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Episode 13,844
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli surprises Lani with breakfast in bed, to celebrate Rafe has David back. They remember their own little David who was lost. Eli talks trying again until … knock knock! Tis Sheila, who asks for his help … At the Kiriakis mansion as Sonny holds a bowl of fruit, Will marvels Marlena was rescued. Sonny asks about Steve, who is in custody thinking he is still Stefano. Sonny sighs Evan is out on bail and hopes they will never see his face again. They hear the dingdong of dread and are horrified tis Leo in a colorful suit cooing he is back beeches … Ciara and Ben wake up after the lovin. Bang bang bang at the door! Tis Clyde, who climbed over the wall of his facility and begs Ben to hide him … Nicole is back from New York and kisses Eric, who gushes he is going to make her breakfast. She confesses she really went to NYC for something serious but before she can say more someone comes to the door. Tis the late Daniel, who grins hey babe … Clyde insists Ben owes him but Ciara wants him gone. Clyde argues he helped Ben and begs …. Colorful Leo flounces in without an invitation. He helps himself to a mimosa and reminds Sonny they wed here. He asks after Xandy, then Brady and smiles he actually is here to see them … Sheila sighs to Eli and Lani that someone stole her baby. She wonders whether they have her as Eli is the daddy … Nicole cannot believe she is seeing Daniel. Eric points out he went to prison for crashing into him. Dan gushes he got help from Rolf and asks after their daughter. Nicole agrees to let him see her and he grabs her in a Dan the man long smooch …

Ben agrees to let Clyde stay but Ciara protests. Clyde talks biz deal as he now has his empire. He offers Ben a lucrative opportunity if he delivers a package … Eli and Lani are shocked. He blasts Sheila her for her silence but Sheila just wants her baby … Sonny and Will demand to know what Leo is up to. He tells the boys he can make all their dreams come true … Dan returns from seeing his beautiful daughter and smells a plant. Nicole is still surprised he is here. Dan gushes they can be a family now and asks her to marry him before Eric can get a word in edgewise. He gasps for the last five years he was focused on coming home to her. Nicole sighs things changed. Now she and Eric are an item. Eric adds they are in love. Dan discovers they are not married and starts to stammer he lost those years because of Eric. He owes him and he and Nicole owe their daughter her real family. Nicole needs a moment alone with Eric. Dan sadly steps away toward the window. Eric has his doubts this is Dan. Nicole laments loving them both. She has to put Holly first. He suggests she send him to Chloe cos they too have a child. Nicole has made up her mind. She agrees to marry Daniel immediately …

As they gather in the kitchen. Eli calls a contact with the details and Lani gets water for Sheila, who taunts a baby brings people together … Leo claims he can make Will and Sonny’s baby dreams come true. He has a cutie ready for adoption. Will and Sonny are suspicious. Ben carries her in – tis Sheila’s stolen infant. Leo calls her their new daughter … Clyde settles for wine since there is no whisky. Ciara worries about Ben’s delivery and starts to call the cops but he grabs her in a rage, not about to let her ruin his plan … Eli has intel on a baby brokering ring headed up by escaped Clyde. Sheila’s baby is with his associate … Will and Sonny wonder what in the world Ben is doing. Ben is sorry but he knew not the delivery was a baby. Leo gushes he knew not the delivery dude was a babe. Ben puts down the bassinet and Sonny demands to know how they got her. Leo lies her mom was negligent. Sonny is still suspicious. Will starts to smile … Abe is stunned to see Dan, who is not a ghost. Eric stops the almost wedding and warns Nicole he just discovered that Dan is already married. She realizes he was untruthful about being held by Rolf and Kristen. Why did he take so long to return to her? The surfer dude in him wanted some inner peace in Australia. Nicole could kill him …

Sonny tells Leo no but Will holds the pink bundle and gushes he wants her. Sheila comes in with Eli and takes her baby back. She is disappointed Leo was only her fake friend at drag queen bingo and departs with baby and Eli … Ciara defends herself from Clyde by breaking the wine bottle on his head. Clyde goes down stone cold dead. Ben comes back and is sorry he was stupid enough to trust him again. Ciara gasps they have to get rid of the body before anyone finds out Clyde was here. Lani now knocks on the door needing to talk to Ben about Clyde. He suggests Ciara stay calm and he will do the talking. Then he opens the door acting surprised. Ciara denies seeing Clyde but Ben lies after Ciara left, Clyde came begging for help. He turned him away. With any luck he is long gone. They are stunned to hear he snatched Eli’s baby, who was found. She urges Ben to call if he hears from him. He drawls he doubts he will ever hear from his dad. Lani leaves … Leo offers livid Sonny twins. Will shows him to the door … At the square Lani and Eli catch up. Sheila wants to be alone with her baby daddy and Eli announces his decision to be a good dad. Lani demands a DNA test. Sheila now admits he is not the father. Then who is? Here comes surfer dude Dan, who wants to know what his honey is doing here … While looking for Will, livid Sonny finds his hubby in bed with Lothario Leo, who is smug as a bug …

Eric is so relieved Nicole did not wed unreliable Dan. Nicole is sorry as well as relieved. He wonders what she was about to tell him about her trip to New York. They can discuss that tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day … Dan stops kissing honey Sheila and lies he stopped by Salem to visit some friends. Eli and Lani hear he is undead Dan and they are married. He points out she was already preggers when they met. She said the baby’s father was in Salem. Abe appears and she announces he is the daddy. Poor Abe … Ben looks down at lifeless Clyde. They should get rid of the body now. Ciara fears it would be traced to them. He is ready to go on the run and gushes he would be nothing without her. They kiss in bliss … Will tells appalled Sonny that Leo talked him out of his clothes. Leo looks into the camera and laughs APRIL FOOLS!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 1, 2020