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Episode 13,828
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In Ben’s room, Rafe asks Ciara whether wicked Maddox mentioned David. Alas no. Rafe is impressed she saved Ben, who is in bed, and apologizes for assuming the worst of him … At the pub Roman and Hattie worry about John, Marlena and Justin, who were supposed to call. Hattie exclaims they have to find them … Gas seeps into the room John, Kayla and Justin are locked in. He deduces s.o.b Stefano wants them dead … At the secret house Stefano accuses Marlena of toying with him a long time. He thunders this time he will be with his destiny … Chad pauses with the pillow over sleeping Gabi … Rafe blames himself for not realizing who Evan really was. Ben believes dark sides are easy for some to hide … Chad hyperventilates, horrified at his almost actions … John, Kayla, and Justin scramble to escape … Steve turns away and Marlena smiles he is no real Stefano. Ooooooo … Rafe agrees to keep Ben up to date on his nephew and hugs Ciara, who asks about Hope. Rafe knows she entered the hospital for the MRI but knows nothing more. Ciara wonders whether Rolf did anything to her and wishes she had been with her mom. Rafe reminds her Ben needed her. Besides Shawn is with Hope. He will be in touch … The voice of the phoenix reminds Chad of Gabi’s wrongdoings against la familia. He grabs the pillow and holds it closer to her tranquil face … Steve insists he is Stefano. Marlena reasons the real Stefano would want the real her and accuses him of pretending … Kayla loses consciousness and Justin holds her as John bangs on the door coughing. There is no way out …

Roman and Hattie burst in and tend to now unconscious John, Justin and Kayla … Stefano states as soulmates they belong together. Marrrrlena will be grateful. Enter Rolf, ready to get the party started … Roman calls out to Kayla as Hattie shouts at Justin and then John. She deduces all are dead … Ciara has been trying without success to get Justin on the phone to get Ben out. He teases she should tell him to rep her too given what she did … Chad sentences Gabi and leans forward to do the deed but Rafus interruptus …. Chad scoffs he was simply scaring Gabi for what she did to Eli and Julie. Rafe replies she just saved a kid and kicks him out. Gabi stirs. She heard Chad. Rafe assures her he handled it … Ciara sighs her mom did shove Jen from the bistro balcony. How will she overcome? Ben believes both Jen and Hope will overcome. He lets his hero girl know she alone kept him alive … John says hey doc. Hattie gushes hey and he sits up, realizing this is no doc. He exclaims Stefano took Marlena. Roman makes him come to the ER first since they know not what the fumes were … Marlena insults Rolf, who boasts he will perform the same procedure he did for Princess Gina. This chip will make her hopelessly devoted to Stefano DiMera. Steve purrs purrfect. Marlena cringes …

Gabi drinks water and wonders about Chad. Rafe replies he wanted to give her hell. He then questions who she really is but she is done with the past. Rafe lectures her and argues most give bone marrow because they are good people. He suspects she had an agenda and is also hiding her heart behind her rage. He then apologizes and admits he is dealing with something. Evan has hidden David and he fears he might lose his little boy forever … Ben informs Ciara how his life with her flashed before his eyes. His life began with their love. Then she raced in and rescued him. He smiles their story continues thanks to her, takes her happy face in his hands, and romantically kisses her … Kayla is back at the hospital as a doctor and assures Justin they are alright as is John. She offers to fix the wound on his forehead and praises him for riding to her rescue … John wants to leave the hospital but Hattie and Roman are worried. He scowls the gas was not lethal and was only to knock them out so Stefano could escape with Marlena … Marlena is injected in the neck by Rolf as Stefano Steve holds his gun. She makes a war cry and runs to the door but when she flings it open there stands stony faced Chad …

Gabi is surprised to hear that David’s father is Evan aka Christian cos he was involved with Sonny. Rafe confirms he killed Jordan and is in custody but refuses to reveal David’s whereabouts. He blames himself for entrusting David to a killer and believes Child Welfare might not let him have him. Gabi insists he is his papa and promises to help him find him … Ciara snuggles on Ben’s chest and he marvels at the day. He praises his hero girl for marching Maddox through a high security prison. She admits she would not be alive without him and emotionally explains she will never love another like him. They have to be forever for he is her only love. He kisses her hand and marvels she was his action hero. She giggles and they get back to kissing … Kayla has stitched Justin’s head and wonders how he found her. He and Rafe saw a man in scrubs escorting her out of the hospital on the security footage. She admits she believed she was with Steve not Stefano. Justin is sympathetic. He was so worried. Kayla notes now she knows why her ex-husband has been so cold. Justin sighs he was not Steve …

Roman argues John would need backup. John admits he knows not where Stefano took his sweetheart. Hattie believes street smart Marlena will beat him … Marlena is relieved Chad came and urges him to call the cops. Zombie Chad notes she is going nowhere and ushers her back in. She gasps they got to him. Stefano watches with approval … Rafe leaves to search for his son. He assures anxious Gabi he still loves her and warns her revenge only backfires. She promises to be a better person. Rafe hopes so for Ari’s sake and tragically takes off to track down his son … Ben believes things are getting better. He knows Hope will also come back but Ciara worries. He calls himself the luckiest guy on the planet because of this girl he loves … Justin takes Kayla’s hand and reminds her Steve was under Stefano’s mind control. Kayla assures him she is still staying with him and loves him. They hug but Justin looks serious … John thunders he has to do something. Roman reasons doc could beat Stefano in a battle of wits but knight in shining armor John fears she will not be able to fight him off … As Marlena sleeps Chad apologizes to the phoenix for failing to neutralize Gabi. No matter. Stefano now only cares about his captive queen of the night. He watches and waits for her to wake up …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 9, 2020