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Episode 13,841
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady and Kristen discuss their charity. He decides to ask his dad if there is anything new on missing Marlena. Meanwhile Kristen is summoned by Chad to a family meeting. They go their separate ways … Pouty packing Hattie asks why Roman suggested she stay in Salem … Suited Stefano Steve wishes Marlena a good morning but the woman in the black suit had a restless night, worrying about the fate of Gabi and Kate … Phone John growls Stefano always leaves a trail and tells his contact to call when he has something. Ding dong! Much to his dismay divorce papers are outside his door …Demure Abigail cannot find Chad and assumes he is downstairs with the rats. Meanwhile Chad enters Gabi and Kate’s wine cellar room … Abigail is about to enter the secret passage … until Tony and Anna appear, having been summoned by Chad. She hides her surprise … Chad has his gun drawn as Kate argues he is under Stefano’s mind control again … Stefano fumes he is the future not John so Marlena clarifies what is troubling her. Kate and Gabi do not deserve to die. He disagrees. Marlena warns him she will walk if he harms either woman … Brady joins John, who shows him today’s divorce decree. It looks legit but Brady and John sense something sinister. Brady will go to the notary public. John now finds a note handwritten by Stefano in the envelope, warning he is but a pawn in his game …

Marlena calmly warns Stefano to respect her wishes. He admires her strong mind and agrees to call it off. He suggests she return to her room and sneak a peek at the beautiful surprise in her closet …Glamorous Anna is sorry about Abigail being left out. So is Tony. Kristen comes in asking about Chad. Abigail explains he is now in the tunnels to deal with a rat problem. Kristen senses Stefano. Abigail replies Chad went down to make certain he was not there. Kristen decides to go down and see for herself … Stylish Kate explains to Chad that Stefano wanted him back in his web and brainwashed him. Chad is not listening until she produces the letter and reads the line about the most important thing being la familia. Chad soap stares and prepares to shoot … Colorful Hattie gets flattery from Roman about the wonderful strong woman she became. He needs her at the Brady pub as does the town. She makes Salem a better place. Hattie is moved. He points out there are plenty of fish in the Salem sea who would be interested. Hattie likes being independent and smiles she is dumping him …

Gabi begs Chad to stop. Kate gasps he is going to regret … Ring ring! Father Phoenix calling. He orders Chad to pull back and tend to the family meeting. Chad is waiting to hear from Tony and Kristen. Stefano orders him to bring them and warns no slips since la familia need him. Chad coldly understands … Abigail argues this is her home so she will go down to Chad. Anna explains to impatient Kristen she clearly wants a word with Chad since he mentioned nothing to her about the meeting. Chad emerges and apologizes to Abigail but he can only discuss DiMera family biz with Tony and Kristen. Anna is not surprised and invites Abigail to a pub lunch. Abigail mutters she will talk to Chad later and leaves with her. Kristen and Tony are suspicious about the mysterious meeting. Tony questions how to trust him and Kristen demands to know where father is. She decides to call Brady as John and the family are trying to find Marlena but Chad stops her … John has discovered the cameras were disabled so there is no footage of the papers being left at his door. Brady returns from the notary’s office with more. The character paid in cash and insisted the document be stamped despite some inconsistencies. The notary identified Steve in a picture. John is not surprised but determined to get doc away …

Stylish Gabi blasts Kate for saying la familia again. Kate believed she reached Chad but Gabi warns if she is wrong … Kristen refuses not to alert Brady et al. Chad rages father warned no police. Tony points out he is only Steve but Chad argues he has seen Stefano in him and he is their father! Tony already encountered him in Prague and he was volatile with Anna. Fatha was not that insane. Kristen is miffed when Chad stops her from calling Brady She hisses she will not lose the love of her life and turns to Tony, who points out Anna would not want him to protect Stefano either. They warn Chad he might lose Abigail by being in league with the phoenix. He announces Abigail knows nothing. Furthermore, if anyone says anything Marlena shall surely die … Roman accepts Hattie’s decision. She gasps she could have made him fall madly in love with her. She wants to be somebody. He assures her she already is … Chad warns his siblings that Marlena needs protection from obsessed papa Stefano, hence the secrecy. They understand … John is exasperated to hear that Steve said he would wed his fiancé tonight. He rages the documents are not valid. Brady reminds him t’would not stop Stefano … Stefano had the dress specially made for Marlena, who reminds him she is married to John. Alas not anymore …

Hattie gushes when Roman calls her one of a kind. She has high hopes of an online cooking show. Roman is all for it. She also wants to try an advice blog. He suggests she is unstoppable … Kate complains and enjoys her champagne. Gabi grabs the bottle, pours out the champagne and breaks it. When their captor comes back she will be ready … Chad swears Tony and Kristen to secrecy to save Marlena and they all shake hands. Abigail and Anna return. Tony smiles it simply means they are stronga togetha and steps away for their mysterious meeting. Abigail asks Anna if she trusts them. Only as far as she could throw their father … Marlena whispers she signed nothing. Stefano Steve arranged everything. She gasps her marriage is over and realizes he wants to wed her tonight. He declares his children will witness her becoming his queen. Together they will rule la familia and he will make her happy … if she says yes. She nervously whispers yes and he chuckles. He leaves to greet Chad and guests and orders her to put on the dress. She slowly walks toward the dress as he closes the door … John rages Marlena must have been brainwashed! He knows Stefano the cad's real goal is to consummate … Hattie and her green earrings are ready for the world. She thanks Ro, who thanks her for being a friend … Anna worries what the real deal is with the clan ... Stefano warmly welcomes Chad, who assures him no one followed, and greets his daughter and other son with an embrace. He apologizes to Anthony for hiding the truth in Prague. Kristen and Tony wait to hear why they were summoned. Stefano gushes they are invited to his wedding with his queen of the night. They both recoil. Chad grins. Meanwhile Marlena is wearing her fancy wedding dress … Far away frustrated John urges doc not to do it – and she hears him! Such is the power of their great love.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 26, 2020