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Episode 13,856
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben and Ciara wake up in their beautiful hotel room. Endless timeless love. He kisses her but she stops him … Hope walks at the square on this spring Salem day and remembers what she did to Jen when she was Gina. Jen stops her … Worried Justin wakes up without Kayla … Steve remembers the way he and Kayla were after their wedding. A yellow rose and their dream came true. He gave her a necklace with an anchor cos she was his anchor and swore he would never leave. Beautiful days. Steve now remembers hearing Kayla coldly state she was heading home with Justin. He looks up and smiles at Sonny. Steve summoned him about Adrienne. He asks who the sob was who was driving the other car. Sonny replies the person is in the slammer. Steve regrets not being there and they discuss missing Adrienne. They laugh about the way she spoke her tough cookie mind and was fierce for the family. Sonny states he and Will are considering having another kid and he wishes he could discuss with her. Steve believes she would hear him from anywhere. He regrets not being here for the family for so long … Justin is relieved that Kayla was in the kitchen making muffins for his homemade breakfast …At the station Rafe officially welcomes back Lani and Eli. Abe asked Rafe to remain commissioner. Eli is all for it. A stern woman in a suit demands to know who is in charge …

At the square Hope weeps about what she did to Jen from the bistro balcony. Jenny knows it was not her but Hope believes she is to blame. They sit at a table together to talk. Polka dot Hope hates how she hurt others. Jen heard she also tried to track down Eve. Hope explains she tracked her down to New York City and Eve threatened legal action. Jen pouts what Gina did pales to what Eve has done … Sonny sadly states it was a freak accident and the docs did all they could. Steve still regrets not being here but Sonny blames Stefano, who is no more, and Rolf, who is in the slammer. Steve needs to get out of here soon. Sonny wants to discuss his dad aka Justin, who happens to be Kayla’s love interest … Kayla updates Justin on getting in touch with an eye specialist for Steve. He senses she did not sleep well … Zoe introduces herself as Christian’s lawyer and demands his immediate release. She shows Rafe a statement signed by Orpheus, claiming responsibility for abducting David. Rafe refuses to approve his release … Ciara talks reality. Ben sighs no one wants to hire him. She was really referring to a surprise, sweetly suggests he shower and meet her at the square in 20. He kisses her and convinces her to shower with him …

Steve is already aware Justin and Kayla are a couple. He regrets the bogus divorce papers. Sonny is sympathetic but he believes his dad and Kayla are good together and it is real love … Kayla confesses she was somewhat sleepless. Justin understands. She explains she got out of bed and baked. He was happy she came home with him last night … Jen urges Hope not to let Eve make her feel to blame but Hope believes she should be held accountable for Gina’s actions … Ciara joins Ben at the flowery park with a surprise – his little nephew David … Rafe argues Orpheus is psycho and Zoe argues Christian is innocent. Rafe believes he lost all rights to his son and suggests she go see the judge. She boasts she already got her client exonerated and shows him her court order – Rafe must release him … Jenny notes Hope had no control cos of the microchip. The Hope she knows would never harm her. Hope now flashes back to getting a pillow to off her. The only reason she stopped was cos Ciara came in. She cries what if she hadn’t … Ben praises little David, who loves his toy truck. Rafe let Ciara have him as the sitter was busy. Now there are no problems since Evan and his evil father are in the slammer. Ben and Ciara sweetly kiss … Rafe reminds Zoe her client still faces a murder charge. Lani has to remove Evan’s cuffs and he leaves with his smug lawyer. Rafe makes a call … Bathrobe Justin wanted to hold Kayla last night but still knows not where they stand. Kayla will talk to him after she sees the specialist. He thanks her for the muffin …

Sonny thinks Steve should not expect Kayla to walk away from Justin. Steve talks turkey. Kayla is the love of his life, the mother of his children, and he vows to get her back ... Ben smiles at David. Ciara answers her phone. Rafe warns her to head home now as Evan was released cos Orpheus confessed. Ciara tells Ben and they are about to leave when … Evan comes around the corner … Jenny whispers Ciara stopped Gina. Hope breaks down regardless. She now remembers Gina also had offing Abigail on her misguided mind … Sonny drops by to see Justin, who is about to go to work. He saw Steve and they discussed the unnamed driver who offed Adrienne. They also discussed Justin and Kayla’s current relationship … Kayla comes in and orders Steve to stop dangling his legs and lie down. He sighs his heart hurts. She listens and he tells Sweetness it is broken. Did she make love with Justin last night? She gets testy and tells him to mind his own business. He teases that sounds like a no …

Rafe wants to go back to David and leaves Lani and Eli at the station. They decide to tail Evan. Zoe comes back to talk to Commissioner Rafe, who is now gone. Eli warns her it was unwise to help Evan, which was the name Christian used when he came to town to kill the mother of his child. She quips that did not happen. Eli warns her kidnapping is a federal offense so Evan and his dastardly daddy will be locked up a long time. Zoe counters it is only a federal offense when state lines are crossed and suggests Eli is a lightweight … As Ben and Ciara watch with worry, Evan crouches down to David and wants him to know … Jen reminds Hope that Gina the wicked witch is gone. She loves her cousin … Sonny warns Justin that Steve wants Kayla. Justin notes she came home with him last night. He plans to give Kayla space. Sonny warns Steve will give her no space, plus they have history. Justin reasons what they have is real. Sonny suggests he fight … Steve gushes Kayla was the one who brought him back. It was a monumental moment. He takes her hand. She takes it back and goes for the specialist. He announces he is never going to give up on them. Kayla leaves the room rattled … Hope is alone lamenting Gina won … Jen sees upset Kayla, who admits she is a mess … Justin enters Steve’s room. They need to talk … Ben warns Evan, who keeps talking to his son. All of a sudden Ben grabs his throat to stop him. Ciara soap stares … Zoe announces to Lani and Eli that Orpheus is free … Rafe comes home. Orpheus is waiting on the sofa, smiling like a snake. He's baaaaaaaaaack ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 16, 2020