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Episode 13,833
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Xander breathes a sigh of relief that Sarah will neva know he switched her late baby with Kristen and Brady’s … Brady comforts Kristen at home. She updates him on wanting to hold Mickey and Eric refusing … Nicole has just noticed the heart birthmark on Mickey’s neck and flashes back to Brady mentioning Rachel’s heart birthmark. She gasps about the coincidence. Eric innocently wonders what coincidence … Rafe deduces whoever dropped the toy at the square must have David … Evan is at the cabin with David and calls evil Orpheus Dad …Xander praises his beautiful Sarah in a black dress and she giggles, feeling glamorous again. The nightmare of Mickey being unwell is over. Xander assures her the baby will be fine with Eric at her side. The night is theirs … Eric presses. Nicole pauses … Kristen believes Eric has not forgotten what she did. Brady argues she changed but she doubts his family agrees. He thinks they will all come around … All of a sudden John Black pounds on the door demanding a word with Kristen … Evan appreciated the assistance. Orpheus feels he went too far by offing the mother of his son, falling for Sonny and blowing everything. Evan bellows should he have blown up everyone on a boat?! Orpheus warns he is at his mercy at the moment as is his son Evan apologizes and adds SIR. Orpheus drinks and marvels three generations in a seedy motel. Evan wonders why David is not upset about not having his train … Rafe, Lani and Eli head to the nearby food store whose bag the mystery man was carrying …

John rages at Kristen to reveal where Stefano Steve took his wife. She knows not. Brady tries to intervene. John warns him not to trust her. She insists she did not know Steve was her father from the start. Stefano also led her to believe he was only after the family biz. John ain’t buying it … Raynor interrupts Nicole and Eric. She came to say goodbye to Sarah since she got another job and leaves tonight. Nicole remembers her ominous handshake with Xander … Eric thanks the doctor for all she did for his daughter and wishes her the best. Raynor scurries out. Eric is bewildered but not Nicole. She excuses herself … Kristen is sorry and explains to John that she and Marlena already overcame for Brady’s sake. John growls he knows for a fact she would cover for Stefano. She insists she would tell him if she knew more. John apologizes to Brady for being stressed. Brady states someone else could have taken Marlena and mentions Orpheus … Orpheus informs irate Evan that he stepped out for groceries and dropped the train on the way back. He assures his son he did not take the baby but had Mary Poppins watching him. He reminds him he is only here with his son thanks to him … Rafe, Lani and Eli decide to check the security footage to find the man who dropped Evan’s toy at the square … Suave Xander pours the champagne. Sarah is impressed he reserved the entire bistro for them. They drink to perfect princess Mickey and her perfect mother. Sarah is grateful to Gabi and Raynor as well … Nicole stops Raynor at the elevator. She heard her with Xander and asks about the baby’s identity. She tells of the heart birthmark both babies born that fateful night had and wonders whether Mickey might really be Brady and Kristen’s …

Orpheus wishes his son had asked for his help earlier for he would not have offed Jordan until he got the information he needed. At least Ben showed up in time to take the heat but then Evan stuck around Salem for Sonny! Evan sits and admits he saw Marlena. Orpheus muses she only looked after him and his sis for a few months so she would not recognize him. Evan adds she was snatched by Steve Johnson who thinks he is Stefano. Orpheus laughs and wishes them all the very worst … Kristen asks about Orpheus. John sighs he was an old ISA agent who kidnapped Marlena not once but twice. The last time he and Steve saved her. Shot Orpheus was declared dead at the scene. John curses cos now he wants Steve d-e-a-d … Raynor suggests Nicole not upset the parents for no reason. She talks protocols that would prevent an accidental baby switch. Nicole suspects Xander’s act was no accident and says so …

At the station Rafe has sent the toy to the lab for testing. Eli goes to hurry up the security footage guy. Rafe shares his frustration with Lani. Eli returns announcing the footage was just emailed to Rafe. They gather round … Orpheus complains it is complicated playing dead. It is not easy to get resources. Evan sighs that was why he approached Sonny but Orpheus is no fan of the Kiriakis species. Evan knows Sonny is back with Will and decides David is all he has left in this world … Kristen lets John know Marlena will be in her prayers. She believes he will find her and hugs him. He replies with a thanks and leaves. Brady smiles at his serene sweetheart … Nicole suggests Xander did it for Sarah, whose baby was lost that night. Raynor disagrees. Nicole notes he could not have done it alone and accuses her of being his accomplice. Money talks … Sarah is full so Xander decides to cancel dessert. Sarah teases no and holds up her steak knife. He admits he loves her so much that he feels her hurt. She made him want to be a betta man. Out comes the ring box. Xander gets down on his knees and promptly proposes. Sarah bursts out laughing since this is their first official date. Romeo reasons he could not bear to lose her. Sarah accepts so he romantically kisses her. She now wears the diamond from his smuggling days …

Rafe, Eli and Lani stare at the face of the man on the security footage. Rafe senses he has seen him before but where? ….Raynor alludes to repercussions for Nicole and dares her to keep digging … Eric comes back to Nicole. Raynor has left the building. He innocently asks what Nicole was about to share earlier. Nicole realizes she would need the whole truth first and acts like it was nothing. For now … Orpheus feels in a powerful position since no one in Salem knows he has returned … Meanwhile Raynor leaves celebrating Xander an urgent message that will rock his world. Nicole knows his secret …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 16, 2020