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Episode 13,837
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander pretends he wanted a private word with Nicole about Mickey. Sarah points out she is her daughter … Whispery Hope shares her guilty conscience with Kayla … At DiMera mansion Chad remembers Stefano’s orders to off Kate and Gabi. He informs stylish Kate he has plans for her… Stefano Steve is at his chess set hoping for his queen as promised by Rolf. Marlena sweeps in clad in a stunning stylish gown … After the office lovin Kristen praises Brady’s boxers and they kiss again. He suggests they take it home. Kristen sees her bracelet and suddenly remembers Rachel … Xander fibs he wanted to ask Nicole to ask Eric not to shut him out of Mickey’s life. When he mentions he and Sarah are engaged, Nicole questions Sarah’s judgment … Hope is upset she put Jen in a coma. Kayla blames Rolf for the microchip. Hope wonders why he did that … Kate hopes Chad will make good on his promise to help her with her legal woes. He swears as a DiMera she need not worry about doing time. She gasps he sounds like Stefano. He secretly gets his letter opener ready … Marlena is disoriented but does love the house. Stefano is pleased and points out it was built for her. All is for his serene queen. She now shares her dream last night…. of being with John! Stefano suddenly looks ready to explode.

Xander gets testy with Nicole. Sarah drawls Nicole has a lot of wedding experience and lists some of her nefarious husbands. Nicole reminds her of Xander’s past. He gushes the gift of Sarah’s love saved him. Nicole wishes them luck, hisses they will need it and walks off … Sarah suggests Xander come see Mickey with her. When he hears Eric is there with Maggie, he decides to see their daughta later. Sarah walks back to the room and he bangs on the elevator button … Salem patient Hope begs Kayla for the truth. What was Rolf’s end game? Alas he was taking orders from Stefano … Stefano insists John is gone and Marlena belongs here with him. He mentions their old days together at Maison Blanche, where she became his queen of the night until … She remembers the fire and wonders whether they are in New Orleans now. He states they are in Salem. Maison Blanche was rebuilt here for her, where they shall come together again … Kate clutches her drink, troubled by the sight of Stefano’s ring on Chad’s finger. She reminds him he wanted to be a better man for his wife and children. His hand turns red from squeezing the letter opener Kate sees he is stressed and wonders …

Kristen helps Brady button his shirt. He believes their daughter would want them to move on but she is forever in their hearts. Kristen holds him tight and closes her eyes … Xander follows Nicole to the park and insists they finish their conversation. She quips no one can change that Eric hates him. He warns her that Raynor shared her nutty idea that he had switched the babies. She has seen the birth mark on Mickey - the same one Brady mentioned Rachel having. He solemnly suggests she drop it or … She shouts or he will terminate her?! … Chad turns away and hangs his head. Kate senses he has been lured in by Stefano. When she asks whether he contacted him he whacks her on the head with a DiMera bookend. Kate collapses on the couch out cold … Kayla informs Hope that Rolf has convinced Steve he is Stefano … Stefano unveils a cactus known as the queen of the night. Just as it blooms in the dark, he waited for her to be his flower from the shadows. He gets closer for a kiss …

Nicole calls Xander a clown. He warns her to stop the false accusations that would hurt her Eric and his Sarah! Mickey is Eric and Sarah’s baby so she better drop it. He walks away and she takes out the swab. Alas she knows what she needs to do …Hope hears the story of Stefano’s essence and memories being implanted into Steve. Then she brought him back to Salem as Gina. Hope is appalled and apologizes. Kayla is more concerned for Marlena, who is now his hostage … Marlena pulls away post kiss and claims to have a headache. Stefano Steve starts to massage her shoulders … Chad informs unconscious Kate his loyalty lies with la familia. Stylish Gabi enters and calls him a ruthless DiMera … Kristen updates Brady on Chad leaving a message. A family meeting is being called. He goes to get the coffees so they can talk strategy. Nicole arrives at the office to talk to Kristen … Hope is shocked as Kayla explains Gina was in power at the police department. Just as Stefano wanted Marlena, accomplice Gina wanted John. Hope wonders what happened … Marlena steps away gasping the headache is gone. Stefano asks her to host a party so he can parade his queen to the clan. She innocently asks if John will be attending. He thunders to forget him forever. Marlena gasps and sadly sits down. He apologizes for his anger and urges her to embrace her new life with him now … Gabi reminds Chad this used to be her home and she saved a child’s life. Zombie Chad declares she is d-e-a-d …

Sarah gushes over gurgling Mickey that she is engaged. Xander loves them both and she smiles she would not have her baby without him. Xander walks in with a long face. Sarah can see he is upset … Nicole tells off Kristen for trying to hold Eric’s baby. Kristen just wants what is best for her. Nicole rages she kept her from her daughter and notes she should be near no one’s child. Kristen cries she was missing Rachel. Nicole rages she does not even deserve a baby so Kristen the wolverine attacks. Nicole pulls her hair. Brady breaks it up and Nicole claims she started it. Kristen lets him know how mean she was … Sarah senses Nicole upset Xander and assures him he will never lose her or Mickey. They hug and he stares into space … Hope laments Marlena is at risk and she is to blame … Marlena wants to return to John. Her head falls back and Stefano catches her … Gabi came to tell Chad she will not give up without a fight. He is ready to do to her what he did to Kate, who groans. Gabi races to her, thinking she fainted and also gets hit on the head by zombie Chad, who is now two for two … Sarah assures Xander she knows what a good man he is and trusts him. Together they will raise their little girl. Xander is much moved. Sarah steps away to check with the lab and suggests he plan their life together. He tells Mickey that Nicole cannot destroy their clan … Brady is flabbergasted by Nicole’s behavior and leaves livid, Kristen at his side. Nicole whispers sorry but she needed the DNA. She has it in her hair sample now and will prove Mickey is Rachel … Kayla worries that Rolf turned Marlena into Stefano’s queen. Meanwhile Marlena opens her eyes to Stefano, who greets his queen. She smiles and calls him her king … Zombie Chad promises his father’s portrait he can now plan his party. Enter smiling Abigail, back from Africa! Chad soap stares. A few feet away, concealed by the couch, Kate and Gabi lie on the floor like fallen flowers …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 20, 2020