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Episode 13,855
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla wishes she could return home with Justin. He gives her a heartfelt kiss. She agrees to dinner. He wonders about Steve … Jack continues to give Steve a pep talk about Kayla’s devotion. Steve loves her even more than before … At the square café Sonny and Will enjoy their red wine and food. Will wonders whether Steve forgot all the nutty stuff he did as Stefano. Alas Sonny knows not as he just got a brief text from Jen. Will suggests they celebrate the demise of Stefano and Gina with a yummy dessert. Sonny wants no sugar since he has had enough strange dreams. Will probes so he updates him on his dream of Will getting it on with Leo. Will almost chokes … In their room Brady updates Kristen on Xander switching the babies intentionally … Drums play as Eric stares darkly at Xander in the Kiriakis mansion. Xander wants him out and informs him Sarah is upstairs saying goodbye. Eric wants to talk. Xander wants no lecture. Eric believes he deserves way worse … Sarah cries upstairs as she holds the baby. Alas she cannot give her up … Kristen is flabbergasted. Brady states Xander did it for Sarah. Kristen wants to make him pay … Xander is crushed. Eric scoffs the fairytale went sour but the parents deserved the truth. When Xander calls Nicole a nosy beech Eric punches him in the face. Xander argues he could have had it all if not for Nicole. Eric believes she was right to reveal the truth. Sarah deserved to know what a monster he was …

Back to the brotherly pep talk. Steve seems to be giving up because Justin is now in Kayla’s picture. Jack elegantly reminds him he used to be a fighter and eats a banana. Steve sighs he loves her but hurt the good women too many times. Perhaps she deserves Justin. Jack argues a diet and exercise would benefit himself but would not make him happy. Steve quips he is making his head hurt. Jack tells him he used to be more exciting than a lawyer so Steve asks if Kayla seems happy when he sees her with Justin … Kayla explains to Justin that Steve and his memory are resting. As a doctor she does not need to stay. Justin suggests as someone personally involved she probably should … Will teases Sonny told him too much. Sonny teases it was even stranger in that dream. Will would rather not hear, then gets curious about the rest. Sonny dreamt that Leo convinced them to buy a baby he had stolen from Abe and Sheila. The story reminded him that he and Will discussed having another child. Will remembers it was Mother’s day but then Adrienne was lost. Sonny sighs that day was hell. But that was then this is now. Now would Will like to revisit the idea? … Xander insists he would make Sarah happy. Eric calls him a sociopath who caused her sorrow. And then there was Kristen’s misery caused by him …

Sarah weeps she wanted to do all the firsts with Mickey. She feels for Kristen losing her first year with the sweet little girl. She will keep the book of memories for herself and hopes Kristen will do right by her … Steve senses Justin makes Kayla happy when Jack is elusive. Jack argues Kayla’s divorce papers came and lawyer Justin then lost the love of his life. He moved into Kayla’s new place. Steve does not want to break up their happy home. Jack wants his brother happy and Justin too. Steve scoffs only one gets to be with Kayla … Justin hears that Steve has to deal with all he did as Stefano. Kayla reminds him she and Steve were already having problems. Justin wonders whether she wants to reunite with her ex … Eric finds Sarah’s room empty and the baby is gone … Back at the café, Will admits Abigail explained how two kids were easier than one. But it would be a long process to adopt again. Sonny chuckles that is why some people steal babies. At that moment Sarah happens by with “Mickey” and a strange look in her eye. Will calls out to her so she stops. Sonny asks about her wedding to Xander. She replies she is last minute shopping for their honeymoon. She is taking the baby since she could not bear to be away from her …

As Xander downs his drink Eric announces Sarah and baby are not upstairs. Xander opens the door and declares her car is gone. Eric gasps … Kristen rages as Brady assures her Sarah deserves this last night with Rachel. She cannot wait the whole night! He will call Eric. Kristen wishes she could rush over right now … Sonny and Will admire the beautiful baby and babble about adopting. Will has concerns cos with adoption the biological parent could demand the baby back. Sarah sadly states that is the worst thing in the world and starts to go with baby and bags. Will the perceptive writer suddenly realizes she has no wedding ring … As a harp plays, Kayla lets Justin know she wants to go home with him now. He teases she is only after his lasagna. She goes to check on patient Steve one more time - after referring to Justin as her boyfriend … Dieting Jack craves candy but stays with Steve to talk reality. He senses Steve intends to bow out gracefully and argues he owes it to Kayla to share how he feels and let her choose. That is the decision to make. Kayla enters and wonders … Sarah fibs her ring was so big and expensive she left it in her jewelry box. Sonny asks where the honeymoon is. She stammers she has yet to decide and takes off. Will informs Sonny she was not telling the truth. He suspects she is about to dump psycho Xander …

Eric calls so Brady puts him on speaker phone. Eric asks if the baby is with them since she and Sarah are not at the mansion anymore. Negative. Kristen panics as Eric points out they must be en route … Steve has a headache like a hangover. Kayla will get a nurse to bring him something. Jack starts to excuse himself so Kayla explains she is heading home. Steve asks with Justin? Yes as they live together now … unless Steve needs anything. He pretends he does not so she says goodnight and goes. Jack wishes he would fight for her. Steve glumly deduces she already decided … Xander sees Sarah’s ring and wedding gown on the bed and sighs … Brady believes Kristen is being overly imaginative. She reminds him Sarah was going to say goodbye with Eric and refuses to wait another Salem second. They take off together … Eric leaves Sarah a nervous message about her whereabouts. Sonny and Will return. They just saw her at the square with the baby. She was on her way to the jet for her honeymoon with Xander. Eric is shocked … Jack holds an apple and makes light of Kayla going home with Justin. Steve wishes he would shut the hell up … At the elevator Kayla asks Justin about the wedding. He states Sarah was strange and there was no wedding. They get in the elevator together … Xander holds the sapphire and diamond ring and vows to get Sarah back … Sonny is on hold. Eric has updated him and Will on Sarah’s baby really belonging to Brady and Kristen. Eric realizes Sarah ran away with her. Enter anxious Kristen and Brady. Eric admits to a problem. Sonny gets off the phone, having gotten confirmation that Sarah and Rachel boarded the Titan jet, destination unknown. Brady and Kristen are stunned. Meanwhile Sarah is sitting with Rachel on her lap and kisses her little girl. No one can separate them now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 15, 2020