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Episode 13,826
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shawn wants a word with captive Gina. He and his sister are determined to have Hope back! The princess pouts. Shawn shows her a paper … Also at the station Kate is furious on the phone with her lawyer and turns to go. There stands miffed Jen … At DiMera mansion Chad has an important ring with an important letter from father Phoenix, who plans to rule his empire with his son… Captive Kayla appeals to Steve. Stefano boasts Justin agreed to exchange Marlena for her … At the pub Hattie babbles about being Marlena battling Stefano. John warns she would need to keep her distance. Roman drawls Stefano would not be duped by Hattie twice. Marlena waltzes in, announcing she shall play herself this time … Gina refuses to the MRI demanded by the court order from the judge. Shawn vows to find out what Rolf did to Hope and undo it … Ponytail Jen blasts Kate for hiding Gina and Stefano’s secrets, thus endangering them all. Kate counters she saved John from Gina, who is currently in custody. Jen counters Kayla is in Stefano’s clutches … Kayla snaps Marlena will never want Stefano! He taunts sweetness for still wanting Steve and being jealous …The pub gang are stunned to hear Ciara stopped Ben’s execution and more. Hattie loves the story. Marlena asks about the Stefano story. Justin updates her on his new demand. Marlena is available to go after Stefano but Hattie wants payback for that time he tried to choke her … Chad pops a few pills for his headache. Jack arrives with a hearty hug. Alas, Abigail has not returned with him …

Kate thinks Kayla could handle Stefano, who is really Steve. Jen wonders what Lucas will think. Kate sighs they have not spoken a while. Jen updates her on Bill. Kate cries and walks away … On the sofa, Jack explains JJ decided to spend some time with Theo. Abigail also wanted to stay to help him get settled. He is surprised Chad does not know. Chad covers about his phone and then decides to call her. Jack asks about the latest – that Stefano is back in Salem with brother Steve’s body … Kayla talks back so Stefano threatens to off her. His options are always open … Marlena thanks heroic Hattie for everything. Justin gets a text. Marlena is ready. John reminds her to keep her distance and they depart. He will explain en route … Shawn argues Hope, whose body Gina is inhabiting, is an American so she must comply. He steps out to see about transportation to the hospital. Gina tells herself she is Gina not Hope … John, Justin and Marlena arrive at the dark meeting place. John praises Marlena the brave, kisses her and goes to find another way inside. Marlena assures Justin they will get Kayla. They enter … Jack calls Steve being Stefano the silver lining since that means he never turned his back on his loved ones. Chad admits Stefano was at the mansion today and shows Jack the phoenix ring … Stefano Steve thanks Rolf for his work on the phone. This time there will be no resistance. Marlena walks in with Justin and he gushes at the sight of his queen …

Kate comes back to the pub. Roman rages she did not warn them about Stefano Steve. She complains about the cops and Jen already lecturing her. Roman tells her to pack and get out cos she is fired. Hattie protests … Jen joins Shawn at the station. The paper heard about the court order and she wants a word with Hope. He warns her Gina is in control. Jen promises to proceed with caution … Gina coos she was expecting her … Suited Jack makes light of the ring. Chad adds there was a letter and agrees to share off the record. Father wants him with him when he gets his empire back. Jack doubts Steve is really Stefano since it makes no sense. Chad wonders why it felt like he was really communicating his father … Justin stares at Kayla tied to a chair and asks if she is alright. She is. Justin gets out his phone to make the money transfer. Stefano Steve can see this is the real Marlena and murmurs hello. She coldly says hello right back …

Back at the mansion, Chad reminds Jack how much mad scientist Rolf can do. If the tale is true Jack’s money is on his brother. He reminds Chad he moved his family to Paris to not get drawn into the world of the DiMeras and warns him to keep his distance. Chad agrees to consider and they embrace. Jack lets him know he and Jen are here for the kids as well and leaves, He hopes he will be careful … Roman tells Hattie to butt out. Kate quips she has had enough of the simple life anyway. He orders her out of her room now. Steve Johnson is now just as dangerous as Stefano since he was not stopped … Suited Stefano Steve smiles Marlena came willingly … Gina claims Jen’s fall was an unfortunate accident. Jen knows she pushed her from the balcony when she was close to exposing her. Gina claims she had no choice and did not enjoy playing boring Hope. Then her daughter got too close soooo … Jen realizes she wanted to off Abigail and screams she is a monster. Then she grabs her across the table …

Shawn breaks it up and ushers Jen out. She prays the MRI will bring Hope back. Shawn agrees and returns to Gina. Time to take the protesting prisoner to her chariot … Chad sits before the chess set and reads Stefano’s message again. The children were his future. He and the late Andre always agreed on the most important thing – the importance of la familia. Chad whispers la familia and gets a strange look in his eye. Mind control … Roman looks for Hattie and Kate realizes he cares. He growls Hattie has got more courage than her and orders Kate back upstairs to pack and leave his pub … Marlena sees Stefano in Steve’s eyes and calmly claims she came for all her loved ones that he has harmed. He folds his arms and she accuses him of hurting the innocent. She agrees to leave Salem forever with him so as to save them. Kayla begs her to stop. Marlena glances from Kayla to Stefano Steve … Kate goes with her suitcases. Hattie will miss her and is sorry she is alone now. Roman reminds her they have more people to be concerned about … Shawn hauls Gina down the hospital hall … Jack joins Jen, who complains about Gina. Jack believes Steve and Hope are good people who will overcome but Jen senses more danger … Brainwashed Chad hears Stefano’s voice in his head ordering him to put on the phoenix ring. He smiles yes father, staring at his portrait … Kayla warns Marlena that Rolf plans to put a chip in her head. Stefano denies it. Justin and Marlena soap stare. Stefano grabs Kayla and demands to know if they have a deal. Marlena quietly wonders where her hero John is … John is out cold … Stefano raises his gun to Kayla’s head and holds out his other hand. Malena takes it. Dangerous music plays ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 5, 2020