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Episode 13,823
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


After Rolf goes for captive Kayla’s water … She stands up but Stefano arrives before she can bolt … At the pub Roman ends an angry call about his missing sister. The Salem PD know Stefano has Kayla! Hattie believes Stefano Steve will not harm Kayla but Roman knows Stefano better … At the hospital John is stunned when Justin states Steve has Kayla … At the Kiriakis mansion dumped Evan gets a gun on stunned Sonny … Ciara cannot get through to the warden and argues they are about to off the wrong man. Jordan’s murderer was Evan the nanny! She is cut off and races away to interrupt the execution of the innocent man she loves … The warden greets Marlena, who came cos she cares. He notes the lawyer was a no-show. Ben is taken behind the window. Marlena assures him she is here. Enter Will, who says the same thing. Ben has tears in his tormented eyes … Stefano cannot let captive Kayla go but is impressed Justin agreed to cooperate. Kayla is cross. He hopes Justin comes through cos he has had enough … Back at the pub Hattie argues Stefano Steve could not even hurt her. Roman drawls she has street smarts and is glad she is on his side. Always. He kisses her cheek … Rolf has retied Kayla and apologizes to Sir Stefano. Kayla scoffs he is a madman not a real doctor. She now finds out Stefano wants Marlena again not just money and scoffs Marlena loves only John … John is incensed as Justin updates him on Stefano Steve demanding more than money. Marlena is his second demand … Evan is sorry. He wanted Sonny’s attention. Sonny argues Will was the love of his life … but Evan has a big problem and wants his help … Marlena hugs Will, impressed he is here for Ben. He praises Ben for being there for him. Man in white Ben is strapped down and starts to sweat …

Roman did not mean to make Hattie uneasy. She reminds him of his first cheek kiss and seeks the meaning since she harbors strong feelings. Do they have a future? … Kayla calls Stefano delusional but he is counting on his trade and is counting on Justin being just as ruthless as Victor. He will get him Marlena … Good guy Justin has the full support of John, who has a plan … Ben is raised to an upright position. Ciara runs in hyperventilating they have DNA evidence that puts the real killer at the crime scene. She tells Ben she found David’s father. Thank God! Ciara updates the warden and Marlena on Christian Maddox, aka Evan. Will gets worried … Evan sighs he was fired by Rafe. Sonny assumes it was about his gun. Evan admits there was something in his history Rafe discovered. Sonny is flabbergasted to find out he is not Evan Freers, he is really David’s dad … Roman calls his kiss a sign of his appreciation. Hattie smiles the second one felt like something. She is still crazy for him. Justin and John interrupt … Kayla defiantly declares Marlena would never love Stefano unless Rolf gave her a whole personality transplant. Rolf likes the sound of that … Will is horrified. Sonny was seeing Evan! Ciara explains he is David’s father. The warden would need a stay from the governor. Will argues. Marlena and Will now hear from Ciara that Evan fled with David and Rafe put out an APB. Will exclaims he just left him with Sonny … Sonny understands Evan loves David like a son. Evan – or rather Maddox – reveals he and Jordan had a child together and David is his. Sonny soap stares to the max …

Justin and John discuss the drama with Hattie and Roman. Hattie wants to help. Justin and John are grateful but Roman interrupts. Stefano almost offed her the last time. He does not want her back in the lion’s den … Stefano wants Marlena to want him for real and refuses to be with a robot. Rolf reasons Marlena has resisted before but he could make her receptive. Stefano considers … Sonny cannot believe Evan slept with Jordan. She was his bad romance out west. He likes both men and women and was drawn to Jordan. Sonny snaps she almost offed Ciara and Ben. Evan soon found out how crazy she was. Sonny glances at his gun and wonders what he did then. Meanwhile Will frantically tries to phone Sonny. No answer. Marlena stays to keep Ben alive. Ciara swears she will be back. Ben loves her and thanks her. She loves him right back and takes off with Will …

Justin feels out of options. Hawkish John reasons they are running out of time. Roman protests Hattie’s involvement but she argues she has street smarts. Roman acts protective. She wants to help, however … Marlena urges the warden to wait as there is new evidence and wants to call the governor, The warden orders the prison doctor to proceed. Ben cries no and she calls Abe, as he knows the governor … As it turns on Evan only found out they had a baby after he saw Jordan’s baby picture posts on social media . The date of birth made him believe he was the dad. He traced her to Salem. Sonny wonders why the secrecy. He has a criminal record so he would not have gotten custody. Sonny sighs everything was a lie but Evan believes what he had with Sonny was perfect. He now needs money to leave Salem with his son. Sonny worriedly wonders where David is right now …

Hattie assures Roman she will make it. Roman warns the phoenix will be onto them again. John notes they would have a window of opportunity. Justin notes they are out of options. Ring ring! Justin puts Stefano Steve on speaker phone. Justin explains he approached Marlena. Stefano explains he will only let Kayla leave if Marlena agrees to go with him … Evan refuses to reveal David’s whereabouts. Sonny acts sympathetic and urges Evan to return David, explain himself to Rafe and the authorities. Evan wants money. Ciara and Will burst in with big news. Evan raises his gun. Sonny already knows he is Maddox. Ciara adds he murdered Jordan … Marlena ends a call with Abe, who agreed to call the governor. The warden goes by the book and orders the doctor to begin. Ben hyperventilates as he hears the final injection will make stop his heart stop beating … Kayla shouts Justin should not agree. Hattie jumps in on the call, claiming to be Marlena and asks Stefano not to harm her friend. She agrees to the trade … Sonny is horrified to hear the DNA of David’s deadly dad was found on Jordan’s body. Evan exclaims she stole his son from him. Will warns him it is over. Evan raises his gun and warns what he is capable of … The governor calls the warden. Alas without new proof they proceed as scheduled. Marlena gasps no! Ben, it seems, is sunk …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 2, 2020