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Episode 13,839
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope dreams that stylish glittery Gina is in her room. Rolf is about to replant the chip! Gina leers she will get her life again. Hope cries out as she injects her and smiles this time tis forever. Hope wakes up with a start …At the station Justin lets Ciara know the judge agreed to release innocent man Ben. He joins his girl and she hugs him … At the Kiriakis mansion breakfasting Sonny and Will update distracted Victor on Orpheus being alive but apprehended. Woeful Victor is more worried about his wife heading to the slammer. Enter Maggie … Sarah comes home to Xander tired from the long night and teases she knows his secret. He soap stares …At the hospital Nicole stops a lab tech, seeking the results of the DNA sample she handed in last night …. Ciara and Ben are eternally grateful to Justin, who praises pretty Ciara for fighting the good fight. Anything to bring her Ben home. So much wasted time … Will and Sonny are surprised when Maggie tells them she wants to take responsibility for her tragic actions. She officially apologizes to Will … Xander removes a blanket, revealing the little pink princess bed he assembled for Mickey. Sarah feels fortunate and moved, adding Mickey can come home today. They hug happily … The tech tells Nicole she will know within the hour. Until then. Eric happens by and stops in his tracks …

Kayla noticed Hope’s fast heart rate. Hope had a Gina night terror! Kayla tries to make her feel better. Hope wishes Marlena would be found. John is on the case. Hope smiles that when Steve has the chip removed he and Kayla can be together. Kayla changes the subject. Hope wonders what she is hiding … The redhead apologizes to Sonny for causing the death of Adrienne the wonderful. Sonny has dealt with his grief and wants to forgive her as Adrienne would have. Maggie thanks him and praises his heroic mother for helping Sarah that fateful night, for saving Mickey … Sarah purrs life is perfect with Xander. He pouts and remembers Nicole. Victor had warned him the beech would not let go. Sarah brings him out of his daydream and wonders what troubles him so …Nicole claims she came for a checkup. Eric excitedly suspects she is pregnant. If only he knew … Ciara and Ben walk through the square hand in hand. He loves being free with her. It feels like a dream. She gushes what now? … Hope probes Kayla’s hesitation to discuss Steve. Is she scared he will be different? Kayla calmly claims she is with another man now … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny reminds Maggie her loved ones need her. Enter suited serious Justin. Maggie makes Will and Sonny promise to cherish their precious moments, making up for the lost time. Will and Sonny sweetly agree. She now notices Justin. He heard she decided to surrender. He is aware she loved Adrienne, who would want them all to go on with joy. She breaks down and he holds her …

Nicole is surprised. Eric was aware she was late so … She points out she is not preggers though she would be happy if she were. For now they have Holly. He adds Mickey as well and announces his daughter can come home today … Sarah praises Xander for being her and Mickey’s hero. He declares no one could love her as much as he does. She knows it and asks how to make him feel better. He kisses her … Nicole is happy to hear Mickey can come home. The lab tech happens by and hands her “the results.” Eric waits for her to take a look in the envelope, assuming it was a pregnancy test … After the lovin Sarah and Xander get dressed. She smiles they seem made for one another. Nothing can stop them now. They kiss in bliss …

Ciara and Ben enjoy coffee at the square. He excitedly updates her on Rafe agreeing he can see David anytime. Now he must find a place to stay. Ciara invites him to stay with her at the mansion. There is enough room … When Hope hears from Kayla that they lost Adrienne a year ago, she is horrified … Sonny and Will are there for Maggie and plan to visit. Justin is as well. Xander and Sarah enter and she asks her mother what is happening … Nicole would rather wait. Eric senses she is hiding something. She flashes back to Xander warning her not to blow up everyone’s relationship. Eric assures her she can tell him anything. She insists she is alright and he embraces her. They exchange I love yous and he returns to the little girl he loves so much. Nicole sighs … Sarah weeps while Maggie insists she will be alright. She now gives Xander his blessing to wed her daughter. The big guy is grateful. She feels relieved knowing he will take care of her precious girl … Hope cannot imagine how Justin has suffered. Kayla explains they were both singles and friends, then it became more. Hope’s eyes widen … Ben believes Victor would not want him at the mansion. The future can wait, he wants to focus on the now. Ciara smiles she wants him to herself. And so they enter the Salem Inn hand in hand …

Hope weeps for Adrienne. She is happy that Kayla and Justin have each other. However …. Now that they know Steve has been under Stefano’s mind control, has Kayla’s feelings for Justin faded? Speak of the devil … Elegant Maggie sits with Victor on the sofa. They are alone now and she puts her head on his shoulder … Sarah is back at the hospital with Xander to see Mickey and weeps about Maggie. He assures dahling her strong motha will manage. She kisses him and goes to see her daughter. Xander will be waiting … Nicole pauses outside the pub and takes the envelope out of her designer purse. She reads the results and gasps … Ciara and Ben both admit their hearts are racing. They kiss and he murmurs he waited for this moment so long. Her too. She unlocks the door and he carries her inside kissing her. The door to room 513 is shut, with a do not disturb sign displayed … Kayla greets Justin with a kiss. He came to say hi to Hope, who smiles. Kayla told her the latest and she is sorry about Adrienne. He made it through thanks to love and support. Kayla smiles … Vic sighs he is heartbroken about Maggie going away. She is his every breath. He praises her for her courage and she cries, kissing her darling … Eric joins Sarah in sleeping Mickey’s room. He is sorry about Maggie but admires her courage. Upset Sarah wants to focus on the good news about baby Mickey … Nicole digests the unexpected test results that show Kristen is not Mickey’s mother. It seems Mickey is Eric and Sarah’s after all … Meanwhile Xander hands the anxious lab tech a wad of cash for forging the test results. The secret is safe – for now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 24, 2020