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Episode 13,853
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena believes Steve has his love for Kayla and their memories inside just as she did and says so to John … Kayla reminds Steve of their wedding vows and how much they meant … Kristen wants to hold the baby longer. The nurse is at a loss … Brady hesitates but Eric explains the news is not bad. It is about Mickey … Sarah returns to worried Xander at the Kiriakis mansion with tears in her eyes. Then she gives her jittery groom a look to kill … Kristen just wants to hold the baby and insists to the nurse. Enter John and Marlena … Xander wonders where his bride was. She remembers Eric and then admits she went to see him. He gasps why in God’s name … Brady is worried about his niece. Nicole assures him she is alright. Eric explains that baby is not his niece, she is actually his daughter … Steve has no memories. Kayla tells him they were together for 30 years and remembers their wedding vows, what he said. She made him the man he was. She repeats what he said. Steve continues! He gets emotional and a flashback is shown. Then he finishes reciting his vows. He adds what I have is yours and takes her hand. She weeps and he weeps Oh Sweetness. Then he holds her face and kisses her forehead. No man could forget her! They embrace and he wonders what happened …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander rages Eric should not have given Sarah grief. The baby belongs with her motha. Sarah ominously agrees … Marlena intervenes with the cuddle program chaos. Kristen does not want anyone to wake the baby. Marlena promises no one will. Maternal Kristen hands her the baby and falls apart. Marlena gives the baby back to the waiting nurse … Brady is baffled beyond belief. Nicole confirms tis his and Kristen’s baby. Eric explains Nicole investigated and his baby was lost. Brady is sorry for his brother, who tells him to go to Kristen. They have a beautiful little girl. Brady cries he is sorry and hugs his bro. He digests and drinks the water Nicole hands him. Eric informs him Sarah also knows … Justin asks Sarah if she is alright. Xander suggests she forget wot Eric said. Never. Xander assumes she is upset about Maggie missing the wedding and argues they are already a family. She coldly states with Mickey. He vows to be a good fatha and look after her and the baby. She gets sarcastic when he swears he wants nothing more. Justin senses something. She gets her bouquet and sweetly suggests they start their wedding … John is sitting with Kristen as she agrees it was intense. Marlena returns. Kristen is out of the program now. Kristen is saddened and starts to go but Marlena stops her … Steve is stunned to hear he had Stefano’s mind inside his head thanks to the infamous Dr. Rolf. Kayla tells him it was for two years but they got that dastardly chip out. Steve digests with a gasp …

Steve seeks the whole story. He has a bad feeling about what Stefano had him do. Kayla suggests he rest. He shouts he cannot! Who did the phoenix use him to go after … Kristen opens up to Marlena the emotional healer about her grief and her guilt. Marlena suggests they speak regularly. Kristen is ready for therapy, to accept she lost her Rachel forever … Brady decides to sue the hospital. Nicole whispers the babies were switched. Brady demands to know by whom … At the Kiriakis mansion Justin gets to the speak now or forever hold your piece part. Xander smiles at his beautiful bride, whose eyes are glassy. He quips Mickey will not object and asks to share his written vows first. He admits he has not been honest and prepares to tell her the whole truth. She gives him a strange stare …

Kayla updates Steve on Stefano going after DiMera, which was thwarted and then Marlena his queen of the night. He sighs and shakes his head … John hands Kristen her phone as Marlena suggests they see her home. Kristen thanks them for their kindness but she must go somewhere now … Brady rages and vows to get Xander. Eric stops him since Sarah is dealing with him as they speak … Meanwhile groom Xander admits he lied. She waits for the truth. He has been a bad boy and vows to be good for the woman he loves until death do they part … Sarah admits his misdeeds did not matter since she told herself he was good for her and her daughter and reminds him he delivered her, He believes Mickey matters the most to them both. Everything is about her. Justin watches Sarah as she strangely states his kindness made her ignore everyone’s warnings. He was different with her and her daughter who brought them together. However, they both lied and that was how their story really started ...

Brady feels for Sarah and is sorry for Eric. Eric is realistic and suggests Brady go tell Kristen. They exchange I love yous and a guy hug. Brady goes and Nicole holds her guy … Kristen has flowers at Rachel’s resting place, still unaware her daughter did survive. She pats them and admits she held another baby girl today. She was reminded of that fateful night when she handed her to a nurse and never got her back …Justin asks Sarah if she is alright. She recalls that night they lost Adrienne and she went into labor. Xander was her knight in shining armor. She was worried the accident had harmed her baby but at the hospital Xander brought her a beautiful child. She leers he looked after everything … Steve gasps God, what has he done?! Kayla argues John and Marlena only blame Stefano. He asks about Marlena. John reached her. Steve reasons just as his Kayla reached him. All he wants now is to be with babe. A few years ago he was heading home to her … She cries she was sent his signed divorce papers. He suggests Sweetness tear them up. Alas she is now with another … Xander takes Sarah to be his everything and slips on the ring. Now it is Sarah’s turn … Eric admits to Nicole it is hard to digest. He worries he will never stop crying if he starts and leanS on her… In front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, Kristen bids her baby goodbye. Brady appears and embraces her … Xander tells Sarah to say I do. She leers not after what he did and glares daggers at him!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 13, 2020