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Episode 13,854
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady hugs Kristen at the serene cemetery. She believes she will never hold a baby again but Brady knows better … Steve argues he would never have left Sweetness! She reminds him he broke her heart before. Then it just happened with another guy. He wants a name. Justin … Xander waits for his bride to say I do. She blasts him for his bad deeds. He acts innocent so she screams he let her fall in love with a baby that did not belong to her! Justin overhears every incriminating word … At the elegant club Jack ends a call with John and updates Jen, Doug and Julie on Steve not having his memories. Doug and Julie believe it can work out like it did for Hope and also Jack. Grateful Jen and Jack get going. Doug and Julie look worried … Steve remembers that Adrienne is the love of Justin’s life. Kayla refers to her in the past tense and tells him the tragic news. Sister Adrienne is gone. Steve breaks down … Xander begs her for an I do but Sarah screams to stop. Eric revealed everything! She knows her baby perished and Xander switched her with Brady and Kristen’s baby …Kristen calls Brady sweet and cries about having to accept Rachel died. Brady emotionally tells her that their daughter is actually alive. That fateful night the baby who died belonged to Eric and Sarah and she is in that grave. She gasps … Sarah wants no wedding. Sorry Justin offers to stay. She suggests he go so she can speak alooooone to Xander. She rages at him for deceiving her. He stammers it was for her … Steve weeps about Adrienne and Kayla updates him on the accident. She is so sorry and hugs him as he sobs he should have been here. Now tis too late.

Jen and Jack arrive in Steve’s room, elated to hear Kayla explain he has his memory back. Jack realizes he knows about Adrienne and embraces his brother, who bawls they lost their sister … Suspicious smart cookie Kristen talks proof. Brady begins with the heart birthmark and adds the DNA proof. Nicole was suspicious and ordered the tests. Kristen takes a look at the paper and rejoices the baby she was drawn to is really theirs … Sarah the betrayed bride is unforgiving. Xander reminds her they brought the baby into the world togetha. She recalls she did not cry at first and fears it was due to a head injury. He explains the doctor examined her. Then she had a seizure and took her last breath. Sarah collapses. He wishes it had been him instead. He could not bear to see her sorrow. Sarah screams he gave her someone else’s baby! He loves her so much. She stares at him in disgust. He has hurt her more than any other and they are now past the point of no return … Steve is alone with Jack in his room. Jack regrets being mad at him for missing their sister’s service. No one could imagine how Dr. Rolf the scientist would scheme to bring Stefano back. Steve admits he made a bad decision before all that, for love of country. But if he had put Kayla first, she would not have left him … Ponytail Jen discusses Steve with Kayla. What comes next? Kayla sighs to bring his memory back she told him their great love story. Jen asks about Justin. Kayla admits he knows. Tis a tough time for both good men but she does love Justin deeply. The elevator opens and suited Justin steps out …

Eric and Nicole now join Brady and Kristen. Brady hugs his unhappy brother. Kristen will be eternally grateful and plans to pray for him. He quietly thanks her. She thanks and praises Nicole as well. Brady escorts her away to let them grieve. Nicole and Eric now stand hand in hand at his daughter’s grave. The real Mickey lies here … Xander wanted to protect the woman he loves more than he ever loved anyone. She cries he is delusional and blasts him for stealing Brady and Kristen’s baby. It was the work of a goon! Now she has only hours left with Mickey. Eric must now be telling Brady and Kristen, who will want her back. Xander suggests they leave Salem together forever and take her with them, never looking back … At the club colorful Julie admits to curious Doug she is concerned about Steve and Kayla’s legendary love story and how it will affect Justin … Kayla updates Justin on Steve’s memory returning. He is happy for him. Jen heads off to tell Doug and Julie. Kayla adds she filled her ex-hubby in on Adrienne and he is having a hard time. Justin gets it. Kayla notes no one loved Adrienne more than Justin, Jack and Steve … Steve wishes he had not played the hero and lost. Jack grins he could get Kayla back as he got back with Jen, who never gave up. Steve is pragmatic and sighs Kayla has a new life with Justin now. She seems to be over him … Sarah sobs they cannot take Mickey and flee for she is really Rachel! Xander dangles disappearing for the rest of their lives before Brady and Kristen come. Sarah rejects him and never wants to see his face again …

Justin offers to drive Kayla home and get them dinner. He assures her he will understand if she decides to stay longer with Steve … Steve thinks Justin is a good reliable dude unlike him. Jack explains how he and Kayla helped one another. But now Steve is back … Eric touches Mickey’s plaque and lets her know he will miss her until the day he dies. Nicole holds his hand as he weeps he will always love her. Then they hug …. Brady has brought Kristen home before going to get Rachel. He believes Eric and Sarah need their last night to say goodbye … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sarah denounces Xander and his crazy love. She hisses when she comes back downstairs she will call the cops if he is here. Then she takes the pink baby upstairs. Xander falls onto the floor in his despair … Steve recounts how Kayla spoke to him. It felt like old times until she mentioned her relationship with Justin. Tis complicated but Jack argues it is not impossible. Steve suspects he was too late this time … Justin gathers Kayla is still worried about Steve and lets her know he is on standby. Then he kisses her and starts to go. She suddenly stops him … Sarah holds Rachel and sobs how to say goodbye … Kristen longs to hold her baby but Brady reminds her they have a lifetime ahead with her. She wonders about the mistake but he announces it was Xander who switched the infants. Kristen digests … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander is standing alone over the empty bassinet when Eric appears. If looks could K-I-L-L.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 14, 2020