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Episode 13,834
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara visits Ben, who sighs. He wonders why she is not with Hope. She bears troubling news … Lani and Eli spent the night passing out fliers without any new leads on David. He suggests they rest as she hopes Rafe is doing better … Orpheus is back in the room with breakfast and a toy train for the grandson. He wonders why the long face. Evan sighs David was asking for Rafe … Rafe has been handing out fliers and putting up posters all night. He catches up with forensics Shawn, who promises they will find his son and bring him home. Rafe offers him coffee but Shawn bears an update on Hope. Today is the day she just might come back … At the hospital Jen greets Kayla, who has the paperwork for Hope. They need Hope back so the procedure must succeed. T’was too painful for Doug to visit the vicious princess … Gina hates being trapped in a hospital bed and screams about her situation. Enter concerned Rolf. She orders him to free her. He sadly sighs … Rafe is sorry he cannot be there for Hope. Shawn hands him back the toy train that had no extra prints … Evan is distracted. Orpheus suggests he inform his son he is his real father … Ben is exasperated that evil Evan’s confession was thrown out. Ciara assures him there are still the other charges but Ben starts to feel sunk again … Jen questions Kayla on how they can trust Rolf … Rolf is sorry to say there are cops and he cannot help Gina. He is here to examine her before the procedure. The police wanted him to betray Stefano which he could not so she has to be removed. The princess protests …

Evan hates he could not tell David he was his father even while he was taking care of him. He could not risk Rafe knowing. Orpheus reminds him Rafe is not in the story now so why the hesitation … Ciara assures Ben that Justin still believes he has a chance but they have to wait. Ben wishes he could help search for his nephew … Lani leans on Eli …Rafe blames himself for not realizing Hope was under the control of Gina. Shawn argues he asked him to come back and that helped …Jen fears Rolf will make mischief during the chip removal procedure … Rolf decides Gina is healthy enough for the procedure. She reasons he would be ruining his own masterpiece and suggests he fake the procedure and leave the chip in place. He raises his eyebrows … Orpheus points out he swallowed his pride and contacted his kids years ago even though they rejected him. He does not want his son to miss out on being a dad to David. It will make him want to be worthy. He recalls how Evan once looked at him like he was a super hero. Evan sighs how wrong he was … Lani cannot rest until David is safe and sound. Eli agrees to continue the search … House guest Shawn has waffles with syrup for Rafe, who recalls how much David likes them. Shawn heads to the hospital. Rafe will pray for Hope. Shawn believes when she is back they will be able to find David … Ciara agrees to keep Ben in the loop about David. He is grateful and glum. She offers to bring him a book. He sends her to be with Hope on this important day. They exchange heartfelt I love yous and an unpermitted kiss …

Gina promises Rolf she will pretend to be Hope! He cannot cos Kayla will be watching and waiting for the chip. Gina urges the genius to dupe her. Kayla walks in with Jen … At the station Rafe wants transcripts of all tips that were called in … Evan tends to David as remorseful Orpheus reminds him how happy he is they reconnected. Evan is grateful and just wants to be a good dad. Orpheus marvels at the power of a father’s love for his son …. Clyde shows up in orange and gives orange clad Ben a bear hug, no words necessary … Ciara arrives at the hospital and waits with Shawn. Hope is being prepared … Gina complains about the lack of privacy. Kayla already gave her a sedative. Rolf assures Kayla the patient knows what to expect. Gina smirks and insults Kayla and Jenny, then suggests Jenny find another balcony to fall from. She warns she will forever be Gina just as Steve will forever be Stefano the great and powerful. Kayla suggests they wait until she wakes up and stares her down … Clyde heard about heroic gun toting Ciara and gushes that girl is a badass worthy of his gratitude. He wants to know when Ben is getting out. Not as soon as he thought … Evan sighs David does not even know his real name. At sunrise he was smiling but … Orpheus realizes he asked for Rafe. He swears nothing will come between him and his son again, hands him the toy and tells him to tell his son when he wakes up. Evan agrees and wonders what the next move is …

Lani and Eli arrive as Rafe is going over the tip transcripts. They are here to help … Gina has been sedated. Ciara and Shawn watch her being wheeled out. Kayla assures them she will be present for the procedure. Sedated Gina suddenly asks for her children, then taunts Hope is gone for good. Ciara and Shawn are rattled …Eli has contacted the FBI to find all the names of Christian Maddox’s nefarious associates while Rafe and Lani look through the endless sea of useless tips … Ciara agrees with Shawn that Gina is a beech … Clyde is incensed that Ben is still locked up and his grandson is missing. Ben wishes he could force Evan to confess where he took his son and rages about the sob … Orpheus feels tis time to flee but Evan thinks he can stay in Salem out of sight. Then he can clear his name and live here happily ever after with his son …

Ciara sits at sleeping Hope’s bedside since the procedure is over. She begs her to come back and holds her hand … Outside the room Kayla informs Jen and Shawn it is done and Hope is stable. She hands Shawn the microchip which he will have analyzed as Jen scurries off to tell the family. Shawn wonders about Rolf, who appears and boasts he was a master at work. Suspicious Shawn takes him to the station, where he will stay until Hope wakes up … Clyde cannot believe the cops could not catch Evan and freezes when Ben reveals his real name is Christian Maddox. Ben senses he knows this sob who offed his sister … Orpheus can see how well Evan knows David. Evan insists he is his son. Orpheus places a supportive hand on his shoulder … Lani has a hot lead. A man matching Evan’s description was spotted. She updates Rafe and Eli on where they will find David …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 17, 2020