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Episode 13,847
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John ends a call with Belle, waiting for word on Marlena. Rolf and Kayla emerge and Rolf argues he removed the chip so where is Stefano … Justin has Kayla’s love on his mind … Brady has Mickey on his lap when Kristen whispers hi to the baby … Nicole comes home so Eric ends his call with the airline. He knows she lied about having biz in NYC and also knows why. He honestly asks about her health. She sadly states she went for him … In the hospital waiting room Kristen is happy to hear Eric asked brother Brady to watch the baby. She asks to hold her and he remembers telling John about her heart birthmark. He decides it would not be a good idea … Xander shows up at Justin’s door, asking him to marry him and Sarah. Justin gets sarcastic. Xander asks him to officiate tomorrow. Justin quips they can go to city hall and also have brunch with someone else. Xander begs since he is family. No way in hades … John first needs the microchip so Kayla hands it to him. They will know it is legit after Marlena wakes up. Rolf insists. John agrees to let him see Stefano but leers he will pay if Marlena does not perfectly come back to him. Rolf cackles she will be her radiant self as Kayla escorts the mad scientist into reposing Stefano Steve’s room. Rolf heard he was almost dead. Stefano only cares about Marlena. Rolf begs forgiveness for his soap sin … Kristen cries about wanting to hold the baby. Sweet Sarah arrives and takes her baby in her arms …

Nicole updates confused Eric on going after Raynor. She left Salem cos of a secret connected to Mickey. Eric implores her to explain. Nicole now tells him Raynor knows the truth about whose baby Mickey really is … At the condo Xander pleads with cousin Justin to do it for Sarah. Justin blasts him for what he did to Will and Sonny. Xander claims he and Victa were protecting Maggie and stops short of stating she offed her own granddaughter that fateful night … Kayla gets paged to a patient. Stefano asks why he needs to forgive Rolf, who confesses John made him take out Marlena’s chip. The phoenix rages in his bed … Marlena groggily wakes up to John, who worries when she speaks Stefano’s name … Eric is worried. Nicole notes she heard Xander bullying Raynor, who admitted Xander was demanding information on Mickey. She adds and then she disappeared cos Xander and Vic paid her off for they know the truth about Mickey’s folks. Eric wishes she would stop. She informs him of the matching heart birthmark with Brady and Kristen’s baby. He cries it cannot be and covers his face with his hands. She updates him on getting DNA for a test. She states it was no match but she suspected tampering and pressed Raynor to spill the truth. She weeps she is sorry Mickey is really Brady and Kristen’s baby. His eyes fill with tears of torment …

John hugs the woman he loves, relieved when she announces Stefano is gone from her mind. He gives her a kiss for the books and admits he was afraid he had lost her. She praises him as her hero and asks about Steve. He replies he is in police custody in the hospital. His game is over … Stefano rages at Rolf like a wounded monster. He wants to know about Marlena. Rolf explains she is not awake and warns when she wakes up it will be John’s name on her lips. Stefano growls. He has something else for his quivering flunky to do … Xander reminds Justin that Sarah was also affected in the accident that night and asks him to help him do something nice for Sarah … Brady takes Kristen with him to see Marlena. Sarah thanks him for watching Mickey and fusses over her. Kristen woefully looks back … Nicole is sorry. Eric cries it is a lie! Alas Raynor spilled every detail. The night the babies were both born it was Sarah and Eric’s baby who was lost. He breaks down and she sympathetically strokes his face. He digests he is not Mickey’s dad and reaches for her toy like a wounded warrior. Nicole knows he loves her. He gasps how did it happen and implores her to tell him the whole story. She weeps his baby could not be revived and Xander and Victor switched her with Kristen and Brady’s alive baby. He is disgusted Xander knew all along, then rages he could off him …

At the Kiriakis mansion the baby is sleeping when Xander greets Sarah with good news. He got Justin to agree to perform their ceremony tomorrow … Kayla smiles Marlena can go home after a little more rest. She leaves as Brady enters. He is happy for John and Marlena. John is relieved. Kristen is relieved as well. Marlena remembers Brady’s arm and praises him for saving them. Kristen feels badly she was loyal to her father. John agrees. Marlena stops him. Kristen apologizes and hopes Marlena can forgive her. Marlena reminds her she intervened when Stefano wanted to whisk her away. Tis time to end the bad blood and move on. She takes Kristen’s hand and Kristen thanks her. John winks when Rolf removes the chip from Steve, the phoenix shall never rise again. That's a fact … Rolf has received his secret orders from Stefano. Kayla comes in and taunts curious Stefano that Marlena is herself and with John. He claims they still have a connection. One day! Kayla calls it a fantasy and orders Rolf to remove Steve’s chip right now ...

Brady is pleased Kristen is closer to his mom. He believes the phoenix will never rise again. Kristen is superstitious so he stops her and suggests they go tell Eric the good news about his mother … Nicole points out Victor was protecting Maggie. Eric rages he and Xander played God and cries like a baby. Now what?! How to tell Sarah and how to let go? Nicole suggests he say nothing but Eric is a man of the truth … Sarah is surprised Justin is on board. Xander gushes he got him to see she makes him want to be a betta man. She cannot wait to wed him and they kiss in bliss … Kayla wants the procedure for Steve done tomorrow morning. Rolf rages he will neva betray the phoenix. Kayla exclaims he has to. Stefano leers he will be in Steve until he dies … John snuggles with the woman he loves on her bed. She was so happy he saved her from Stefano’s rabbit hole. Always. He adds he is relieved Rolf got the Gina out of Hope. She wonders whether he was ever willing with her, then invites him under her covers. He grins princess who? … Kayla complains to Justin that Marlena is alright but Rolf is refusing to remove Stefano’s chip from Steve. Justin assumes that means Steve will be Stefano until the end of his time … Xander and Sarah are happier than ever at the Kiriakis mansion. He feels their future is bright … Nicole argues Sarah and Eric have been the best parents to Mickey and she deserves them. Eric is a messenger of a truth, however. Nicole argues Kristen would not be as stable as Sarah for the baby. He cannot betray Brady. Nicole argues Mickey would be happiest with the parents she now knows and loves. She will support what he decides but in her book Mickey could be his forever. No one else needs to know … Knock knock! Brady and Kristen are at the door.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 6, 2020