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Episode 13,850
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen enters the hospital in her spring coat and realizes Justin spent the night. He stayed for Kayla, who is very worried about Steve … Kayla watches sleeping Steve and remembers the risk. She begs him to come back. Jack joins her. Alas Steve has not woken up … Xander has his suit on but Sarah is not dressed. She tells him the wedding is off. He wakes up from the dream alone in bed, gasping for Sarah … Nicole is dressed for spring. Eric is determined to tell Sarah the truth today. Nicole suggests they do so fast before her wedding. Knock knock! Tis Roman, who had not heard from Eric and hopes all is well … Shirtless Xander reads a note from Sarah about something important she wanted to do before the wedding … Meanwhile Sarah hugs mama Maggie in the slammer. She opens her spring coat and shows off her stylish wedding dress, Maggie gushes tis beautiful … Kayla fears by cutting through the frontal lobe she may have ruined Steve’s personality and his memories. Jack tries to be positive so she updates him on the harrowing moment she removed the chip. She blames herself. Jack argues it was complicated and unpredictable so she is not to blame. But she believes she is if the Steve they knew and loved is gone. Meanwhile Steve sleeps on …

Xander comes downstairs. Uncle Victa is in his armchair. Xander updates him on Sarah visiting Maggie. He suspects Eric and Nicole were up to something yesterday. What if they know about the baby switch … Eric assures Roman he and Nicole worked out their miscommunication. She gushes they are good. Roman is relieved and heads off to see Steve. Eric feels badly about hiding the truth from his father but Sarah, then Brady and Kristen have to hear it first. He picks up a pink stuffed animal with sadness. Nicole feels for him. Eric is really worried about Sarah, how to tell her their own baby did not survive … Maggie gets emotional about the beautiful bride Sarah will be. Sarah gushes she loves Xander so much. She wishes Maggie could attend. The redhead believes she is where she deserves to be. Adrienne would be alive if not for her drunk driving. Sarah sobs … Jen brings grateful Justin a cup of coffee. He praises Jack for his advice. However, he and Kayla cannot compare to what Kayla and Steve were. The return of real Steve would end their relationship … Jack declares Kayla did what had to be done! His brother would never want to live as Stefano regardless of the risks. She thanks him. He emotionally thanks her and goes to Jen. Kayla asks Steve to wake up …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander gets coffee as Victor grows irate. Xander babbles the blonde beech Nicole is not going to cause any trouble! Victor growls if Maggie knew she had caused the death of her grandchild … Xander concludes it cannot come out for it would ruin both Sarah and Maggie … Eric and Nicole need to find a way to talk to Sarah alone … Sarah weeps tears of joy about Mickey’s little dress. Maggie hands her something blue – stitching. Mother and daughter embrace … Ponytail Jen suggests they take Jack’s advice and stay in the moment Justin agrees. Jack comes out sighing Kayla blames herself that Steve is not awake. Justin goes to her. Jen leans on her Jack … Justin urges Kayla not to blame herself. She did what she could for Steve. He is so sorry. Stressed Kayla snaps this was what he wanted. Justin looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Jen reminds Jack of Steve and Kayla’s 30 years. They are both saddened by the fact that either Steve or Justin will lose … Justin gets upset and Kayla cries she did not mean it. He holds her and assures her he is here. He is her rock … Victor is exasperated when Xander admits he hates having a secret from Sarah. Victor snaps if he spilled the secret he would lose her and he knows how terrible it is to lose one’s wife … Eric and Nicole have arrived outside the Kiriakis mansion. Sarah is by the bushes, bewildered. Eric gasps he has something important to say … Roman joins Jack and Jen and hears there is nothing new. He steps away for a call and decides to see Kayla after … Justin gets a notification about marrying Sarah and Xander. Kayla suggests he go ahead. Until later. He kisses her forehead and goes. Mysterious music plays. Kayla begs Steve to open his eyes. Enter Roman. She cries on big brother’s shoulder … Xander agrees to focus on the fine woman he will wed and invites Victa to stay. The Greek grumbles the last wedding he attended was Sonny marrying Lothario Leo so no thanks. But he is proud of him as a member of the Kiriakis clan and hands him an old coin from his father, Xander’s grandfather. T’was a tradition to give such a coin to a child who was marrying so it would carry them through. He knows Xander’s father would want him to have it. Xander is much moved and goes to get dressed …

Sarah wants no lecture about Xander. Nicole is surprised Xander did not even say they came by last night. Sarah waits. Eric woefully informs her he bears news about Mickey and how he prayed it was not true! Sweet Sarah soap stares … Jen holds Jack’s arm as he gets nervous about Steve being accused of Stefano’s misdeeds. Rolf might make a deal! Jen calms him. She suspects Steve will be bothered more by all that he missed. He agrees. Jen has been there … Roman wants to help. Kayla talks prayer and calls herself reckless. He reasons she had no other option. She wonders how to live with herself if he never comes back … Victor visits Maggie and assures her all is well. She wonders why he missed the wedding. He holds her hands. He wanted to be here with her … Xander has just showered and looks at a happy picture of himself and Sarah. The big guy is bothered by what he did. But then he remembers Victor’s warning she would hate him if she heard the truth … Eric asks to be alone with Sarah. Nicole understands. They exchange I love yous, a kiss and she goes. Sarah is scared and begs him to explain. He escorts her away …

Kayla implores Steve to come home. His eye opens … Victor and Maggie discuss Sarah. Maggie gushes she was glowing in her dress. Xander is her Mr. Right. The Greek grins Maggie is his right one. Maggie wishes them joy for all eternity … Xander looks at the man in the mirror as he puts on his tie. He mutters Uncle Victa was right and Sarah must never know … Sarah and Eric arrive at his apartment. He offers water. She wants answers about their daughter. He takes her hands and sadly states Mickey is not theirs. A frown creases her fair brow …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 9, 2020