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Episode 13,832
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani and Eli stroll at the square and sit at the Horton plaque. They enjoyed their private time together but cannot believe Evan is David’s dad. Eli sighs he is also Jordan’s killer … Will and Sonny are appalled Evan made bail. Rafe warns him he has no claim on David. Evan disagrees and smugly starts to leave. Rafe stops him … At Basic Black Brady wonders to Nicole where Kristen went …Kristen is in the baby’s room. Eric stands and wonders why … Sarah approaches Xander and Raynor … Rafe hauls exasperated Evan to a room, claims he needs to do his paperwork and goes back to Sonny and Will. He admits to the astounded hubbies he was in cahoots with the judge …Eli and Lani feel for Rafe. She suggests they get involved under the radar. He agrees. Time to head down to the station … Sonny and Will are baffled. Rafe reasons he needs Evan to lead him to David. They will have him followed and Rafe will get his boy back … Stylish Nicole is busy with her work when Brady gets a text from Kristen, who went to see Mickey. Nicole sighs Eric will not be happy to see her … Kristen explains to Eric that she wanted to be here to make sure Mickey is alright. No one should go through the loss of a child … Xander smiles they were speaking about Mickey. Sarah finds out he was with Victa earlier and suddenly senses the tension …

Brady is bothered. When he leaves to make sure nothing bad happens between his brother and Kristen, Nicole accompanies him … Eric had heard that Kristen had herself tested as a possible match. He updates her on the success of the transplant. She is over the moon and gets emotional. Then she admires the baby … Xander claims he wanted confirmation Mickey was betta. Sarah would like to set up a time to discuss Mickey with medicine woman Amanda. Xander reminds her of his and Victa’s endless gratitude. Sarah steps away to take a call from mama Maggie. Xander reminds Amanda Raynor of their deal. Either she leaves pronto or they have a problem … Will and Sonny are on Rafe’s side. He just hopes David is safe … Someone bumps Lani and Eli at the square as they discuss Rafe and David. He drops something so Lani calls after him. The hooded man keeps going. The duo sense something is off. Eli picks up the fallen toy train. Eerie music plays as they head to the station for Rafe… Rafe lets Evan know the processing is done and reminds him there is a strong case against him ... unless he is ready to cooperate regarding David with his legal guardian. Evan haughtily disagrees and departs. Rafe calls his contact. The target is on the move … Xander spooks Raynor into agreeing to leave. It is the right thing. He offers her his hand and they shake to seal the deal. The elevator doors open. Nicole and Brady soap stare …

Eric is kind. Emotional Kristen cries and asks to hold his baby … At the Kiriakis mansion Will and Sonny sit. Sonny wants Evan the loon locked up. He regrets not seeing him for what he was. Will notes he was lonely. Sonny insists he seemed sweet. Will smiles and suggests while he tucks in Ari, Sonny get the wine out. Time to celebrate … Rafe ends a call with his contact who is tailing Evan. Lani and Eli arrive to offer their assistance. He explains he has someone following the felon as they speak. Hopefully he will lead them straight to his son … Eric understands but tells Kristen he cannot let her hold Mickey since her immune system could be compromised. Kristen cries but gets it … Nicole suggests Brady go ahead to Mickey’s room and watches Xander.. He calls Victa and assures him Raynor agreed to go. That means their secret is safe and no one will know wot they did. Click. Nicole steps before him with a sly smile …

Kristen admires the special angel and smiles Eric and Sarah are so blessed. Eric thanks her. Enter Brady, who is happy all is well. Alas there is no new update on Marlena. Kristen whispers to Mackenzie she will pray for her and leaves with Brady. But when she walks out the baby starts to cry … Nicole is surprised that Xander shook Raynor’s hand. He claims he was thanking her for Mickey but Nicole saw the terrified look on her face … Sarah arrives and sighs she was supposed to get Eric some food. Nicole goes to get that done for her. Sarah thanks her. Xander invites the girl he loves out to dinner at the bistro. She deserves a break and he longs to make her happy. She agrees … Will comes back to Sonny after reading Arianna the story he wrote about Princess Arianna and her two king fathers. The red wine is waiting. Ari is in her own bed. They toast and Sonny takes his hand. He romantically suggests they head up to the bedroom with their wine, alone at last. Will smiles with stars in his eyes and they walk there together hand in hand … They reach the bedroom and Will declares he loves him more than ever. Sonny loves him with his whole heart. They kiss and settle on the grand bed as romantic music plays … Nicole has a cafeteria sandwich for Eric, who kisses her. They discuss Kristen. Eric could see she was in pain. Nicole has been there herself. They admire Mickey and he calls her his miracle he loves so much … Rafe’s contact has lost sight of Evan. He is exasperated. Lani and Eli listen … Knock knock! The hooded man from the square silently opens the door. David's dad steps into the cabin and asks how his son is …

After the lovin, shirtless Will is waiting for Sonny, who returns to the bed and kisses him. Will wonders where he went. He brought the wedding rings they both missed wearing, slips Will’s on his finger and kisses him … In the Kiriakis foyer Xander kisses Sarah, who goes upstairs to get ready for their date. He sighs and assures himself she will never know her daughta belongs to Kristen … Brady takes Kristen home and she apologizes for her disappearing act. She just felt compelled to go check on Mackenzie. In her mind there is a connection between the two girls who were born that fateful night. She thanks him for helping her remember … Nicole admires the baby and asks what is on her neck. Eric explains it is a birthmark. Nicole flashes back to Brady mentioning baby Rachel’s heart birthmark on her neck. NICOLE NOW KNOWS … Rafe puts out an APB on Evan aka Maddox. Lani offers to call Abe and takes the toy train out of her bag to find her phone. Rafe gasps. Tis David’s train … Evan admires his son and states he lost the tail the cops put on him. The hood is down and his accomplice boasts that is because he was taught by the best. ORPHEUS IS BACK.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 13, 2020