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Episode 13,831
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Evan is smug his confession was thrown out and dares dubious Rafe to check with the DA … Brady arrives at Basic Black and complains to quiet Kristen about Marlena being missing. She woefully hands him their daughter’s death certificate … Stylish Nicole meets Xander at the hospital. He snaps when he hears Raynor is now with Eric, Sarah and Mickey. Meanwhile Raynor almost blurts out the secret to the unsuspecting parents … Victor is in his armchair reading the paper when Will appears. Will has been avoiding him and wonders where Sonny went … Sonny storms into Rafe’s office raging about Evan’s confession being dropped from the record. Evan claims he was coerced. Sonny hopes he is not being released … Raynor changes her mind in the last minute. All she says to Eric and Sarah is that that Mickey’s transplant seems to have been a success. Sarah and Eric are grateful. Raynor is uneasy … Nicole stops Xander from crashing Eric and Sarah’s meeting with Raynor and demands he spill the big secret between himself and the medicine woman … Rafe argues there is DNA evidence. Evan calls that circumstantial and believes his lawyer will convince the judge. Sonny tries to attack him but Rafe intervenes. Evan ominously claims he still cares about Sonny, who storms out … Victor deduces Will and Sonny are not divorcing now. Will gets he destroyed him to spare Maggie. However, his and Xander’s actions were far reaching. For starters Sonny hooked up with a killer …

Raynor considers Mickey a tough cookie. Eric gushes like her mom. Exit Raynor. Sarah gets even more emotional. Finally she has faith their little girl will live … Kristen received the copy today. She informs baffled Brady she ordered it to remember Rachel. Mackenzie and her situation has made her dream more and more of Rachel being alive. She cries but the dream will disappear and this certificate reminds her that she really existed. Brady weeps with her. She wishes they got her picture. She does not really remember her baby’s face. Brady hugs her … Xander denies any wrongdoing. Nicole notes Raynor delivered Brady and Kristen’s baby. Xander pretends to worry about her skills and approaches her when she emerges. Raynor excuses herself in a hurry and Xander takes off. Nicole smells a coverup … Eric and Sarah admire Mickey, happy she is better. He exits to update Nicole. Sarah has no idea the precious bundle does not belong to her … Victor reasons Will and Sonny are going to be fine unlike Maggie. No one wants her in the slammer! Furthermore Maggie is not even fighting! Will mentions Adrienne and Victor scowls it is about so much more than Adrienne. Will wonders. The Greek tycoon covers. Stressed Sonny now calls to summon Will to the station … Nicole is happy for Eric, who gushes over the good news about Mickey’s blood tests. She asks about Marlena. Alas Rolf refuses to betray Stefano. The former reporter offers to help. John is on the case but so far no luck. Nicole hopes that will change. Eric appreciates her endless support and wonders where Xander is. When she last saw him he left in a hurry …

Xander joins impatient Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. The Greek assumes the Raynor problem has been solved … Brady sits with Kristen and they close their eyes together, going back in time. She has just given birth and Raynor has handed her the baby. Kristen remembers her face and wanted to hold her forever. She remembers Haley so he suggests she stay only in that moment with Rachel. She does and even remembers her big blue-gray eyes, the birthmark on her neck just under her chin. It was in the shape of a heart so she smiles … Sarah admires Mickey’s heart shaped birth mark. Enter Eric. They both feel blessed. Sarah admits when the baby was born she did not realize she had that birthmark and momentarily believed Xander had brought her the wrong baby. Mickey gets excited … Xander informs Victa that he ordered Raynor to leave town with the money but she stayed. The Greek orders him to get rid of the doctor before disaster strikes …

Sonny updates stunned Will at the station. Will worries Ben will not be freed if Evan gets out. They anxiously wait for the results of the ruling … Kristen can now remember her sweet baby’s face and thanks Brady. They kiss and he hugs her. Enter Nicole. Kristen excuses herself. Brady asks about Mickey. Nicole notes the bone marrow transplant was a success and wonders what is the matter with Kristen. Brady explains and adds they remembered so much about their daughter, even the heart shaped birthmark on her neck … Xander the thug turned doting stepdad is waiting for Raynor in the elevator and presses the stop button …

Sonny sighs the nightmare might not be over! Will wants to believe things are going to work out. Evan cannot come between them regardless and he reminds Sonny they are together. Rafe interrupts as the judge has ruled … Stylish Nicole would not wish losing a child on anyone. Brady goes to check on Kristen … Eric and Sarah love that Mickey is so happy. She must feel the good news. Sarah is surprised Xander is not around and apologizes again for misleading Eric about Mickey’s paternity in the past. He has forgiven Nicole for keeping the secret. Sarah is happy with Xander and marvels all that matters is they have Mickey … Xander growls to get anotha docta to take Sarah’s case. Raynor would need a week and walks out of the elevator. He warns Victor is demanding her silence … The judge is not dropping all charges against Evan but he appears and boasts he made bail … Sarah leaves Xander a message and goes looking for him to share the good news about Mickey. Eric stays and admires the angel … Brady cannot find Kristen … Eric promises his little princess he will be here for her always as will her mommy. Enter Kristen … Xander rages Raynor should take her money and run before it is too late. Sarah comes up behind them and makes a strange face …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 12, 2020