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Episode 13,829
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla dreams of Stefano taunting her Steve is dead and gone. When she cries NO and wakes up Justin comforts her … Sarah updates Jack and Jen on being optimistic about Mickey. Now it is a waiting game. Wonderful Kayla is letting Sarah and Eric use her office. Jack and Jen ask about Hope’s MRI … John pays Gina a visit at the station. She is overwhelmed but senses something is the matter. He asks for her assistance … Glam Kate reads the news on her tablet at DiMera mansion and sighs to Chad no one knows where Stefano took Marlena. Chad remembers seeing her on the estate and lies they must have left the country. Kate blames herself for being in league with the phoenix … Stefano Steve holds sleeping beauty Marlena’s hand, praises Rolf and wonders when she will wake up and want him. She stirs and speaks John’s name. Stefano is ready to explode … Sarah shows Jen and Jack the microchip the MRI revealed in Hope’s brain. They need a skilled surgeon. Jack knows just who to ask … Justin wants to pillow talk about Steve. Kayla sighs she dreamt Stefano said Steve would never return … John asks Gina to help him find Marlena. Stefano snatched her. If Gina loves him as she claims she will help … Justin wonders what if the Steve that Kayla loved came back. Ding dong! They have an early visitor … John places his heart on his heart and dramatically begs. Gina refuses to help him reunite with unworthy Marlena. He suggests she sock it to Stefano, who betrayed her. She raises an irate eyebrow …

Stefano asks Rolf how to help Marlena come around. Rolf suggests he speak to her about the past. She will cherish it. Marlena opens her eyes, whispering “It’s you.” … Kate hopes the cops and John can find Marlena. Chad coldly claims Stefano has more resources so they will not win and pours himself coffee. He suggests Kate worry about her own self … Jack updates now dressed Justin and Kayla about the chip in Hope’s head. Kayla agrees to take a look and goes. Jack hopes she will be able to bring Hope back. Justin serves coffee. Jack heard Steve pistol whipped him. Justin makes light of it and asks how he feels about his brother’s situation. Jack notes it was not really Steve who signed the divorce papers and suspects it changed things. Justin sighs it did. He is not in denial unlike … Kayla hugs Jen, sorry about Bill. Jen is sorry she was Stefano’s hostage. Kayla complains he was only Steve on the outside. Jen believes they will get the real Steve back just like they did Jack. They now discuss Hope and Kayla takes a look at the microchip shown on the MRI … Gina gets upset about Stefano’s betrayal and agrees to help John. He needs to know where he would have gone. The King would have taken his queen back to his castle. John notes Chad is now at the mansion … Chad reminds Kate she faces prison time for being Stefano’s accomplice. His offer of her stock in exchange for the DiMera legal team is about to expire …

Stefano tells uncertain Marlena she is safe. She asks ‘Steve’ where John is. Rolf watches. Stefano reveals who he really is. She admits she does not feel afraid. He smiles and swears she has nothing to fear. She feels odd. He asks to take care of her. Why? He reminds her she helped him once upon a time and they were close. She asks for some water. Stefano complains to Rolf so he hands him a book of Keats romantic poetry she read to him in the past. She would like to hear Ode On a Grecian Urn … Stylish Kate feels sentimental about the shares Andre left her. Chad scoffs they will be useless in the slammer. He points out her attorney is not as powerful as the DiMera legal team. He adds he is not above bribing the judges and hands her the papers to sign. Kate wants more and writes a figure. He agrees to the deal so she signs and hands back the papers and his pen. Chad lets her know she will hear from the lawyers and leaves … Gina warns John not to trust Chad since it sounded like he was part of his father's plans to empower la familia. John decides to go speak to him directly …

Kayla explains the surgery would be close to Hope’s spinal cord. Tis too complicated … Justin never thought he would find love after he lost Adrienne. Jack notes then he and Kayla leaned on each other. Justin sadly states Adrienne is really gone but he would jump at the chance to have her again just as he suspects Kayla would with Steve. There is nothing like the love of one’s life. Jack can relate. Justin gasps he could not deny Kayla getting Steve back. Jack reminds him that Kayla does love him. In addition it might not be possible to undo what Rolf did. Jack does want Steve back but he does not want Justin the good guy to get hurt … Kayla needs time for more analysis and tests. There is still a little hope for Hope. Jen cannot lose her cousin, her bff! Kayla hopes the same for Steve. Jen wonders where she and Justin stand. Kayla can only focus on the possibility of reversing Rolf’s mischief … Marlena loved hearing the poem. Stefano swoons. He lives to make her happy. She asks for John. He suggests she freshen up and escorts the unsteady queen to another room. Then he blasts Rolf, who promises her memories of John will disappear soon. Knock knock knock!

Kayla thinks the least risky scenario would be to have Rolf remove the chip … Gina has summoned legal eagle Justin and wants him to rep her … Chad is at the door for father. He shows him Kate’s signature for her DiMera shares. Stefano compliments his son. When they have Kristen’s they will have the majority. Chad warns him Kate is worried about Marlena. Stefano warns him not to trust Katarina, who is now of no use. He orders him to off her effective immediately. La familia first. Rolf watches in the background. Chad agrees and goes. Stefano Steve sighs at least he succeeded with Chad. But he must have his queen … John is surprised to see Kate at DiMera mansion and rages now his wife is missing because of Stefano. Kate asks if he has any leads. He growls Gina suggested Stefano would bring his queen to his castle. Kate admits he did leave a ring for Chad. John goes to check the grounds. When she offers to help, he warns anything that befalls his beloved Marlena is on her head … Justin laughs at Gina’s audacity. She taunts he will lose Kayla unless he helps her stay Hope … John gets to another door and senses activity. Time to break in and get doc … Concerned Kate is looking for the latest on Marlena online. Chad creeps up behind her and holds a sharp letter opener to her slim unsuspecting neck …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 10, 2020