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Episode 13,846
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen finds Tony in father’s room. Stefano is getting an MRI at the moment to find the microchip that made Steve fatha … Stylish Kate addresses Stefano’s portrait, not pleased he brainwashed Chad, the lad she loved as a son, to try and off her … Outside the pub Eric asks Abe for the truth about Nicole’s trip … Raynor confirms to Nicole that Sarah and Eric’s baby did not make it that mother’s day. Nicole gasps the baby Eric and Sarah got and love so much must be Kristen’s. Raynor nods, adding the baby is also Brady’s … Brady sees the heart birthmark on Mickey that is the same one Kristen remembered their baby having. He gasps it cannot be. John joins him with an update on Rolf still being in surgery with Marlena. He admires happy Mickey and hears Eric left due to a matter with Nicole … Eric implores Abe not to keep Nicole’s test results secret … Nicole demands the whole story. Raynor recounts how Sarah’s baby did not make it after the accident and was in the nursery when Kristen’s baby came in, having recovered from the umbilical cord incident. She was in the nursery when Victor and Xander waltzed in. They saw her trying but not succeeding in saving Sarah’s baby. Nicole wonders what next. She left Xander and Victor alone to say farewell to the family’s lost infant. She came back and realized they switched the babies. She felt for Sarah her friend but they paid her - plus was terrified of Xander, who gave her a one way ticket. Still she stayed. Nicole gathers she was keeping an eye on Sarah. Yes – but after Xander warned her Victor would off her if she ever spilled the secret, she reluctantly left Salem. She now cries is Nicole going to go public? She is still in peril …

Chad has the letter opener again and Kate is anxious. He assures her he is himself and Abigail smiles tis true. Their Chad is back. He quips he ditched the ring and puts down the letter opener. He asks Kate to forgive him. She is close to tears … John sits and smiles the baby is peaceful. Brady admits she reminds him of Rachel and updates him on the matching birthmarks … Nicole stands up, stunned. Raynor is sorry for the sadness she caused Kristen. Nicole quips Kristen is no angel. Raynor knew sweet Haley and suggests someone like Kristen would not be as wonderful a mother as Sarah … Kristen admits to Tony that she came to check on Stefano for Rolf, who agreed to remove Marlena’s microchip. Tony wonders whether Stefano will become Steve again. She thinks so given Gina was removed from Hope for good. Tony whispers then wot will happen to faaaaatha … Eric is scared Nicole is sick and urges her trusted friend Abe to tell all …

Chad asks Kate for forgiveness. She agrees and sighs she was no angel with Stefano. Chad offers to return her DiMera shares. Kate is done with that world so he can keep them … Kristen is surprised Tony is concerned about Stefano but she has been there. Brady changed her ruthless DiMera ways. Tony nods as she vows to prove she is better by making amends to her victims, like Tony, who almost took the heat for Ted cos of her. She weeps she would have been a good mom to Rachel. Stylish Tony agrees she would have been great … John digests Brady’s revelation. Tis too much to be a coincidence … Nicole insists Brady is a wonderful father. She is also torn about Eric the good father having lost his baby. Raynor suggests she tell the truth. She is ready for the fallout … Abe cannot betray Nicole’s confidence but acts like he knows more. Alas it is between Eric and Nicole …. Nicole realizes Raynor is not a bad person and promises she will not let Xander know of their candid conversation nor will she contact the cops. She gets emotional and goes … Kristen updates Tony on how she and Brady remember Rachel. Tony is touched. She admits how drawn she is to Mackenzie, how sweet Sarah has been. Tony notes she has endured a great deal but Kristen cannot comprehend her pull toward a child that is not even hers … Brady stammers about the birthmark being a coincidence. He babbles to hawkish John about Kristen being attached to the baby that made it that fateful night they lost Rachel …

Abe calls Nicole to warn her about Eric’s suspicions. Nicole shares the latest – that Raynor confirmed the switch. Mickey really belongs to Brady and Kristen. Abe wonders what her next move will be … Eric glumly enters the pub. Roman senses something. His son complains Nicole is keeping something from him … Nicole sighs to Abe how to tell Eric that Mickey is not his and he has to return her to Kristen! Abe assures her that she, Eric and Holly are a happy family. She laments a loved one will be hurt no matter what she does … Brady gets emotional about being reminded of Rachel. John is sympathetic and gives him a pep talk. They share a hug and John excuses himself to see about doc … Brady gets to thinking … Tony deduces Kristen is drawn to the child since she lost her own. They will always miss Rachel. Kristen is grateful when he calls her family and hugs him … Abigail is on the phone with Jen and assures her Chad is home where he belongs whereas Stefano is a captive in the hospital where he belongs. She is alright, needs a nap and asks her mom to update JJ. Then she removes the phoenix ring from her bag and hides it in a drawer. Chad arrives and asks to whom she was speaking. La familia …

In their bedroom Chad teases Abigail was testing him but she and the kids are the only family he needs. He is sorry for the latest. They declare their love for one another and start to kiss … Eric updates Roman on Nicole deceiving him about her trip. He wants her to know he is here for her. Roman realizes he has no details. Eric admits Abe knows the secret but would not betray her confidence. Wise Roman suggests he speak to Nicole directly. Eric appreciates the advice and decides to do just that … A romantic song plays as Abigail and Chad share their love on the big bed. Sunlight streams in … Tony joins John and hopes the best for Marlena. John heard the surgery is done. They will know soon … Brady bounces Mickey on his lap and repeats it must be a coincidence. Kristen comes in and asks what coincidence … Eric is on the phone trying to get a flight to New York. Enter Nicole. Their eyes lock ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 3, 2020