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Episode 13,821
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben calls Ciara, sadly scheduled to have his needle in a few hours. She exclaims the DNA proves David’s father was at Jordan’s crime scene… Evan congratulates Rafe on Gabi’s release. Rafe suspects mail is missing … Xander rushes to Sarah at the hospital. The preparations are being made for Mickey. They are grateful for Gabi but he gasps they must also discuss … Justin has arranged the transfer to Stefano’s account. He curses the phoenix. Knock knock! Tis Maggie … Phone Chad admits to Abigail he has been having strange dreams. He adds he has not heard from father who now looks like Steve and seems to have Kayla. Alas he did not contact him. Stefano appears behind him, dressed in black with a blood red tie … Rafe has not heard back about the adoption. Evan offers to check recycling. Rafe will call child welfare and goes to work. Evan’s face falls … Ciara updates Ben on the DNA of David’s father being tested by Rafe’s FBI contact. Ben sighs so many ifs …Chad ends his call and steps away, unaware Stefano was behind him at the secret entrance of the bookcase. The phoenix flashes back to drugging him and disappears behind the bookcase. Gabi comes in to gloat about her freedom, still wearing her wedding dress …

Sonny comes to see Evan but has no time for donuts. It was Maggie not Will who caused Adrienne’s accident! Will is innocent! Evan frowns … Ciara senses they are close and tells Ben to call her as often as he wants, she will have her cell. He sadly states he loves her. She loves him more. Until later! Ben sighs like a dead man walking and then runs into Will. He is happy to hear Maggie remembered. Will remains worried … Sarah wants to get her mother out on bail. Having heard the whole story from Xander, she is peeved. He points out he protected her mum! He felt Maggie was too fragile hence his and Victa’s lies. They both feared she would not survive the slammer or her conscience … Justin tells Maggie tis not a good time. Maggie, now out on bail, agrees she deserves nothing. However, she must tell Justin … Chad accuses Gabi of using a child to get out of jail. She boasts she is changing a life and saving herself for her daughter. It is but a procedure. Chad warns it could go wrong and orders her out. She hisses this is her house so she stays …

Maggie laments not knowing until yesterday. Justin growls it is not going to bring back Adrienne. She breaks down and apologizes … Ciara finds Rafe at the station. It might take a while for his contact to complete the DNA database search. She gasps Ben has only hours left. Rafe gets a call … Will is overwhelmed. Ben believes he is worthy of his freedom. Will wishes the same for him. Ben believes his day will end in a box. Will gives him a pep talk. Ben tells him of Ciara’s tenacity and asks a favor. To help him fill out his request form for his last supper … Gabi wants champagne. Stefano sneaks a peek at the heated exchange between his son and the siren, who states this is still her house since she is Stefan’s widow. Chad suddenly has a headache and goes to get aspirin, quipping the queen of the manor ought to enjoy herself. Reposing Gabi on the sofa gets a start when Stefano Steve appears before her, his eyes cold as ice … Rafe receives a call about the letter he never acknowledged. Ciara wonders. He scowls the adoption hit a snag … Evan digests Will being innocent and wonders what it means to his relationship with Sonny. Sonny sadly states they were only going to divorce as Will offed his mom. But it was inaccurate information … Maggie plans to plead guilty but Justin doubts Victor will let it happen. Maggie regrets the heartbreak she caused Sonny and also wishes to apologize to Kayla. Justin snaps she is not here and ushers her out …

Stefano greets Gabrielle, who greets Stevano and starts to call the cops but he stops her. He quips the exploding pacemaker was right up his alley. She talks back. She forgives him for spooking her and suggests they make a deal … Ben remembers his and Ciara’s first date with Chinese food. Will believes in miracles. Ben believes there might be no miracle for him and asks him to look out for his brave stubborn Ciara, the reckless motorbike driver. Will agrees … Rafe realizes the two letters he did not receive were intercepted by Evan! Ciara can stay and take the call from the FBI … Xander argues he kept Maggie happy as well as Sarah since Maggie had so many days with her granddaughta. He has no regrets … Stefano is not taken in by Gabi’s sass that worked on his late son. She insists she loved him! Stefano scoffs. She plays the family card but when she criticizes Kristen he thunders enough! She gets nothing of his! She argues he is only an essence. He growls not to cross him if she values her life and leaves the same way he came, through the secret passage behind the bookcase …

Chad returns to Gabi, who wonders if that was even Stefano and muses he missed his father ... Stefano arrives at anxious Justin’s condo. Justin has the ten million but he gets none until he has Kayla back … Sarah cries and begs Xander to never lie again. He agrees. She asks about his and Victor’s legal situation. He just worries Victa could not survive Maggie behind bars. She cannot believe her mom killed Adrienne. Maggie appears and asks for forgiveness … Ciara gets the call … Torn Sonny just wanted to tell Evan. Rafe arrives. Sonny asks about Will’s release. Rafe politely assures him he will get him his answers but first he must discuss something with Evan. Sonny gets it and goes. Rafe confronts Evan about the two missing letters from child welfare. Evan acts innocent. Rafe reminds him he is a cop and demands to know what he is hiding. Nothing, says he. Rafe reveals he knows he changed his name … Chad wonders why Gabi did not call the police. She complains Stefano seemed to want the company for himself and points in the direction of where he went. Once alone, Chad opens the secret door and finds an envelope with the phoenix ring. The note promises a plan to the prodigal son … Stefano suddenly requires something in addition to Justin’s money … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny hears the front door close and finds himself face to face with Will. They smile with stars in their eyes … Ciara calls Ben. They have proof David’s father was at the scene of Jordan’s crime and they know his name … Rafe knows not why Evan changed his name but he knows he used to be Christian Maddox. Meanwhile Ciara informs Ben that the name of David’s father is Christian Maddox ... Danger danger!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 27, 2020