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Episode 13,830
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ari plays cards with double dads Will and Sonny. She asks to stay home from school, worried Will might be gone when she gets back … Rafe is in his office muttering he will find his little man. Handcuffed Evan is hauled in. Rafe tries to intimidate with his gun … Ciara feels Ben should be happier about getting better. The Salem patient sighs the future is still uncertain … Gina hisses Justin should help Steve stay Stefano to keep Kayla and suggests he help them both ... Kate turns, surprised to see Chad. He toys with the letter opener … John gets in but doc is not in the DiMera gatehouse so he growls … Will promises he is here to stay. He offers to take Ari to school and get donuts and hot chocolate en route. Ari is elated, wants a family hug and then flounces off for her backpack. Sonny and Will kiss, grateful they get to be together again. Will wants to check on Ben. Sonny assumes he will be released soon. They now discuss Evan, who has still not told Rafe where David is … Rafe denies threatening Evan and talks arraignment. He warns he faces a life behind bars so he would be smart to say where David was. Evan is uncooperative. Rafe argues David needs him …Chad lies he was opening mail and hugs Kate. She updates him on John dropping by, desperate for clues on where Stefano was hiding Marlena. She agreed he could search the grounds. Chad flashes back to hearing their conversation and texting Stefano before John showed up. He acts like he agrees with Kate …

John finds Marlena’s favorite book, deduces doc was here with Stefano and calls her name … Ciara proceeds to give Ben a pep talk. He is an innocent man! Justin explained Evan’s pending case would be expedited soon and Ben would be able to come home. She gives him a sweet kiss. Time to focus on recovery so he asks her to go … Gina and Justin are interrupted by Shawn. Justin drawls he turned down her request to represent her and departs. Shawn has the results of her MRI. As soon as the microchip is removed by Rolf, the crown comes off … John confronts Rolf, who lies Marlena left with Stefano for their new life. He refuses to reveal their whereabouts so John carts him off … Kate reminds Chad of their deal. He smirks she will not be going to prison and toys with the letter opener. She snatches it from his hand and gets a drink to celebrate but Chad grabs it back. Enter John and protesting Rolf …

Gina muses her Wilhelm is a master of vanishing. Shawn talks more tests. The princess will not consent. He notes he does not need her to … Ben wants Ciara to go to her mom. She sighs she cannot reach her now that Princess Gina is in charge. They are waiting for the microchip to be removed. Ben believes Hope is somewhere in there trying to fight her way out and hearing Ciara’s voice would help. He kisses her hand and sends her on her way … Evan drawls David is in good hands. Rafe rages he was best for him. Evan snaps he loves his son! Rafe rages to prove it by doing the right thing. He has no chance of a future with him. Evan cries to call the cop cos he is ready for court … Chad feigns surprise that Rolf was in the gatehouse. Rolf repeats his refusal to talk as John hauls him to the station. Kate goes after them. Chad is sorry to tell Stefano’s portrait finishing off Kate will have to wait, slams the letter opener down and storms out … At the Kiriakis mansion Justin hugs Sonny. He gets himself coffee as they discuss the latest on Stefano Steve snatching Marlena. Justin senses Steve is still somewhere in there. Sonny wonders what the return of real Steve would mean for his relationship with Kayla. Justin hopes it would not change anything and changes the subject to Sonny and Will. Sonny smiles he means the world to him …Former roommate Will has brought Ben his favorite snacks until he gets released soon. Ben is touched. Will praises Ciara’s bravado and wonders where she is at the moment. Helping her mother …

Gina is cuffed to a hospital bed as Shawn sits quietly. When he ignores her complaints she starts to scream and threatens to sue. Enter Ciara, who hugs her brother. Haughty Gina scoffs she helped a serial killer. Ciara insists Ben is innocent … Rafe now has Rolf handcuffed to a chair in his office. The devil genius is denied water. Rafe steps out and John hears Rolf is not forthcoming. Chad arrives with Kate and offers to help as a DiMera. Chad is let in and Rolf explains his fatha and Marlena escaped. Chad wonders what to do about Rolf, who frets … Sonny is still exasperated he was hoodwinked by Evan. Justin argues he even hoodwinked top cop Rafe and calls to check on his arraignment … Kate would like a word with Rafe as Chad speaks with Rolf. She is very sorry about what happened to David and asks if Evan is still not saying where he is. He is not and Rafe doubts his son is as safe as he claims. He blames himself but Kate believes she is to blame …

Chad grumbles Rolf was not supposed to be in the gatehouse. Rolf sighs he is a slow packer but will not cooperate with the Salem PD. Chad lets him know his loyalty to father is appreciated. However … Will and Ben snack and discuss life being better on the outside. Will feels what didn’t kill him and Sonny made them stronger just like Ben and Ciara. Ben is going crazy waiting to go home to her … Gina taunts Ciara saved the serial killer. Shawn promises Hope will be back in charge soon. Gina dismisses Ciara when she comes close and calls her creepy. Ciara warns they will find Rolf and … Gina boasts Wilhelm would never betray her so no Hope … Chad orders Rolf to give the cops a bone to throw them off Stefano and Marlena. He should agree to make Gina Hope again and then escape after the operation. Rolf reminds the prodigal programmed son to do as father asked and eliminate the problem of … Chad replies Kate will not pose a problem. Hawkish John opens the door … Kate had a bad feeling about Evan but could find no dirt. She should have shared her suspicions with Rafe. Rafe blames himself. The guard comes back with Evan. Kate taunts Sonny and Will are back together and goes. Evan is smug as a bug … Chad lies Rolf will not reveal where Stefano is. John is ready to get tough. Chad adds he agreed to give them Hope. Rolf confirms it. John rages where the hell is Marlena! Cavalier Chad claims the DiMera doctor is a dead end … Justin bears bad news for Sonny … Gleeful Evan grins his confession got tossed out by the judge … Before Will goes he assures Ben he will be free soon … Shawn gets a call with great news. Rolf agreed to reverse what he did to Hope. But Gina is stunned by the royal betrayal …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 11, 2020