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Episode 13,849
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben and Ciara the romantics return to their room. They have both been job hunting but without success. He gives his honey a foot massage and they smooch … Rafe has Evan back at the station, having hauled him in over Orpheus … At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny makes fun of Xander carrying a dress bag. Xander talks wedding and wants him to be his best man. Sonny sighs … Nicole suggests to sad Eric that they head home until Sarah is done with her work. He wonders how to tell her they lost their little girl long ago. Nicole whispers she would keep the secret if he chose to keep the baby … Jack has coffee for Justin at the hospital. Jack is worried about Kayla doing the procedure on her ex. Justin notes there was no choice since Kayla seemed in such a hurry to have her Steve back … Dr. Kayla is assisted by Dr. Sarah and admits she will either bring Steve back or bring about his end … Nicole thinks Eric and Sarah are the best parents but Eric disagrees for two reasons. The real parents deserve their baby and Sarah deserves to know what Xander did. Nicole warns him Xander cannot suspect they know until he has told Sarah … Sonny is mad at Xander’s nerve after what he did to Will! Xander boasts but his fatha is officiating and points out he protected Maggie. Sonny is disgusted he and Will were the collateral damage and tells him where to stick his olive branch … Kayla senses Rolf has something up his sleeve since Stefano the great and power is his raison d’etre …

Rafe holds his coffee mug and informs Evan that the feds have Orpheus in a facility for questioning. He warns he will be waiting a while to be free along with their lawyer and tells him to enter a guilty plea. He could testify against his wicked father. Evan insists he is not a bad person. Rafe reminds him he offed Jordan. He calls it an accident. Rafe reasons he let someone else languish in the slammer for it. Evan suddenly wants to call someone … Ciara and Ben are ready for bed when the phone rings. She wants him to answer cos it could be a job. He tells the caller he will consider and informs Ciara that it was Evan aka Christian. He is asking to see him but he would rather get romantic. Ciara urges him to confront the creep for closure … Sonny calls friendless Xander desperate and feels for clueless Sarah. Xander warns him Victa would not want him to talk to him that way. Sonny hisses no chance in hell will he be his best man … Eric wants to go to the Kiriakis mansion to see Mickey for the last time as her dad. Every night he reads her a bedtime story. Nicole accompanies him … Kayla discovers that the chip is stuck in tissue and she would need to cut into the frontal lobe. It could spell the end of the Steve they knew and loved …

Stylish Ciara and Ben join Rafe at the station. He is ready to see Evan and goes in alone. Ciara is worried what he might do … Ben enters and gives Evan a look to kill. What does he want? To say he is sorry. For offing his sis or letting him take the heat? Both. Evan argues he did not set out to hurt Jordan but she threatened to keep his kid from him. It made him lose control like Ben has done in the past. It was the pull of being a papa … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander states Mickey is already sleeping. Eric blasts him for what he did. Xander wonders wot he means. Nicole gets pale … Jack gives Justin a pep talk cos Kayla loves him. Justin sighs their relationship is nothing like what she shared with Steve … Sarah and Kayla are stunned when they hear a recording inside Steve announce self-destruct mode has been activated … Ben rages at Evan for not confessing until he was threatened. Evan reasons he would have broken his son’s heart. Ben bellows but he offed his mom and growls if not for Ciara, he too would be gone … Nicole warns Xander that Sarah would not approve of him not letting Eric see Mickey so he caves … Kayla hears she has one minute to remove the chip before Steve self-destructs. She orders Sarah out ...

Justin admits Adrienne was the love of his life as Steve was to Kayla. Jack still senses Justin does not wish to lose Kayla. Justin the logical thinker thinks no scenario would be good for his relationship with Kayla, whether Steve makes it or not. If he lives he is back and if not she will blame herself … Sarah stays put and suggests they cut off the chip’s power supply. Kayla complains it might wipe out all his memories. They have no choice and the chip comes out. His vitals are stable and self-destruct has bene disabled. Sorry Kayla wonders what she did to him … Ben gets back to Ciara. He had his say and never wants to see Evan ever again … Eric looks down at the sweet baby that is not his. Nicole feels responsible but he blames only Xander. At least the baby is his niece. He wishes sweetheart a goodnight and will always love her. She smiles up at him and Nicole gives him a heartfelt hug …

Rafe is heading home soon and tells Evan the guard will return him to his cell. Evan hates being considered a monster and asks Rafe to tell his son he loves him. Rafe slams the door behind himself … Back in their room, Ben is quiet. Ciara is concerned. He was unable to accept Evan’s apology. She understands given what he did. Ben recalls how horrible Jordan was and he felt the rage Evan feels now. It was her love that made him a better man. He thanks her for her true love and they kiss in soap bliss …Kayla anxiously updates Jack and Justin. The microchip was removed along with some of Steve. She knows not how Steve will be when he wakes up. Jack believes in her skill. Justin assures her he is here no matter what. She thanks him and throws her arms around him … Eric has told Mickey a fairytale and places her back in bed after a kiss. Now he gets a text. Sarah is on her way. He calls Mickey his always angel as Nicole weeps with him … Ben and Ciara get physical on their big bed … Xander greets Sarah and gets her a drink. Her stress is gone cos he is so good to her He promises he did not peek at her dress. She puts her tired head on his shoulder … Kayla comes back to Steve and sits down. She will forever remember their precious memories even if he forgets. Justin woefully watches through the window … Eric comes back down with Nicole and orders Xander to wake up sleeping Sarah. Xander senses something. Nicole covers. Xander orders them out. Nicole goes with Eric and tells him they can wait until tomorrow. He snaps they must stop Sarah from marrying that man … Inside Xander tells his sleeping beauty tomorrow she will be his forever …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 8, 2020