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Episode 13,836
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John ends a call with ISA Shane as Brady ends a call with Abe. Resources have been allocated but John laments the lateness since they know not where Steve took Marlena. Eric arrives and John vows to get the woman he loves back … Chad is at Stefano’s portrait when Stefano Steve appears … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander warns Victa that Nicole knows … Nicole looks down at Mickey and does the birthmark and disappearing doctor math. What if this is not Eric’s baby? Sarah appears … Stylish Kristen and Kate bump at the square and exchange insults. Kristen demands to know what papa Stefano offered her for betraying her best friend … Stefano Steve informs Chad that Marlena was not really ready to go anywhere. He complains about her commitment to John. Chad brings up Rolf. Stefano Steve sighs his work is done and still believes his queen will come around … Eric suggests they regroup and his dad eat. John agrees, thanks the boys and promises to keep them posted. Brady asks Eric to give his baby a kiss for him. He apologizes for Kristen asking to hold Mickey but she misses the child they lost so much … Victor curses Raynor. Xander declares the doc denied everything but Nicole has the instincts of a shark … Nicole explains to surprised Sarah that Eric went to help with the search for his mother, hence her presence. Sarah stops her from leaving and asks why she wondered if the baby was really Eric’s …

Eric feels for Brady but reminds him of Kristen’s past. Brady believes she changed. Eric respects their love. Brady is happy and Eric is happy for him. They man hug and Eric exits. Brady lets out a sigh … Kristen accuses Kate of aiding and abetting Stefano. Kate counters Kristen kept her silence about Stefano being alive. Kristen argues the family connection and taunts Kate got nothing… Xander sighs Nicole has been suspicious a long time. Victor blasts him for being too obvious and insults Nicole. Xander argues she does detest Kristen. Victor hopes it means she would keep the secret. Maggie appears and teases what secret …Nicole fibs she just meant the baby did not look like Eric and resembles Sarah more. Sarah assumes she was remembering how she pretended the father was Xander. Nicole wonders whether she has a paternity test to prove Eric was the daddy. Sarah snaps there was no need since he was the only man she was with back then. Nicole gets an idea …

Kate pays John a visit, asking about Marlena. He growls they have got no new leads but seems to doubt Stefano would risk being at the DiMera mansion now that Chad is in charge. Kate warns Chad is more loyal that he thinks … Back at DiMera mansion Stefano is peeved when Chad points out Marlena loves John. Stefano talks loyalty to la familia and Chad becomes more brainwashed. He begs for forgiveness. Stefano demands he get rid of Kate and Gabi as per his earlier orders … Kristen is admiring her Rachel charm bracelet at Basic Black when Brady arrives. He has nothing new on Marlena but John is on it. She has decided not to dwell on Rachel though she will love their little girl forever. They embrace … Maggie waits for an explanation. Xander covers by announcing his and Sarah’s engagement … Sarah regrets her poor handling of the whole paternity thing but Mickey is everything. Nicole notes Mickey is also everything Eric wanted. Sarah senses her hesitation and assures her Mickey will be alright, then steps away for a call. Nicole puts her impromptu plan in motion. Time for a secret swab … Eric interruptus and asks what she is doing …

John realizes Kate seems to suspect Chad. She updates him on him suddenly wearing the phoenix ring he used to hate. John deduces he made peace with his dad. Kate warns the DiMera kids always get drawn back into Stefano’s wicked web … Back at DiMera mansion bellowing Stefano orders Chad to obey his orders .. Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor mutters he believed the bride should be present for the announcement. Xander assumes Maggie is sad since she does not approve. She is only upset as she will not be present to witness the happy union. She has decided to do her penance. Victor asks her to leave it up to the lawyers. Maggie hugs Xander and gives her blessing. Victor grimaces … Nicole claims she was just cleaning the baby’s ears. As Eric admires his angelic daughter she sneaks the swab into her handbag … Soldier Chad explains why his plans changed. His priority was to help his father escape. He made Rolf focus on Hope to throw attention from the phoenix. Stefano likes the clean slate for his sinister plans for la familia … Brady and Kristen agree to move on together. He kisses her and hands her the mail. She received a sample of the new Basic Black boxer briefs and teases him to try them on … Maggie loves that Xander will be looking after her daughter and invites him to visit Mickey with her. He has Titan biz first. Maggie kisses the Greek tycoon and takes her happy leave … Victor now rages at Xander to neutralize Nicole …

Eric praises Nicole for being his rock. She assures him Marlena will be alright and asks him to keep her updated. They exchange I love yous and an embrace. Nicole departs, shutting the door as Eric gazes at his daughter. Until later … Stefano wants a gathering of the clan with Chad. Tony and Kristen. No EJ because he is still with Sami, who stole his fortune. He hands Chad a paper with the time and location. Chad asks about the future but Stefano wants to go back to Marlena. He sternly reminds his son to finish off Kate and Gabi, disappearing into the secret tunnel … Kate complains to John about Kristen. John sighs she swore she only saw Steve one time. Kate would trust Chad. John asks whether he would open up to her about Stefano. Kate is on it, but John has not forgotten she sold out Marlena. Kate feels badly and assures him they will get Marlena back … Maggie admires Sarah’s ring. The redhead loves the thug who has changed and who loves her daughter. She goes to see her granddaughter … Nicole is on her way to get the second sample she needs when she runs into Xander at the elevator … Brady models the briefs for Kristen. One thing leads to another and they make out on the boardroom table … Eric and Maggie admire sweet Mickey. The redhead gets emotional about the night her granddaughter was born. She could have been killed cos of her … Nicole is in a hurry but Xander grabs her arm. She hisses to let her go. Here comes Sarah … Kate comes to DiMera mansion. Chad is not there but she sees Stefano’s note and hides it under her dress. Chad arrives, hides his letter opener behind his back and gushes she was on his mind. Unsuspecting Kate smiles …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 19, 2020