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Episode 13,844
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben breakfasts in bed as Ciara ends a call with Hope, who is happily herself. Ciara adds Brady and John are looking for Marlena at a house she remembered Stefano built outside Salem … John and Marlena hug, he is relieved his baby is back … Brady and Kristen have been locked in a room by Chad … Abigail wants to bring Chad back and makes him look her in the eye … Anna has attacked Stefano’s eye with her shoe before he can harm her Tony. Stefano Steve collapses and howls … Justin hugs Kayla at the hospital. They discuss Hope remembering the location of Stefano’s house. She solemnly states she is waiting for word … John wants to leave before Stefano gets back and admits to remorseful Marlena he is worried about Brady … Kristen makes wounded warrior Brady sit … Chad hears father howling. Tony is shocked Anna attacked with her shoe. All of a sudden Stefano grabs her throat … Ben praises Marlena the good and hopes God will keep her safe … John breaks down the door, Marlena behind him, to free Brady and Kristen … Kayla updates Justin on Stefano snatching Marlena to wed her. She hates he is in Steve’s body … Tony pushes Stefano Steve, who falls to the sofa. Chad comes in and leers Anna cannot live …

Ciara is impressed with Ben’s caring and admits she too has Marlena on her mind. He loves her and kisses her. She giggles about the cookie crumbs. He offers her his chocolate chip cookie but she seeks a sweet kiss … Kayla is concerned with her coffee. Justin assures her Stefano is to blame for his actions, not Steve. She worries about Steve. He understands and admits he still has the late Adrienne on his mind. No matter what the future holds, he will forever be grateful for Kayla helping him through. They hug … Tony tries to reason with fatha to make Chad drop his gun. Abigail tries to appeal to him for she and the children are his family … John is suspicious of Kristen, who hopes Marlena is not trying to take him to Stefano. He just wants to know his location so he can catch him off his guard. By now Stefano assumes he is a mere phantom … Stefano growls at his son not to listen to Abigail, who argues his dad needs a doctor. She suggests he help him now and handle Anna later. Chad agrees and tends to him. He puts down his gun so Abigail grabs it and assures him she will take care of the other stuff. Chad soap stares …

Ben loves being with Ciara at the swanky hotel but he also wants to work and look after her. He wants them to have a life together. Ciara smiles with stars in her eyes. Her parents Bo and Hope were larger than life with lots of weddings. She remembers how wonderful it was to hear Bo and Hope laugh about the little things and longs for the same with her Ben. He kisses her and warns tomorrow they face the real world. They agree it will be perfect for them and kiss in romantic bliss … Kayla appreciates how Justin helped her through. He suggests they discuss the possible scenario that real Steve might come back the way Hope did. They must help Adrienne’s brother. Alas he is afraid it might mean losing Kayla … John joins the gang. Semi-conscious Stefano leers this is not over. John calls him the loser … Marlena laments to Brady that Stefano is very dangerous when he thinks he has nothing to lose … John approaches Stefano with his weapon and calls Chad his robot son. He makes Chad stand back and calls out the evil father. Not even the chip he implanted in Marlena did not work cos she is out of his league! Tony suggests Marlena help fatha. John refuses since the cops are already en route. Tony takes Steve to greet them as John barks at Chad to stand back. Anna goes after her Tony. John watches like a hawk …

Ben plans to find a place to live and a job. Ciara suggests she ask Victor but Ben is not heading to the Kiriakis prison. Ben is online as they speak. When he mentions the Y, she warns she will not stay there. She also needs a job as she cannot work for Xander again. They gush and kiss, going forward together … Marlena tends to Brady’s wound. He hopes she is alright. She looks forward to having the chip removed and marvels John found her again. Brady marvels he always does. He praises her as the mom he loves. She loves him too and they hug … John sits Chad down for Abigail. Kristen quips tis like invasion of the body snatchers. Abigail does not find that funny. Kristen is crushed that Stefano is so evil. Chad calls her a traitor. John growls to shut up. Kristen leaves and Abigail reminds Chad again that she and the kids are his real family … Brady recounts to Marlena how John had initially accused Kristen of knowing Stefano’s whereabouts. Kristen had calmly explained she would turn him in and also revealed Marlena forgave her. He hopes one day his folks will see Kristen as the woman he knows and loves. In due time … John enters with the latest. Tony and Anna took Stefano Steve to the hospital. Kristen watches as Marlena asks if he will be alright …

Ben and Abigail joke about his experience in the slammer. However they are here now in this romantic hotel room. She wants to make the most of their moment. They kiss … Kayla acknowledges the stress of seeing Steve as Stefano. She wishes Steve could be himself. Justin whispers of course. She repeats she does love Justin, is grateful, and gives him a kiss … Marlena gasps for a moment she was worried for Stefano. Brady sighs she still has the chip. John promises they will fix everything … Chad is on the golden sofa ignoring Abigail. She points out he was programmed but the power of their love is stronger than anything. She turns his head and proves it by kissing him. He kisses her back. Then he gasps her name. She smiles and he wonders what happened … Ben suggests things will be tough for the two of them forever. Ciara sweetly states being them is all she ever wanted. They seal the deal with a kiss … John promises Marlena they will get Dr. Rolf to remove the microchip. Kristen wonders how to help Chad … Abigail unties Chad’s hands as she believes in him. He believes in them and their family with the kids. They are all he ever needs. She smiles and celebrates when he removes the phoenix ring. He kisses her cos she is his everything … The ring stands alone in a tray … Kayla rushes to injured Steve, who is rushed to the ER. Justin hears how Anna’s designer shoe did the deed. Steve suddenly seems closer to coming back …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 31, 2020