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Episode 13,824
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady and Kristen dine at the bistro. He is cross she kept the Stefano secret from him. However, he wants them to stay together soooo … She smiles no more lies. They wonder how things will go for Mickey. Kristen gets emotional … At the hospital Sarah, Xander, Nicole and Eric are anxiously awaiting Gabi, who is late. Sarah stresses … At the chaotic Kiriakis mansion Ciara and Will explain the evidence to Sonny. The DNA proves Evan offed Jordan. Will adds the jig is up. Evan now turns his gun on Will … Marlena protests Ben’s execution until the new evidence … At the square a woman runs into Brady and Kristen with her coffee. Tis Dr. Raynor, who gets nervous when Kristen brings up the nice card she sent. The good doctor flashes back to that fateful night intimidating Xander made her make a deal. Sarah could never know her dead baby had been switched with Kristen and Brady’s live one … Gabi waltzes in wearing a red outfit, late due to traffic, ready to get started … Angry Evan wants new money for his new life. Sonny offers to go to the safe but Ciara stops him. If Evan flees, Ben will perish … Ben has been injected and imagines Ciara refusing to let him go. Alas he cannot reach her hand …

Nicole doubts Gabi is doing this out of goodness. Gabi snaps back and wants to get started … Brady hopes Dr. Raynor does not feel responsible for their loss of their daughter and thanks her for what she did. She flashes back to Xander’s offer of big money, his threat. She comes back to the now and excuses herself in a hurry … Marlena argues with the warden, who suggests she stop … Ben flashes back to finding Ciara and saving her from the roadside in the blue darkness outside Salem. He carried her to the cabin. She promises she will save him back … Ciara blasts Evan and urges him to confess. Sonny worries Ciara will be harmed. Evan gets madder. Will urges him to do right by his son, confess and save an innocent man. Evan loses it and threatens to blow Will away … Haughty Gabi goes with Sarah. Eric must make a call. Nicole is left with Xander and wonders why he and Victor were acting like the match would be Theresa or Tate … Kristen deduces the doctor did not like seeing them. Brady consoles her with a hug … Gabi gets in her hospital bed worrying about side effects or complications. Sarah sarcastically suggests she return to the slammer. Eric arrives with coffees and his calm demeanor … Marlena tells Ben to hold on. Ciara and company will bring back proof he is innocent … Ben remembers how he found true love with Ciara and kissed her, refusing to give up. He mutters I love you …

Sonny warns Evan shooting someone will make things worse. Evan screams everything was good until Will came back. Will and Ciara worriedly ask where David is. Safe, says he but he rages his perfect romance was ruined when Will returned. Will runs at him with a tackle. BANG … Brady and Kristen’s heartfelt hug ends and he kisses her. Kristen marvels Mickey has a chance and asks to accompany him to the hospital to pray at the chapel … Gabi explains she too is a mom, hence her motivation. Sarah is sorry and is grateful… Eric excuses their stress of late. Livid Gabi now mentions Maggie being to blame for her daughter’s dad being locked up. Before the situation can worsen Dr. Raynor enters … Ben cannot see Ciara. Marlena assures him she will return. He remembers warning Ciara he was unworthy and suggesting they end things. Marlena calls Abe with an update. The governor did not give the stay. Will and Ciara went to confront the killer and she is worried … Will is down! Sonny rushes to his side. Ciara grabs the gun and orders fallen Evan to freeze or she shoots. She means it too …

Raynor is ready. Sarah and Eric feel fortunate. They thank Gabi again and go. Gabi hopes it will not hurt. Raynor gets the needle. It will be over soon. Gabi gulps … Xander tries to deny he and Victor were anxious for Tate to be tested. He merely wanted a match for his daughta. Nicole quips he has no daughter … Sonny helps Will, who was not shot as the bullet went into the wall. Sonny fears he could have a concussion. He sits him on an armchair and wants to get medical help. Ciara orders Evan to come with her. She gets the gun on his back and marches him out … Ben is about to be numbed by the next injection. His heart is going to stop. Marlena woefully watches. The apparition of Ciara is still there as well … Nicole reminds Xander that Mickey is Eric’s child. He reminds her she was involved in their original lie. Furthermore he feels he is the fatha! Eric and Sarah emerge in their scrubs, having overheard …

Kristen and Brady are looking for Eric. Groggy Gabi complains about her pain. Brady is sorry and starts to go but Kristen has something to say … Eric acts understanding as Xander acts like he regrets his words. Sarah points out the procedure was started. Nicole goes to get the gang food and drink. Sarah and Eric step away to sign hospital forms. Suited Xander prays to God. He would make any deal if he let Mickey live. Dr. Raynor happens by and he falls back into his bad guy behavior, growling wot the hell is she doing here … Will wants to speak to the police before any ER. Sonny blames himself for Evan aka Christian Maddox. Will reasons even Rafe was duped. They joke Sonny sure knows how to pick 'em … Ben feels frozen all over. Marlena urges him to breathe … His romance with Ciara continues in his mind. He gave her a guardian belt for good luck. Two became one. Marlena blinks back the tears as he struggles to breathe … Gabi gets mad at Kristen, who is pleased she is in pain. Brady stands by in silent support as Kristen accuses her of only saving herself with a deal. She would love to attack her but God would not approve. Gabi too believed in prayer but where was God when she was unfairly imprisoned, not to mention when Kristen’s baby died … Eric consoles scared Sarah with a hug … Xander reminds Raynor she was to remain in the Dominican Republic! She replies her patients needed her including Mickey. She is not sure she can live with the secret. Nicole appears and wonders what she interrupted … Sonny and Will are waiting for word … The prison alarm sounds due to a security breach. Cowgirl Ciara bursts in holding a gun to Evan and gasps to stop the execution! A couple of guards, guns drawn, are there to stop her. Ben is still breathing …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 3, 2020