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Episode 13,838
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Lani and Eli observe Evan reading the newspaper. He finishes his coffee and goes … Abigail’s arrival at DiMera mansion astounds Chad. She wanted to surprise him but Chad is not smiling. Stylish Kate and Gabi are out cold though Abigail does not see them … Marlena stirs on a golden sofa and calls Stefano Steve her king. He cackles and helps the beauty to her feet. “The queen of the night has returned at last!” She smiles a pained smile … Lani calls Rafe about Evan disappearing into a bookstore. Rafe calls a contact for help … Stefano escorts Marlena to his precious night cactus that bloomed as she did. He wants a gathering of the clan and explains Chad is planning the party but had to remove a couple of names from the list … Abigail missed her hubby and can see he is distracted. He coldly claims he missed her and she did not call. She hopes he is not hiding a tramp. He quips there are two and kisses her. Then he stonily stares … Rafe has summoned Sonny to the station. It is about David. He updates him on Evan maybe being Orpheus’ son. Sonny is stunned. Rafe shares what Clyde claimed to Ben. He now suspects David is with Orpheus. Evan is still under surveillance. Rafe hopes Sonny can talk some sense into him. Sonny doubts he would listen to him. Rafe thinks he is their only hope so Sonny bravely agrees …

Eli notices Evan bought books and also a burner phone at the bookstore. Evan phones Orpheus, upset he is refusing to get David medical attention for his fever … Stefano drawls some are enemies of the DiMera Dynasty so Chad was ordered to remove them for good. Marlena shudders. He sips his champagne and confirms he was referring to Katarina and Gabriella … Eli and Lani kiss when Evan glances in their direction. She liked it. He suggests she head to the station so they are not distracted …Sonny emerges and asks suspicious Evan for a word … Abigail realizes Chad was in the tunnels. He replies he was checking for his father. She doubts Stefano would come back. He warns there are rats down in the tunnels and agrees to call an exterminator … Kate wakes up in the secret room and tries to wake up Gabi, who is out cold on the floor … Marlena gasps Stefano cannot harm those two women! Gabi is his son’s widow and Kate was his wife! He admits she was blackmailed into being his wife but Marlena saw they fell in love for real. He growls she was going to betray him even more and also blames her for Andre. She is his enemy. Marlena hisses she is her friend and officially forbids him to off her. He rubs his hands and considers …

Lani updates Rafe at the station. She left Eli watching Sonny and Evan. Rafe desperately hopes Sonny will be able to reason with Evan to do the right thing … Evan warns Sonny that he will soon be leaving Salem with his son. Sonny warns him the law knows Orpheus is his father. He is one of the top ten most wanted so David could end up in the middle of a shootout. Evan insists his father would protect him. He even risked getting his grandson medicine. Sonny gasps what is the matter with David … Stefano argues Kate is bad now and would do nothing for Marlena. She kept Gina’s return from everyone and lied to Roman about her connection to him. Marlena understands. He urges her to live in the present. Cue the classical music. He waltzes with his now quiet queen like a scene from Phantom of the Opera … Down in the DiMera wine cellar, Kate finally wakes up Gabi, who has a headache. Chad did this … Abigail hates rats. Chad will call the exterminators and suggests she go upstairs to change. She strongly suggests he get someone to fill up all the openings and now notices he is wearing the phoenix ring. Wearing it makes it look like he is on Stefano’s side. It cannot be! Terminator Chad looks down at her … Eli is watching and waiting. Sonny the father urges fellow father Evan to take care of the son he knows he loves. He needs help with his fever! Evan loves his son. Sonny explains being a parent means protecting one’s child. How well does Evan even know Orpheus? Could he completely trust him with his own son? Evan looks ready to cry … Gabi paces and protests what Chad did. Kate was also stunned but could see he was more like Stefano after he put on the ring. She was about to read the phoenix’s letter to Chad but was interrupted. Gabi makes her read it now. Stefano chose Chad to reclaim his empire at his side and wanted him to carry out his plans. It does not sound good …

Chad claims he is only trying to put the family biz back together and the ring symbolizes the power he needs. He and Stefano were good together. He suggests she is overreacting. Abigail argues Stefano is alive and abducted Kayla, now Marlena. He is a threat to them all, hence her upset. She sighs she is fatigued from the long flight and missed their family. Chad missed her too and they talk about Thomas. Time to take a hot shower and go to bed with hubby. He tells her to go ahead while he finishes … Gabi urges Kate to continue reading the letter. Stefano wrote of la familia being the most important thing. Kate stops and recalls how she caught Chad with the letter, speaking to Stefano’s portrait. In said letter Stefano also praised Andre, who once brainwashed Chad with a trigger word – la familia. Now Chad seems different. Kate suspects Stefano ordered him to attack them … The song ends and Stefano holds his queen. She seems groggy and he gushes he imagined this moment. He leans in for a kiss but she pulls back and hyperventilates … Sonny warns Evan that Orpheus puts his revenge before all. He has seen him in action, how he held hostages and shot JJ at the wedding he wanted to crash. He even tried to burn two good women alive in coffins. Evan gets it. Sonny deduces Evan is different as he has seen him with children. When he brings up Jordan, Evan insists it was an accident. Sonny is sorry to say Rafe should raise David. He knows deep down Evan agrees. Sonny also fears for David’s health. Orpheus is doing nothing for the boy. If Evan also does nothing he might have to live with the tragic consequences …

Sonny returns to the station. Lani is grateful. He hopes it will end well … Orpheus plays hide and seek with David. Enter Evan, who takes his boy in his arms and promises a doctor. Orpheus warns the cops would find him. Evan replies tis too late, tells his son he loves him and hands him over to Rafe, who comforts him … Abigail wishes Chad would not wait so he reminds her of the rats. She replies she can cope with rats in the tunnel tonight. They head upstairs together … Kate wonders why Chad let her and Gabi live. She fears it will only be temporary … Marlena asks to go and rest for the party. Stefano agrees and touches her face. He claims they have all the time in the world while she cringes …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 23, 2020