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Episode 13,857
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve tells Justin he is sorry about not being there for Adrienne. Justin appreciates it but he is here is about Kayla. Outside the room Kayla complains to Jen she is torn between the love of Steve and Justin … The sun streams in as Marlena wakes up her in purple pajamas. John joins her in bed with strawberries and cream. She gushes about the great day. He sighs Orpheus is back in town … Rafe raises his gun to Orpheus and threatens him … Ciara begs Ben to stop choking Evan at the park. David is still present … Marlena was certain she saw Orpheus struggle with Steve and get shot dead. John wishes it were so … Orpheus questions Rafe’s ability as the commissioner. Rafe talks tough. Orpheus quips he is making a mistake … Ben listens to Ciara and lets go. Evan falls to the ground gasping. Ciara talks him down. He urges her to take David to Rafe and swears he will not off him. Ciara departs with David … Kayla babbles about Justin being her safe future but then Steve came back vowing to fight … Steve drawls Kayla is always on his mind. Justin agrees she is a woman worth fighting for. Steve deduces he is not stepping aside. Justin believes he is best for her. Steve states they have a family Justin tells him their little love story. Kayla rescued him from the depths of despair and ended up needing him too. They got each other coffee and lasagna. Then he invited her to a jazz concert and so it began. Steve drawls she doesn’t like jazz. Now she does! Justin points out they picnicked under the stars, danced and the rest is history … Kayla explains to Jen how Justin saved her from the depths of despair but then Steve remembered their wedding vows. Such history such memories … Jen questions her on her own feelings … Rafe ends a call with Eli, exasperated the kidnapping charges against Orpheus were dropped and it gets worse … John updates mad Marlena on the ISA granting Orpheus immunity for intel. She wonders why he returned to Salem …

Ben warns Evan he might change his mind. Evan fumes he is his father. Ben warns him to back off from the boy if he loves him. No can do … John now updates Marlena on Orpheus attempting to kidnap his grandson and getting into federal custody. Marlena worries he will make a deal. John vows to protect the woman he loves and pulls her into an embrace … Kayla loves both suitors. Steve is her crazy love whereas Justin is safe and happy. She is totally torn … Steve understands the magic that is Kayla. However, he is home and she is his wife. Justin states ex-wife. Steve drawls that document did not count. Justin exclaims when he was Stefano he did not do right by her … Marlena senses John wants to see Steve today and tells him she will be fine home alone with her work. He heads to the shower and she digests the fact that Orpheus is Evan’s father … Evan notes Ben is no role model but Ben argues Rafe is. He will do what he must to help him … Rafe growls as per the ISA, Orpheus is untouchable. Orpheus taunts him and talks visitation. Rafe leers he will not let him near David. Ciara arrives with the little lad, much to demented Orpheus’ delight. He calls Ciara tougher than she looks as he heard what she did. She calls him dumber than he looks and refuses to let him near David. He talks blood rights. Rafe warns him to get out of his house before he puts a bullet in him. Orpheus goes on his eerie way after declaring he will see David soon … At the pretty park Evan stands up to Ben, who warns not to push him. Zoe comes around the corner exclaiming to get away from her client. Evan smirks …

Steve demands Justin tell him what he did to Kayla when he was Stefano. Kindly Kayla agreed to hide him, believing he was the real Steve. He ruthlessly threatened to off her unless he got Marlena and then filled the room with gas. Steve cries he could never kill Kayla. John comes in and Justin suggests he ask him. He leaves the room … Jen advises Kayla to listen to her heart. Kayla realizes the clock is ticking. Justin rejoins her …John is sorry to say that Justin spoke the truth. He is no stranger to mind control himself and argues Steve too was a victim but Steve fears Kayla cannot feel the same way she used to … Justin has something to say to Kayla about her and Steve … Marlena sits with her work and flashes back to Orpheus when he was her captor. Troubling times … Rafe rages to Ciara that Orpheus broke in and she sighs about Evan interrupting Ben’s moment with David but she did not let it get out of control. Rafe thanks her but Ciara feels for David that Evan is his dad. Perhaps Rafe should let the lad know before someone less desirable does … Zoe is Evan’s attorney and warns Ben to back off. He argues Evan confessed to killing Jordan. She counters he was coerced and threatens to get restraining orders against Ben and his babe if they bother him again. Ben warns her he better stay away from his nephew and walks off …

Zoe suggests Evan focus on the future and warns Rafe is just looking for a reason to stick him in the slammer … Ben comes home to Ciara and thanks her for making him alright. She will never lose him again! They share a hungry kiss, then she sighs Orpheus showed up chez Rafe … Marlena tells herself she is safe at home and then flashes back to evil Orpheus hammering her into a box. Harrowing times … John suggests Steve focus on Kayla’s deep love for him … Justin lets Kayla know he loves the hell out of her. He wants to be the one she wakes up to forever. She is his hero and he hopes he is hers. When he gallantly kisses her hand and goes, she lets out a sigh … Phone John is frantic to hear Orpheus is a free loon … Ding dong! Marlena opens her door to her worst nightmare aka Orpheus … Evan thanks Zoe and she smiles big sisters help little brothers … Ciara sighs David will eventually need to know Evan is his real dad … Meanwhile David is happily playing with Rafe, who wants to have a talk with his little man … Justin joins Jen at the bistro and smiles he took a stand but who will Kayla choose? … Kayla comes back to Steve, who solemnly apologizes for questioning what she had with Justin, his eyes reflecting his remorse over his past actions. She suddenly announces she has made up her mind ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 17, 2020