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Episode 13,848
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad and Abigail wake up in their elegant bed as sunlight streams in. She is happy but he laments almost losing. Their family their life means the world to him. He loves and appreciates she brought him back. They kiss in bliss … Strapped Stefano cackles cos he has some clandestine moves left … Outside his room Kayla complains to Justin about Rolf’s refusal to remove the chip in poor Steve … At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah updates Xander on her wedding dress from Basic Black and gushes Nicole helped her get it. He sighs Nicole usually seems hell bent on ruining others’ happy days … Eric opens his door to Brady and Kristen, who bear an update on Marlena. Eric ominously notes Nicole returned from NYC to tell him something … Xander vows to be the man Sarah deserves. She loves how Mickey loves him. They hug … After the good Marlena news, Eric stops his brother. He deserves to know … At DiMera mansion Tony ends a call, elated that Marlena recovered. Anna worries it will never be over as far as Stefano is concerned … Chad assures Abigail that he will be able to avoid his chess master father’s moves next time. He plays for love and for family, then smiles time for passionate love … Stefano tells Kayla to stay away. He refuses all treatment and kicks her out, then gets sarcastic about Steve. She replies she is the one who will remove that dang chip …

Floral jacket Anna feels a bit bad about attacking Stefano with her designer shoe but there is only one Tony. He thanks her for saving his life and kisses dahling. No more nightmare. She reminds him removing the chip might mean the end of his father … Stefano rages at Kayla, who needs no consent and calls him a bastard. He took away the love of her life! He claims Steve could lose his life in the high risk procedure. She points out she saw how Rolf did it. He makes a last request … Xander wishes Maggie could attend the wedding. Sarah gets emotional about missing her. She will show her the pictures and goes over the check list. He grins he has got their honeymoon covered … Drums play. Kristen picks up Holly’s doll from the sofa and hands it to Nicole. Kristen is happy Mickey is alright as she would not wish on her worst enemy what she and Brady endured. Nicole thanks her. Kristen offers to leave. Nicole tells her to stay and they all sit at the table. Brady wonders what Nicole’s secret is. Eric looks intense …

Anna wants no Stefano but sighs Tony is his son. He sighs he is torn but he is totally committed to his future with her regardless. Anna hates how Stefano manipulated his good heart. What if he rises again and wreaks havoc for his offspring … Kayla is ready. Justin notes tis a big step. She is grateful for his support and now needs to make good on what she promised Stefano … After the lovin Chad’s joy is interrupted by a call from Kayla. Stefano is summoning Chad, Tony and Kristen one last time … Xander tells Sarah he booked the Titan jet so when they board she can choose their honeymoon destination. She gushes they should take Mickey too … Eric assures Nicole he can tell them. He solemnly informs Brady and Kristen he understands how they suffered when they lost Rachel. Kristen gets a message and must go to father. Brady wants to accompany her and they depart. But first they share how happy they are that Mickey will make it. They leave together. Tragic music plays. Nicole wonders whether Eric has decided to raise their child as his own since he did not stop them … Justin wonders whether Kayla is really ready cos Steve might not make it and she might blame herself forever. She feels she has no other option … Stefano greets his children with a smile. Unsmiling Tony, Kristen and Chad step in …

Eric has decided that Sarah deserves to hear the truth about Mickey from him first. Nicole gets it … Sarah gets a call from Kayla and agrees to assist her in the OR on this dramatic day. But her dress … Xander offers to pick it up and promises it will not bring bad luck. Nothing will. He romantically kisses her … Nicole thinks Eric will need to show Sarah proof and gets an idea … Brady is back at work. He promises the caller he will send the check for the donation. He opens a drawer and finds his daughter’s death certificate. Hard times. Here comes Xander … Eric confronts the lab tech Nicole told him about and threatens him. Unless he confesses Xander changed those DNA results and gets the real ones … Nicole steps in and plays good cop. All they want is the real results. No one will know they came from him … Kayla explains to Justin that Steve would want Stefano’s chip out! Justin thinks he is lucky to have her on his side … Stefano acts like this is his last goodbye to the emotional offspring he has summoned. Kristen brings up the T word. Trust. He apologizes. His kids have their doubts. Chad sarcastically suspects he has an escape plan and refuses to help. Stefano admits he let them all down. However this time there is no plan. This is just goodbye …

Father Phoenix calls la familia his everything and can feel their love! He claims to be sorry about leaving Tony stranded on the island for so long. He admires how Anna fiercely loves him. He praises Chad for his goodness. Now to his darling Kristen. She was not his blood but reminded him of himself. They would both do anything for what they want! Kristen is reduced to tears and tells him the loss of her child changed her. Kayla opens the door. Tis time … Xander came to pick up the wedding dress that Nicole arranged for Sarah. Brady scoffs. Xander now spies the death certificate and wants him to know … The lab tech hands Eric the telling envelope and leaves. Eric opens it and feels overwhelmed for it confirms that his daughter died. Sarah appears … Brady says what? Xander stammers he is sorry for his loss. Brady thanks him but they are doing their best to move on. Xander believes that is best. Brady gets a strange feeling … Sarah asks Eric to take Mickey for her when she is on her honeymoon. Eric wants to talk. She has to get into the OR to help Kyla. He agrees they can talk later and she scurries off with a smile. Nicole gives Eric a heartfelt hug … Before he is wheeled away, Stefano has his final moment with his familia and suggests they stick together for together they are stronger. He brought them together after all and declares Long Live the Dimeras! He loves them and touches each one. Then he vanishes from view. Chad blinks. Tony hangs his head. Kristen looks distraught. For now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 7, 2020