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Episode 13,842
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope hops into the elevator informing Kayla she has to help John and Marlena … At DiMera mansion Abigail claims she and the kids come first for Chad. Woman of the world Anna texts Tony to come back now and tells Abigail to do the same. Abigail doubts Chad is in danger … Kate disagrees with Gabi’s plan to hit Chad on the head with the broken bottle ... Tony warns fatha Marlena is married to John. Stefano smiles not now. Kristen warns Marlena loves John. Stefano claims she loves him now as they shall see. His bride is making herself beautiful and will soon be his wife. Pawn Chad stands by his side … Brady knows John is the only one in Marlena’s heart but John knows the phoenix wants her in his bed. No damn way will he let it happen … Marlena sees John’s apparition in the mirror and smiles he came for her. She loves him so … Abigail gets a worried text from Will as Gabi did not pick up Ari. She texts the nanny …. Kate argues Chad has been brainwashed. Gabi gasps he wants them out of commission but she will beat him to it … John thinks it might be time to bring in Rafe. Hope arrives with Kayla, so sorry! He hugs his friend, relieved she is fine. Now doc must be fine too. He shows the ladies what Stefano sent him …. Apparition John whispers to doc she is safe and she is his one and only. She gushes she loves him but when she turns around there is no John … Tony suspects Rolf messed with Marlena’s mind. Stefano quips Tony is ruled by his fool wife and reminds Kristen she already refused to help him. Only Chad is the knight he can count on. He threatens to throw them out. Tony starts to call the cops so Chad aims his gun at him …

Chez John, Kayla calls Steve an evil Stefano. Hope tells her to keep the faith but Kayla fears he could disappear with all the DiMera resources … Anna has a drink as Abigail wonders why Gabi and Kate are missing at the same time. She then remembers Chad joking about hiding two tramps at the mansion, then claimed there were rats in the tunnel. He was also wearing the phoenix ring to be connected to Stefano. Anna finds that strange. Abigail decides to check out the tunnels herself … Tony attempts to reason with Chad. Stefano mentions la familia. Kristen blasts Chad for his betrayal. Stefano thunders they are here to celebrate. His children must stay for his wedding. Chad demands their phones. Kristen demands to know what father has done to their brother … Abigail steps into the wine cellar when all of a sudden ... Whack! Gabi has hit her with the broken champagne bottle. Kate gasps as she goes down. The groggy girl wakes up. Gabi apologizes for the accident. Abigail is appalled Chad locked them down here … Anna leaves Tony an anxious message … Stefano boasts Chad is loyal. Tony wonders how that happened. When Chad talks about la familia like a robot Tony deduces he was brainwashed. Stefano adds he shall perform the ceremony and admires his bride when she walks in. She plays along about wanting to be his wife …

Brady updates Kayla and Hope on Steve being in Salem. Knock knock! Another envelope at the door. Tis a wedding announcement from Maison Blanche. Brady believed it had burned down. John reminds him the phoenix always rises from the ashes. (The powerful phoenix story has been Days history for decades– unlike that dull daytime drama that recently invented a phoenix hotel to copy the greatest soap of all time!) Back to the story … Marlena smiles she is happy to see Stefano’s kids and will be happy to marry him. She loves him now not John. Kristen whispers she was brainwashed. Tony tells fatha not to take advantage of her altered state. Stefano gets her to agree she loves him and orders the fake wedding to begin. Tony is given the rings, Kristen gets flowers and Marlena must take her place. Chad proceeds to join them in unholy matrimony … Brady believes the new Maison Blanche is also in Louisiana. Hope gets a flashback … Gabi and Kate take Abigail up to the living room. Anna is astonished. Kate shows Abigail the letter Chad received from Stefano. The trigger word was la familia. Gabi gets it but Abigail cannot believe it. Kate confirms he is under Stefano’s complete control. Abigail worries about that family meeting. Anna insists it is no ordinary meeting. Abigail stands up and sways a bit … Tony is prohibited from protesting. Stefano speaks his vows about how long he waited to worship his queen of the night. They shall rule the DiMera empire forever. Marlena is told to speak from the heart …

John urges Hope to share. Stefano showed Gina his plan to rebuild the beautiful mysterious Maison Blanche mansion … outside Salem at Crystal Lake. The men are on their way … Anna checks with the DiMera receptionist, who knows nothing. Kate suspects Chad took his siblings to see Stefano. They hope Tony will somehow save Marlena … Marlena has no words. Stefano orders Chad to get to the vows. She says I do and he orders Tony to give him the rings. He slips hers on her finger and weds her. She does the same. Chad fumbles and then pronounces them husband and wife. Stefano kisses his confused queen. Tony and Kristen quietly consider their options … Kayla begged John not to hurt Steve. He promised not to hurt his buddy before leaving … Stefano toasts to his queen with champagne. Time to feast. He now leaves with his bride to begin the honeymoon phase. Marlena throws Kristen the bouquet. Tony whispers to wake him from the nightmare … Abigail leaves Chad an anxious message and worries they might all be gone from the country. Anna realizes she has an app that could actually give her Tony’s whereabouts …

Tony sends Chad for more champagne and informs Kristen he activated his find my phone app for Anna. Chad is suspicious of their whispering … Anna’s app beeps. She takes off with Abigail to find their men. Kate and Gabi are told to call the cops … Kayla feels for poor Marlena. Hope reminds her Stefano has control of Steve, who is not himself now. Kayla vows to keep it together for Justin … Kristen claims she was complaining about catching Marlena’s bouquet. Robot Chad talks empire. Kristen slaps him to snap out of it. He starts to strangle her, his gun on Tony. Brady bursts in and bellows at Chad, his own gun aimed at him. Chad turns … Stefano stands with Marlena by their matrimonial bed.'You are miiiiiiine forever.' He kisses her on the bed but hawkish hero John bursts in to save the day ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 27, 2020