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Episode 13,845
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


As she exits her store stylish Gabi literally bumps Lani and Eli … Kristen has coffee for Brady in sleeping beauty Marlena’s room. They discuss John trying to get Rolf to help. He sips his coffee as Kristen warns Rolf is loyal to Stefano. Brady sighs they need him to remove that microchip to make Marlena herself … Rolf insists the phoenix will rrrrrrrise when he hears Steve was apprehended. John orders him to undo what he did to his wife … Sarah and Eric admire Mickey, who was with them at the hospital and gained two pounds. Sarah suggests Eric see Marlena. He will after he calls Nicole … Abe is at the pub when Nicole calls from the big apple. She realizes Eric is calling and he wishes her luck. Eric asks how the city is. Beautiful in spring but he and their family are on her mind … Gabi apologizes for not watching where she was going. Eli helps her pick up the samples and she asks for a word. Lani will see him soon, kisses him, smiles she loves him, then leaves … Gabi wants to say something to the man she once wed at the square … Nicole hopes her meeting will be over in time to catch the redeye. Eric gushes that sounds great. She brings up Marlena. Eric is glad she came back and notes if John gets through to Rolf it will all be over … Rolf refuses to reverse anything. John scoffs Stefano has been neutralized. He would be surprised if he survived the night. Rolf wants to help him. Only if he helps Marlena first …

Kristen apologizes for Stefano’s actions to Brady. Anna’s shoe led him to ICU and he is hanging on by a thread. Sleeping Marlena gasps his name … Abe is looking at the menu when stylish Lani joins him. Eli will follow after his chat with Gabi. Abe gets worried … Gabi explains to Eli she did love him and was not herself after Lani offed her Stefan. He coldly counters he will never forgive her … Sarah gets a call from Xander, updates him on Mickey being well, and will see him soon. She cannot wait until they are wed. After the call Kristen admires the baby and calls her a precious gift … Eric shares with Nicole how happy he is Mickey made it. Nicole nervously listens. She loves him. He says the same and ends the call. She drops her phone in her designer bag, sighs, and starts walking through the pretty park, destination Raynor … Lani assures Abe that she and Eli are in a good place. Perhaps Eli will get his closure with Gabi … Eli blasts Gabi for the time bomb in Julie’s heart. She claims she was crazy for him. He calls her lucky for avoiding the slammer. She counters she saved a child’s life but as per Eli she only cares about herself and will always be alone …

Sarah praises Kristen for honoring Rachel’s memory with her donation. Kristen thanks her for suggesting she be a baby holding volunteer. They discuss the Marlena drama … Brady is happy to hear Mickey is well and assures Eric that mama Marlena is sleeping well. However, she did call out for Stefano. John is trying to get Rolf to remove the chip. Eric suggests he relieve him since Nicole is out of town on biz. Brady stops sipping his coffee, surprised … Nicole shows up at Raynor’s apartment … Eli is now with the Carvers at the pub. Abe smiles as he kisses Lani, who asks why Abe arranged their breakfast together. The mayor officially thanks them for helping with the David and Orpheus cases. Lani makes light of it. Abe adds the Salem PD needs them back and asks them to rejoin … Sarah gushes she has to get ready for her wedding. Kristen wishes her the best. John steps out of the elevator with Rolf, who asks Kristen about Stefano. John informs the ladies he and Rolf made a deal. The mad scientist is suspicious when Kristen claims she could not visit father as he is in ICU … Brady is bewildered. Eric informs him Nicole’s trip was for Basic Black. Brady informs him all their biz is based from L.A., not the big apple. Eric now realizes she lied to him … Raynor lies she was about to leave but Nicole notes she is in her robe plus she can smell the banana bread breaking. She thinks her new alias is Smith and demands the truth about who Mackenzie’s parents really are …

Eli and Lani hesitate so Abe argues the Salem PD needs them. There are too many crazies around … Rolf wants to see Stefano and his designer shoe injury but John demands he remove the chip from Marlena first. Kristen sides with John and offers to visit Stefano. John slyly smiles … Eric points out Nicole went away for personal reasons and remembers not letting him see her test results. He confides in Brady, worried she could be having a health crisis. John texts Brady that the Rolf has landed … Raynor denies switching the babies and sips her coffee. Nicole claims she has DNA test results to prove it and remembers how she got that DNA first from Mickey and then Kristen’s hair (the DNA suspiciously did not match). She had suggested to Abe they too were switched and now rages at Raynor that Mackenzie was a match with Kristen DiMera, whose baby supposedly died that fateful night … Rolf has agreed with John’s terms. Sarah will help Rolf get ready for the OR. She asks Eric to watch Mickey. Brady offers to do it for him since he wants to call Nicole …

Raynor insists she was not involved. Nicole declares she did sign the death certificate for Kristen’s daughter and warns she is aware how connected Victor is. The banana bread is ready but Nicole is not done yet. She warns Raynor she could go down for what Xander did … John joins Marlena, who sighs she dreamt of a wedding with Steve or Stefano. John assures her it was not real and she will never be his queen of the night. He kisses her hand … Gabi goes home and opens her drawer, where she finds Stefan’s framed photograph. Her one true love. She touches the glass with her purple nails … Lani and Eli are back at JJ’s old apartment. They agree they miss their old jobs and decide to go back to the badges. They can be a team at home and work, the way they were, the way they were meant to be. They seal the deal with a kiss … John updates doc on Rolf agreeing to remove the chip. He got to him by exaggerating Stefano’s condition. Kayla will be watching his every move. Marlena gushes she wants them to have their love the same as before. He declares Stefano could never destroy their love … Eric approaches Abe and asks why Nicole really went to NYC. Honest Abe sighs … Raynor urges Nicole to walk away for her boyfriend loves his little baby. Nicole threatens to report her. Raynor confesses Sarah and Eric’s baby did lose her life last mother’s day. Back in Salem Brady holds Mickey the miracle baby. He suddenly sees her heart shaped birthmark. Quite a coincidence …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 2, 2020