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Episode 13,825
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Blue dress Kristen sighs to herself she is no saint, Gabi was right. She sees a framed photo of Haley on the wall and weeps. If only she could turn back time … Nicole interrupts antagonistic Xander and Dr. Raynor, who claimed she could not live with their secret. Nicole suggests Xander tell all … At the bistro Maggie has no appetite for her salad. She feels guilty and hates that her drinking offed Adrienne. She also feels awful about Will. Victor argues at least he is with Sonny as they speak. The redhead thanks God … Back at the mansion, Will starts to worry about Ciara with Sonny. Rafe bursts in bellowing Evan has David … Ben is trying to breathe as Marlena watches. Ciara bursts in with a gun on Evan, followed by the guards. She announces to the warden that this is the killer and orders him to stop the execution … Xander lies he was simply warning the doctor the procedure better work. Nicole accuses him of harassment. He hisses to butt out and storms off. Nicole wonders … Rafe is horrified to hear armed Ciara hauled Evan to prison to save Ben … The warden warns Ciara to put the gun down. She demands he stop the execution and orders Christian to come clean. Her eyes lock with Ben’s …

Maggie warns Victor if he meddles she will fire his lawyer. This was more than a mere mistake! The Greek tycoon blames her relapse on Summer. Anyway accidents happen. The redhead blames the vodka and herself. She gasps she could have accidentally offed Sarah and Mickey as well. Victor frowns as he remembers the secret – that he had Xander switch Sarah’s late baby with Kristen’s living one. He now reminds his wife of her wonderful work. She laments making a friend and fellow mother lose her life. Victor sighs he needs her as does Sarah. She thanks God Sarah and Mickey were not harmed by her that night … Raynor finds Kristen crying alone about the baby she lost who was born the same day as Mickey. The guilt-ridden doctor decides to tell her … Rafe rages Evan is insane and David needs to be looked after! Will suggests the lad might be on the estate. Sonny will tell Henderson to check everywhere. Rafe goes out to get started, accompanied by Will …

Ciara the tough cookie forces frightened Evan to confess in front of the warden that he is Christen Maddox, Jordan’s once lover, and came to Salem to find his son. He followed her to a cottage … Flashback of Jordan calling for Ciara in the DiMera gatehouse that night, Evan approaching her … Back at the restaurant, Victor talks family and reminds Maggie that Adrienne would want her to go on for her own family. She is his treasure. Xander comes in from the cold and announces Sarah would love to have her at the hospital for Mickey. Exit Maggie. Xander will be there soon. He sits and Victor senses something. They have a problem. The Greek grimaces … Nicole comes looking for Eric. Crying Kristen explains Dr. Raynor was about to tell her something about Mickey. Raynor suggests they all be optimistic. Kristen takes off. Nicole stops the doctor from departing. About Xander … There was no sign of David so Rafe storms off to demand answers from Evan … The flashback continues. Jordan had claimed her baby had a father but it would never be Maddox and he would never get custody. That was when he strangled her with the scarf in a fit of rage. He now swears he was not planning to kill her. Ciara wants Ben freed. Marlena warns the warden if he does not intervene, he will not be blameless … Back at the mansion Sonny notes no news is good news. Will asks if he is alright, given the guy he trusted turned out to be a killer. Sonny sighs first Leo and then Evan the villain. He should not have fallen for his roses and baked goods. Will insists he is not to blame. Besides Rafe is probably finding the felon now …

Xander updates Victor on Raynor returning even though Victor gave her big money and they had a deal. Victor makes snide remarks about Kristen mourning the loss she never had and decides tis time to remove the doctor from the equation … Nicole offers to help Raynor if Xander was giving her a hard time. Pause. Nicole knows he is a blackmailer and heard her say there was a secret. Raynor fibs he wanted her to keep his request for an update on the baby secret and steps away. Nicole gets more suspicious by the Salem second … Marlena exclaims Ben is innocent and this man is not! Ciara exclaims this is his gun. The warden notes there is no proof. Marlena argues this is enough to reopen the investigation and he agrees. Ben is spared … Ciara gives the guard the gun. Maddox turns to take off but raging Rafe arrives, demanding David’s whereabouts. Ciara updates him on Evan’s very public confession. Rafe sends him to the squad car with his backup and then praises Ciara the hero. He hugs her and departs. Cara wipes the tears away and turns back to Ben …Kristen ends a call as Nicole approaches and grills her about Raynor. Kristen admits she was her baby’s doctor … Xander refuses to off anyone. Besides there would be an investigation. Victor, however, loathes loose ends …

Ciara believes Ben is going to be alright but his head rolls to the side. The executioner checks for a heartbeat … Nicole digests as Kristen sadly explains Raynor delivered her and Brady’s daughter and was present when she passed … Xander hauls Raynor into a room and warns her to promise to keep the secret … Rafe roughly cuffs Evan- aka Christian – to a chair at the station. He suggests he reveal where David is and adds he will be locked up a looooong time. Evan growls he will say nothing to him about HIS son. Rafe knows the boy is afraid of the dark and cannot sleep without his blanket. If Christian cares for his son he will let him know where he is. He needs to make sure he is alright. Evan insists he is in very good hands … Ciara screams to do something. Alas Ben’s heart has stopped. Adrenaline would have worked but it is too late. Marlena orders the executioner to give it to him. He does as Ciara sobs she cannot lose him … Stylish Maggie returns to Victor with a smile. The procedure with Mickey seems to have been a success. She realizes Victor loves her. Always. They hold hands … Kristen wonders why Nicole’s interest in Raynor. Nicole thought she was nervous. Kristen reasons running into her must have reminded her of Rachel. She cries and excuses herself … Raynor refuses to keep her silence so Xander warns her he is Tom Hanks compared to vicious Victor Kiriakis … Rafe orders Evan booked and storms off to search for David … Sonny ends a call from Justin’s office with good news about Ben … Ciara is grateful that Ben has a heartbeat now and begs him to come back to her. He opens his eyes. She thanks God and he whispers she saved him. Then they kiss and she holds onto him for dear life …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 4, 2020