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Episode 13,822
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Justin demands Stefano make good on his promise. Stefano points out he has the power … Kayla is tied to a chair. Enter Rolf with greetings … John and Marlena discuss the Maggie drama at her office. The blonde believes Will and Sonny might make it … Sonny smiles it feels like a dream. Will assures him tis no dream, he is free and home at last … Rafe suspects Evan has a fake name cos he has a criminal record and rages his lies stop here and now … Phone Ben is amazed Ciara discovered the name of Jordan’s killer. The DNA matched killer Christian Maddox … Stefano wants more than money. Justin suggests he just take his money. The King wants his queen … Working woman Marlena cannot have lunch with honey John as she was invited to attend Ben’s last moments. John wonders … Ben sighs he has but a few hours. However, Ciara is the daughter of the legendary Bo Brady. She vows to beat the executioner … Evan admits he lied but he was in a hard spot … Will tells Sonny the whole story as they hold hands on the sofa. He asks about Maggie so Sonny fills him in on the clan supporting Sarah at the hospital. Gabi is Mickey’s bone marrow match. Victor’s stress level is a concern so he is having tests. Will hope he gets better. Sonny praises Will’s sweet selflessness. Hubby laughs he is no angel but Sonny thinks he is and asks for forgiveness … Clyde has gotten permission for a last word with Ben. He asks to keep him company … Furious Rafe folds his arms and waits. Evan alludes to youthful mistakes that made it hard to get a student loan. Rafe wonders why he chose to work with kids. Cos he is good with them. Rafe snaps to get his stuff and get lost. Evan hangs his head and goes into his room to pack …

Kayla wonders what Rolf wants. Stefano wants him to make sure she is cooperating. Kayla still does not believe Stefano is in her Steve. Rolf gets a glass of red wine and makes a remark about her relationship with Justin. As one doctor to another, she asks for an explanation. Meanwhile she tries to untie her hands behind her back … Justin suggests Stefano accept Marlena will never happen for him. He orders him to convince her to come to him or else. And he keeps the ten million too. Justin exclaims he has to see Kayla first – or no deal … Will smiles there is nothing to forgive. He was the one who asked Sonny to stop visiting and he was the one who wanted to end things. Sonny is relieved he was not responsible for Adrienne. Will gets emotional and they kiss in bliss … Stefano calls Rolf to put Kayla on the phone but watch her. Rolf holds the phone and Justin speaks to sweetheart … Ben is glad that Clyde came. They sit at a table. Clyde wonders why the hell he gave himself up. To spare Ciara the wrath of the D.A. She is working to get him out as they speak. Clyde counters he got him out already. Here comes the last supper … Ciara comes to Rafe’s place. The DNA on Jordan belonged to David’s father! They have to find him! Rafe reels when she reveals his name is Christian Maddox. That is David’s nanny and he is with him right now … Ben eats with Clyde, who has pizza, and updates papa on Ciara having a lead, hence her absence. He wants no loved ones to see what happens. Clyde wants to believe in a miracle for his son. After all, Will Horton got one …

Sonny and Will are happy to be together again. Sonny smiles the future is theirs and suggests they rip up the divorce papers. Will wonders about Evan. Sonny reminds Will HE is the only love of his life. He is going to break it off with Evan. His handsome hubby is the only man for him forever … Rafe calls to report a kidnapping. Evan has disappeared with David … Justin grabs the phone from Stefano. Kayla assures him she is alright. He promises he paid the ransom so she will be released. Stefano makes him end the call … Rafe is a wreck that Maddox has his son! Ciara hears how the commiss confronted and fired him for lying about his identity. He believes David’s bio dad will be good to him. Ciara too but they have to find him before it’s too late for Ben … Clyde confesses to regrets about being a bad father and stepfather. Ben understands he did his best and tried to make up for things like when he busted him out. Clyde cries he would trade places with him now if he could. He loves his boy. Ben already knew that. The gruff guard tells them time is up and crying Clyde is led away. Ben is now alone …

Will wants to have an ice cream celebration with Ari. As soon as school is over, says Sonny, who flirts they can go upstairs. Will must attend Ben’s sad farewell at Statesville. They are now friends. Sonny understands. Will stands to go. Enter Evan. … Justin will see Kayla soon and reminds her he loves her. She asks him to be careful but someone ends the call. Stefano thunders to go get him his queen … Marlena arrives and assures Ben she is staying. He has made peace with the end already. He praises her for believing in him. However, he lived with the guilt of what he had done daily. He caused countless pain and reasons if this is the end, he deserves it … Sonny introduces Will and Evan. Will politely leaves so the two can talk. Evan deduces they decided to get back together … Kayla asks Rolf to reveal how Steve thinks he is Stefano. Rolf the distiller declares he transferred the total essence of the phoenix to a microchip he implanted into Steve’s brain. Kayla is curious if it can be reversed. The mad scientist with the massive ego boasts he is revolutionary. Kayla would be honored to see his notes. He excitedly opens his little black book as she feigns interest …

Kayla asks for a glass of water. Rolf steps out. She stands up, free of the ropes, but Stefano enters and stops her … Rafe takes off to the station, promising to keep Ciara posted. She makes a frantic call and demands to speak to the warden since Ben is innocent and she has found the real killer … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny is sorry but he and Will are back together. Evan pulls a gun on him and sneers he too is sorry … Justin runs into John at the hospital, desperate to find Marlena. John perceives he is perturbed. Marlena is at Statesville for Ben … Ben emotionally thanks Marlena for being a friend. She believes in second chances. He asks her to tell Ciara he loves her one last time and tell her to move on. Marlena pats his arm. The guard comes in. Tis time to go …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 28, 2020