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Episode 13,827
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani and Eli kiss in bed surrounded by romantic bluish light. He gets her to ignore her phone … Julie storms into sleeping Gabi’s room, raging she will make her pay … Chad reads Stefano’s letter about la familia and acts like a man in a trance. He stares at the portrait and obeys when father orders him to wear his phoenix ring. There is work to be done … Rolf hovers over unconscious John and calls him a fool. Stefano will have his Marlena … Marlena takes Steve’s hand as he holds the gun to Kayla so he steps away from Kayla. Justin quietly admits to confused Kayla that John was supposed to be here. Malena soap stares. She needs a hero now … Stefano’s voice promises to guide Chad through the game. Chad declares he will not let him down and smiles when Kate wonders to whom he was speaking … Marlena gasps where are they going! Stefano Steve smirks tis a surprise, his gun now aimed at her. She refuses to leave with him and Justin stands between them, insisting he let her be …Lani and Eli pillow talk. He points out he is almost over his disappointment she did not come to him about Gabi. She teases he can take out his frustration with a pillow fight and takes the first swat. The feathers and fun fly … Gabi claims she has been busy saving Sarah and Eric’s baby with her bone marrow. Julie snaps she should be in the slammer but Gabi smiles she is staying in Salem … Chad admits he was addressing his father’s portrait. Kate can relate. He wonders why the late visit. She wanted to apologize for keeping Stefano’s secret that he was Steve now. Chad solemnly states the phoenix really rose again …

Rolf checks John’s pulse and warns the war is over. Stefano was the victor. Inside Steve reminds Justin of their deal and threatens to shoot. Kayla intervenes and implores Steve to come back. Stefano tells Justin to get out of his way. Justin grabs for his gun and the two men struggle … Lani and Eli laugh about their pillow fight. He assures her all is well between them and kisses her. She hears the phone again and reads a text from JJ, who asked her to call. Eli heads to the shower. Lani calls and hears JJ has decided to stay in Africa. She has not heard anything on Gabi and cannot believe what he tells her … Colorful Julie warns Gabi she is but the Salem sociopath. Soon Ari will see her for the monster she is. Gabi gets mad. Julie warns she could bring her down … Chad gets a drink for himself and Kate as they discuss Stefano. Kate has her doubts it is really him. She thinks he will be caught and turned back into Steve. Chad repeats what Stefano’s voice says inside his head. It will never happen … Steve knocks out Justin and he falls. Stefano Steve ushers Marlena out. Kayla tends to Justin … Marlena and Steve now find Rolf with unconscious John outside. Doc is shocked. Steve smugly considers killing him on the spot …

Lani updates Eli on JJ staying a while with Theo and the fact that Gabi got off … Gabi is not afraid. Julie warns her to steer clear of her clan especially Eli. Gabi feels badly about hurting the good guy and did love him. Alas he loathes her now … Chad numbly notes he loves his father. Kate has missed him as well but he should consider Steve’s family. Chad slowly states father is going to help him get DiMera back and out of Gabi’s clutches. When he mentions his motivation is the children Kate sighs he sounds like Stefano … Kayla dabs at Justin’s head wound and gets him to wake up. His phone broke in the fall and he is woozy. Kayla suggests they stay put for now. He wonders what happened to John … Marlena the brave stands between Stefano and unconscious John, announcing he must shoot her first. Stefano would rather he know he had stolen her away and makes her start walking. John stirs … Julie doubts Gabi really loved Eli. Gabi feared she would lose him. Julie feels like a fool. Gabi admits she was uneasy with her deception but feared she would lose Eli and even Julie … Enraged Eli gets dressed and decides to go after Gabi himself. Lani talks him down. He gets how Chad must have felt after her betrayal of him as well … Chad needs to keep Gabi under control. Kate agrees to help but refuses to sign over her shares. Chad offers to keep her out of the slammer for aiding and abetting Stefano. She will consider. She wonders how Stefano will be able to accomplish anything. He proudly shows her his ring. His father is in his head guiding him …

Lani too wanted justice but Gabi out of their lives will have to suffice. Eli agrees and they kiss in bliss … Julie quips Gabi will be alone forever. Then she walks out … Kate complains about Roman making her move out. Chad invites her to stay in her old room. Stefano’s voice orders him to get going so he hastily excuses himself … Stefano and Rolf usher Marlena into a closed house via the DiMera tunnels. Marlena wonders where they go from here. To somewhere they will never be found. He orders Rolf out to prepare for the next phase … Marlena sweetly offers to help Steve, who was brainwashed by Rolf. He warns her Johnson is gone except for his body and he is Stefano DiMera. He reminds her of their time together in Paris. She points out she was unwilling then and will always be. He leers not for long … Kayla informs Justin that as per Rolf a chip was implanted in Steve’s head but she does not believe that makes him Stefano. All of a sudden John staggers in, complaining about being jumped by a goon. When they turn to go the door is cruelly shut. John growls nooooo ….

Julie bangs at Eli’s door and then realizes she interrupted his time with Lani. She hyperventilates about Gabi. Eli admits he could kill her. Julie feels the same way and wishes someone would throttle her for them … Zombie Chad creeps into sleeping Gabi’s room and hears Stefano ordering him to eliminate her. Then DiMera shall be his … He slowly picks up a pillow … Back at DiMera mansion Kate wonders what Stefano has done to Chad this time … Marlena responds to Stefano’s plan to have Rolf implant a microchip that would make her desire him. She scoffs he wants to make her a zombie. Stefano politely apologizes. As soon as they are settled the procedure to make her his shall begin … John has no phone. Justin reasons Roman will come searching for the. All of a sudden colorless odorless gas seeps in and John scowls Stefano is trying to eliminate them all …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 6, 2020