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Episode 13,852
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At Basic Black Brady is bothered. Stylish Nicole realizes he has Rachel’s death certificate out … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander walks and talks to Mickey. He marries mummy today and they will be a family foreva … Sarah snaps Mickey IS theirs. Eric sadly states she is not … John is ready to whisk Marlena home but first she will check on Steve. He believes the tough cookie will come back … Steve opens his eye to Kayla and wonders who Steve is and who she is too! She tells him his full name and he deduces she is his doc. She reminds him they were wed. But not now. He asks why he is here and gets agitated when she sighs he does not remember her … Sweet Sarah cannot believe it. Eric tells her their daughter lost her life … Xander remembers the night he delivered Sarah’s baby and decided to be her hero by switching her lost baby for this one. He did wot he did to spare her …. Justin appears and wonders what exactly he did … Nicole assures Brady he will not be sad forever. He thinks he and Kristen will never overcome losing little Rachel … A nurse brings beaming Kristen a baby to hold … Xander covers he just told Sarah she needed no high heels for their wedding. Justin updates him on being by Kayla’s side as she tried to help Steve. Xander warns him they will get back togetha … Marlena and John see Kayla outside Steve’s room and she complains Steve cannot remember. Marlena has an idea … Sarah is in denial. Eric explains the baby was alive when she got to the hospital but at some point … Sarah insists Xander brought the baby to her after she was examined and she was healthy. Eric is sorry to say that was Brady and Kristen’s baby …

Kristen cries and smiles as she holds the baby she was assigned to hold for 30 minutes … Brady wants to continue the convo he and stylish Nicole were having the other day. She insists Eric be involved. He hopes for only good news. He marvels though he and Eric are not blood brothers, Mickey and Rachel had the same heart shaped birth mark … Sarah is stunned Nicole got a DNA test after noticing something suspicious. Earnest Eric shows her the results of the test that used Kristen’s hair. It was a match. Sarah is suspicious and wants another test. He tells her Nicole also confronted Raynor. She shakes her head … Kayla brings John and Marlena in to see Steve. He knows not who they are. John drawls they are biz partners and best friends. Steve knows none of them and is surprised when Marlena mentions brain surgery swelling sometimes causing temporary memory loss. She mentions hypnosis would help so Steve wants to get started. And so she begins … He is in a fog. She suggests he focus on Kayla. She is familiar but he cannot remember …

Sarah cannot believe Raynor would make such a big mistake. Eric breathes the babies were intentionally switched. Sarah demands a name … Brady admits to Nicole that John was suspicious and he cannot forget that the babies were in the same nursery that night. Is he nuts to believe there could have been a baby switch? Then again it may be his wishful thinking. The babies’ bracelets are always checked. Mysterious music plays as she doubts there would be such a mistake. Brady doubts Kristen will ever recover … Justin notices Mickey’s birthmark and wonders where the bride is. Xander realizes she is running late … Sarah cannot believe Xander switched the babies! Eric adds he also paid Raynor to keep the secret. She remembers Xander bringing her Mickey after her examination and how she looked a little different. She gasps oh God and begins to break down …

Marlena updates Kayla on Steve saying Kayla seemed familiar. She will be able to reach him eventually. She later tells John he will only come back if Kayla can reach him … Kayla sits at Steve’s bedside to tell him the story of them. A fairytale that started with a sweet and innocent girl and a dude with a reputation. Steve listens as she sighs they faced their fair share of hardship. She recounts how he learned sigh language when she lost her hearing and voice. They planned to marry on a boat. He thinks that sounds romantic. She weeps it was amazing but she could not speak for her vows until he helped. She begs him to come back to her for he is somewhere in there … Xander the nervous groom cannot get a reply from Sarah and calls Uncle Vic, who informs him Sarah left Maggie a couple of hours ago. Where oh where could she be?

Sarah cries tears of torment as she remembers how Xander assured her this was their baby. Eric sighs he was lying. She cries did he tell Kristen and Brady? Not yet. First he had to forewarn her before she made the mistake of marrying Xander. Xander calls and she turns off her phone, hyperventilating … Brady apologizes. Nicole understands. He is glad she got her happy ending but he and Kristen did not get theirs. He almost hopes he is wrong so brother Eric does not endure what he did. Nicole believes he is a good man who deserves the best. He is now summoned by sales and departs. Nicole prays Eric will tells Sarah the truth and return to her soon. Not telling Brady what she knows is not easy … Kristen is singing to the sleeping baby she was assigned to hold as mama had a c section. The nurse tells her time is up but she refuses to give her back and snarls to stay away … Eric returns to Nicole. Tragic music plays. He told Sarah and she seemed to listen. Nicole wants him to talk to Brady. He agrees he has to tell him. Brady appears and asks what he has to tell him … Xander is nervous wreck as no one has seen his bride. Late Sarah walks in and gives him a stony stare … John is sorry for Kayla since he and Marlena have been there. Marlena gushes their love is still somewhere in there just as theirs was … Kayla recalls how Steve gave her the courage to come back on their wedding day and begs him to remember the way they were. He soap stares …


Happy Easter! Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 10, 2020