she has an issue with him …

Kayla snaps she should be the one to decide her love interest! Steve suggests she be selfish not selfless. He wants her to return to her happy place with safer Justin. He will not stand in their way. She gasps this was the last thing she thought he would say and fights back the tears … Orpheus the interloper admits he does make plans in his own self-interest. However, he always puts his kids first, hence his helping Evan with his son. Zoe notes he does not have him back yet. Evan updates him on Ben trying to strangle him when he spoke to David. Zoe now gets a text about Rafe filing restraining orders against them both. Orpheus decides tis time for the counterplan. His daughter is ready … Jack sips his coffee and updates Jen on Orpheus’ immunity. Jen gasps but he shot JJ and almost blew her up! Jack recalls how heroic Hope was unstrapping the device from her. Jen wishes Hope would remember those memories and forget the Gina days. She feels blessed to have Jack back and could not love him more. He loves her back with his whole heart and holds her as she puts her head on his shoulder … Zoe pays Rafe a visit and reminds him that David belongs with his father. She is suing for full custody. Rafe warns she will never win … Kayla tells off Steve for always making her decisions for her! She shouts no more and she can do what she wants with whomever and he can go straight to hell! She storms out. Steve looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Kayla is crying on a bench outside the pub when concerned Justin comes along … Jen vows to help Hope through. Jack wants her to stick close cos Orpheus is on the loose. Jen likes the sound of that and they cutely kiss … John decides struggling Steve deserves to know Orpheus is back. He drawls if Stefano DiMera can’t break them no one can and holds his baby close, breathing he will always protect her. She murmurs mmmmmm and puts her head on his shoulder …Rafe is bemused Zoe believes she could get crooks Evan or Orpheus custody. She announces Evan aka Christian is her brother and grins she will get custody of David for herself … Evan is eternally grateful for Zoe the good. Orpheus strongly suggests he keep his silence about what they did. Evan agrees but is clearly bothered by their deep dark secret …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 20, 2020