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Episode 13,843
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah fusses over Mickey in her little bed. Eric smiles cos their baby is better. Sarah is sorry about Marlena but believes John will find her. Eric is just happy nothing will ever take Mickey from them now. Xander appears and agrees … Nicole has the test result in hand when Abe stops by to see her. Holly is asleep. Abe warns the DNA results will not change but she believes Xander could have covered up. Abe notes she needs Raynor and happens to know her whereabouts … Anna and Abigail are on the move on the DiMera grounds. A goon appears and orders them away from the house ... Kristen slaps Chad to bring him back so he gets his gun on Tony and starts to strangle his sis. Enter Brady, who orders him to drop it. Tony complains Chad has been programmed by Stefano. Chad orders him to drop his weapon or Kristen is toast … John rages at Stefano to remove his paws from his wife! Stefano hisses they are wed so John attacks. Marlena gasps as the men fight over her … Anna announces who she and Abigail are but the goon doubts they are DiMeras. She lies Abigail needs help with a head injury … Kristen gasps as Brady puts the gun down. Chad now holds both guns. Tony warns fatha will disown him if he harms his sibling … When John draws his gun on Stefano Steve, brainwashed Marlena clocks him on the head. Stefano cackles. John is down but not out …

At the Kiriakis mansion Xander suggests Eric head home to Nicole … Abe hands Nicole the NYC address of Raynor. She is grateful in her quest for the truth cos Brady and Kristen deserve to know if they are that baby’s real parents … Chad demands to know who else knows where they are … Stefano has bound John’s arms behind his back and left him on the armchair. John gasps for doc. Stefano taunts she acted as she wanted. John drawls Dr. Rolf brainwashed Hope as well. Still in a fog, Marlena calls John her past, Stefano the future … Xander wonders when Eric and Nicole will wed. Sarah is stunned. Eric refuses to say and walks out … Abe warns Nicole of the danger Xander poses and offers to accompany her. She assures him she will be alright. He wonders how she would be able to ever tell Eric if … Brady warns Chad others are aware of Stefano’s hideout. Chad calls Kristen a traitor. Tony tries to intervene. Chad decides death to them all and aims his gun at Kristen. Brady leaps in front. Bang!

Stefano goes down to see the commotion. Meanwhile Marlena takes the gun and promises to off John … Kristen screams at Chad for shooting his brother and holds breathless Brady … Xander gets himself and Sarah a drink. She lectures him for his behavior toward Eric and assures him as sure as Eric and Nicole were meant to be, so were they. Then she kisses him … Nicole cannot drop it if Kristen and Brady’s baby is alive! If she is lucky then she is wrong and Eric will never need to know. Enter Eric … Abigail wants to show the goon her ID and he grabs her purse. She demands it back. He agrees to radio Mr. DiMera but warns the gals the wedding is already over … Marlena seems ready to pull the trigger but John emotionally reminds her she is a medicine woman! He and Brady need her help now … The baby gurgles. Sarah and Xander decide to keep their daughter in their room tonight. She suggests they wedding plan. He announces they are really home free … Nicole pretends she promised to keep a secret for Abe – it was about Brandon having a tough time. Eric is sympathetic. Nicole learns the baby is back home with Sarah. Abe now gets a call. Kate called the cops. Anna might have found Stefano’s hideout. He promises to be in touch when he has more especially on Marlena and leaves …

Brady informs Kristen the bullet passed through his shoulder. Kristen rages at Chad. Enter Stefano. Kristen informs him that Chad was trying to shoot her. Stefano takes his gun away. Kristen reasons Brady is family now since he wed Marlena. He needs help. Stefano suggests they head to the parlor where there is a first aid kit but he orders Chad to watch them like a hawk. He makes no promises about John … John points out he used to be a pawn but Marlena saved him with her love. She calls Stefano the king, herself his queen. He is her past! John argues Stefano never won before because their love overcame all and it could now. He implores her to look into his eyes. Then she will remember. Her hand trembles with the gun as he begs her to come back to him … Eric gets himself water. Nicole assures him Marlena will be alright. Sweet Eric is concerned about her own test results. She gushes she is great and they hug. He loves them being back together and offers takeout. She announces she has to go to New York on biz. She will be back tomorrow. This “project” is her baby!

Kristen tends to Brady and updates him as Chad watches with a stony face. Brady wants to go to John. Chad numbly notes his father will handle him … John explains to Marlena that Stefano lied about everything including the marriage. No divorce papers were signed. John weeps as he repeats their vows. She now remembers Abe marrying them and how he romantically kissed her. A tear trickles down her face … Stefano reposes on a golden sofa as Tony wonders wot happened to John. Stefano alludes to Marlena taking care of him. Tony warns she would not be able to live with herself … The goon tells the ladies they will miss the party. Abigail asks about the guest list. He turns around. Anna takes off her designer shoe and knocks him out with it. The gals get in … Sarah snuggles with Xander as they wedding plan. They both have busy work schedules. He suggests tomorrow, just the two of them with a couple of witnesses. He does not want to wait and marvels she will be his missus. She gushes it sounds good and they kiss like newlyweds … Eric puts away his ring box when Nicole comes out with her suitcase. They exchange I love yous … Chad decides to check on John and maybe finish him off. He locks the door and runs into Abigail …

Tony warns fatha he will stop the insanity. Stefano stops him with his gun and threatens to off him … Marlena breaks down and sobs as John poignantly promises everything will be alright … Tony suggests Stefano would never off his own son. Stefano leers he left him no choice. Enter hurricane Anna. Stefano turns. She raises her designer shoe for the second time. Whack! Stefano howls like a wounded wolf …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 30, 2020