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Episode 13,840
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Roman ends a call with John at the pub, sighing to Hattie they still know not where Stefano Steve took Marlena. She feels he will find her and suggests the pub get less gloomy Irish. Roman is royally miffed. She now wonders whether their relationship that started with two kisses is going to progress. Roman gasps what da hell … Kristen has pretty flowers for Rachel’s grave. Brady followed her. Kristen is relieved Sarah and Eric did not have to endure what they did. Brady holds her close … Eric admires his baby who is about to be released and quietly confronts Sarah for saying nothing about her engagement to Xander. He has issue with that guy as Mickey’s stepfather … Xander has just paid his lab spy a lot of money. Nicole had betta back off or else … Outside the pub Nicole is staring at the strange results when Abe happens by. She shares her doubts about the results with the mayor … Ben loves the private classy room and cannot wait to shower but first he kisses Ciara. She teases they have all the time in the world now. He feels lucky. She sends him ahead to shower and calls room service to send up some things … Abe is suspicious of stylish Nicole his old friend. She offers to treat him to lunch and tell all … The birds are chirping on this sunny spring day. Kristen gushes Mickey getting better made her feel Rachel is here with them … Sarah gets mad. Eric exclaims she knew he would not want Xander near his daughter. Speak of the devil …

Hattie complains that one woman man Roman does not discuss feelings. She suspects that one woman will always be Marlena. He hastily excuses himself to Abe and Nicole’s table and notes John found nothing new. Nicole notes Eric wishes he could help. Roman reasons there is not much more he could do and sends disappointed Hattie over with menus. Before she gets there Nicole admits to Abe she thinks Eric and Sarah are not Mickey’s real parents … Eric coldly calls Xander a blood diamond crook and lists his misdeeds. Sarah tries to intervene. When Eric warns him he is not the baby’s father. Xander quips he is clear on who really is … Brady boldly suggests he and Kristen try and have another baby but she believes it would be a betrayal of Rachel. He suggests they start a charity under Rachel’s name at the hospital. Kristen is moved to tears ... Ciara joins Ben in the shower and gives him a slow shave. He loves his spa day and the couple in love kiss again … Kristen would love to play a role in the charity. Brady gushes to their daughter’s grave they will do good. Kristen kisses him … Nicole has told Abe the whole story including the telling birthmark, vanishing doctor and likelihood that vicious Xander switched the latest results. She hates what it will do to Eric if her hunch is right …

Eric continues to blast Xander and refuses to let him near his daughter. Sarah tries to play peacemaker and promises Eric she and Xander understand he is Mickey’s father. Xander must respect it just as Eric must respect her private life. Words are exchanged. When she gets upset Xander apologizes and makes nice. Eric insists on helping Mickey get settled in at home. Xander has biz. Eric quips to blow something up and then apologizes. Xander excuses himself. Sarah insists Xander loyally loves her and Mickey and would do anything for them. Eric looks more worried by the Salem second … Ciara and Ben enjoy their steamy shower of endless kisses … Sweet Kristen calls Brady the best thing that ever came into her life. She apologizes for her grief and adds she loves him. He feels the same way and they happily head off to start their charity … Abe weighs in. He cannot imagine what Xander’s motive might be. Nicole knows more about his MO than his motivation. She is convinced he blackmailed and bribed Raynor. Abe hopes her judgment has not been clouded by her own issues with Xander … Back at the pub Roman makes a phone order of pale ale. Waitress Hattie wants an answer to her question. Roman has no answer so she removes her apron and quits her job as well as him … Ben and Ciara makes love in the shower as a romantic song pays. The singer sings I’m right heeeeeere …

Eric informs Sarah they need to sign release papers. He is sorry about his concern for her personal life but believes she deserves a better man than Xander. Alas she lost Rex when she fell for Eric. He recalls he fell for her as well. She reminds him he reunited with Nicole after forgiving her and argues he should be able to forgive Xander. No can do cos he does not trust him and is concerned for Sarah. He knows Nicole’s days of keeping secrets are a thing of the past … Nicole has not forgotten the past but is simply after the present truth and tells Abe as much. Brady and Kristen deserve to know if their baby survived. Ominous music plays as he wonders the toll it would take on Eric … Xander threatens to off the money loving lab tech if ever he talks …

Hattie is already packing when Roman arrives at her room above the pub. He wants a word but she is plenty peeved. She opens the door and declares she is done making a fool of herself over him. He tells her to stay … Brady and Kristen greet Eric and Sarah, who have Mickey ready to take home. Mickey suddenly sounds excited. Brady announces a contribution to the pediatric wing in Rachel’s name. Eric is impressed. Kristen gets extremely emotional. Sympathetic Sarah sits her down … Nicole feels for Kristen but it appears Xander went to extremes for Sarah, the girl who has his heart. Abe warns it will be dangerous playing Nancy Drew. She decides she needs to see Raynor. Abe sighs so much for being careful. She thanks wonderful Abe for listening and leaves, only to run into suspicious Xander, who wonders what she wants … Sarah mentions Kristen wanting to hold Mickey. Kristen apologizes but Sarah is understanding. The hospital has a baby holding volunteer program for babies whose mothers cannot hold them. She calls Kristen courageous and assures her they are here to help with anything for her charity. Eric agrees and they get into the elevator. Kristen hugs Brady, sadly sighing they will never be able to take their baby home … Nicole apologizes to Xander for suspecting him of switching the babies. He believes her, suggests she say nothing to anyone, and happily heads off. Abe appears and she admits she only said what Xander wanted to hear … In bed cozy Ben reads a fortune about a loyal loving friend. He praises cozy Ciara for saving him. She reads her fortune about finding her forever love. She already did and adds ‘between the sheets.’ They kiss again like they have all the time in the world, because they do …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 25, 2020