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Episode 13,835
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani, Rafe and Eli have a hot lead and head to the motel… Evan fears David has a fever and informs Orpheus … Ben can see Clyde knows the name Christian Maddox and Clyde cannot deny it … Ciara weeps for mama Hope to wake up and holds her hand. Enter Kayla. Ciara is desperate to have her mother back … Ben says what the hell and asks whether Clyde sent Maddox to murder Jordan. Negative and he is shocked what Maddox did to both kids. He actually knows his daddy Orpheus more. Ben remembers Clyde busted that guy out a few years ago … Evan panics. He cannot take David out cos of the big police presence … At the club Jack wants to play cards with Doug. Alas he has no appetite or interest in cards as he is worried about Hope. Jack is about to accompany him when Jen arrives …Kayla points out the procedure was a success and she had her eye on Rolf the whole time. Ciara is scared. Hope slooowly opens her eyes … Stylish Jen updates Jack and Doug. The chip was removed by Rolf and is being analyzed. Shawn is with Rolf. Now they must wait for Hope to wake up … Kayla asks Hope to take a deep breath. Ciara assures her they are here and she smiles lovingly at her devoted daughter … Clyde points out in the past Orpheus and Xander teamed up with him as they had no other option. Ben believes Clyde is not reformed and rages he must have known the son of Orpheus was with Jordan. Clyde did not but still feels guilty … The cops bust into Evan’s motel room, led by Rafe … Clyde begins to tell Ben his story. Three years ago … Orpheus visited him in the slammer, disguised. Clyde cackled he was not dead after all and wondered what he wanted …

Evan acts innocent as Rafe searches for David … Hope assures Ciara she is herself and Ciara cries tears of joy. Kayla is also relieved. Hope wonders why the worry. Enter Doug, Jen and Jack. She greets daddy and he gives her a heartfelt hug. Ciara smiles their prayers were answered. Hoarse Hope asks for water. Jack and Jen whisper to Kayla could she be faking and Hope overhears. She senses something is amiss. Kayla replies she could be confused after the anesthesia. Hope asks why she had an operation. Kayla asks what she last remembers …Ben is suspicious. What did Orpheus want from Clyde? … Orpheus was after his nest egg for an organized crime restart. He would get him out in return plus 50/50. Clyde changed it to 80/20 and warned he would make him pay if he double crossed him. They shook on it and Clyde informed him of a key to his safety deposit box. It was in the jewelry box of daughter Jordan, who was in California. Orpheus loved the coincidence cos his son was in California … Ben realizes that son was Evan …

Evan denies having David in his room and remembers disguised Orpheus deciding it was time to relocate. Rafe now hauls defiant Evan to the station … Hope remembers praying for Julie at the hospital. Doug smiles to sweetheart Julie is fine and urges her to continue. Hope now remembers Rolf offering to help Julie until they found a heart. She was desperate enough to temporarily trust him and they headed to his lab, where he claimed to have a compound he was working on that could help Julie. He filled his syringe and then suddenly … Hope gasps oh God. He stabbed her with it! What did he do! Kayla asks Jack to take Doug for a coffee. The room slowly clears and Jen encourages Hope to breathe. Kayla is sorry. Hope demands the truth. Kayla confesses Rolf made her Gina again. Hope looks like she has been slapped a thousand times …

Hope now knows about the microchip. Jen adds it is gone. Kayla assures her she is alright. Hope hoarsely wonders when it happened. In October and now it is March. She sighs five months. Kayla explains it was the previous October. Horrified Hope now digests she has been Gina for a year and a half … Clyde explains Evan was supposed to only be the courier, he was not supposed to knock Jordan up. He rages Evan must have run off with his money. Ben snaps he ran off with Jordan’s baby as well … At the station Rafe, Eli and Lani confront David's dad over the mystery man who dropped David’s toy and food supplies at the square. Rafe demands his identity. Evan refuses to answer and warns his attorney is on his way. Rafe threatens to have his bail revoked. Evan threatens a lawsuit unless he can leave … Rafe gets a call and steps out. Tis the D.A. returning his call about murdering kidnapper Maddox. He now sighs to Lani that the D.A. refused to revoke Evan’s bail and blames himself for letting him go in the first place. Lani promises they will find David. Rafe goes back into the interrogation room as Evan ends a call with his lawyer. Rafe releases him. Evan leers he will lose his tail again. Eli doubts it …

Ciara is on the phone with Ben, happy about Hope. She will ask Rafe about David soon. Ben has big intel to pass on that will help … Dapper Jack and Doug are back at the club drinking coffee. Jack knows what it feels like to lose one’s memories. Doug hates Hope’s mind was under the control of a madman. Jack knows Hope will start remembering soon. Doug would trade places with his little girl if he could … Jen assures Hope she too has been there for she was in a coma a whole year. Hope gasps was it Rolf’s doing? Jen admits the day she and Jack were wed she fell from the Bistro balcony. Hope hugs her in sympathy and wonders what happened. Jen weeps she was pushed. Hope gasps as she realizes she did the deed and hugs her cousin again … Jack reminds Doug that smart cookie Hope is a survivor. Doug still worries she will have a hard time dealing with all the misdeeds … Jen argues Gina not Hope pushed her. Kayla adds Hope was brainwashed. Hope still feels to blame. Jen argues she is not to blame for any of Gina’s actions. Hope realizes there is more … Evan walks through the park alone. Eli and Lani follow … Rafe gets a call from Ciara, who bears good news about Hope. He is sorry he could not be there as he is still trying to find David. Ciara bears big news on the David front. Ben asked to pass on that Evan’s accomplice is Orpheus. Rafe replies he is dead. Ciara updates him on Clyde insisting he was alive. In addition, he is Evan’s father. Ben will call Rafe soon with more… After the call Ciara closes her eyes in the hospital waiting room. A few feet away ... Orpheus emerges from the elevator clad in a hoodie and creeps down the hall …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 18, 2020