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Episode 13,820
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani wonders why Eli came. Cos he got clarification from his mom and grandmother. He realizes Gabi was the real villain … Sarah is losing it. Eric suggests they seek a new donor. Too late … Phone Justin asks Chad if he has heard from Stefano. Not lately. Justin is sick with worry. Rafe is on the case but Kayla is still missing. After the call, Stefano Steve drops by in a long black coat … At the Kiriakis mansion Victor claims Sonny misheard. Sonny reminds them all Will drove Adrienne off the road … Eric assures stressed Sarah he has an idea … Xander agrees it was Will but Sonny is baffled Vic said it was Maggie. Xander lies Maggie feels badly as she was supposed to drive Sarah. Sonny assures her she has nothing to feel bad about but the redhead announces Will is innocent! Furthermore, she killed Adrienne. Victor cannot stop her … Justin grabs Stefano demanding Kayla! Stefano suggests he let go of his collar or else. Now he offers to negotiate … Kayla for … Gabi gets a visit from Chad, who bears a celebratory cupcake. He taunts as he tells her the board has removed her as DiMera CEO … Abe is on the phone trying to get an update on the D.A.’s deal. Eric and Sarah approach and explain … Sonny notes Maggie was not near the crash. She blacked out after the booze but remembers waking up on the roadside in her black car. Will believed he was to blame but the real driver was her! She whimpers. Sonny digests …

Justin demands proof so Stefano shows him a photo of Kayla with the day’s paper. He growls if he hurts her … Stefano smoothly states she is useful alive and seeks ten million dollars … Chad continues to taunt Gabi for making a mess of things herself at her almost marriage. She warns she could get out today! Chad reminds her there were witnesses. She smugly updates him on being Mickey’s match … Abe is appalled by Gabi’s demand of Eric and Sarah. Sarah implores the mayor to appeal to the D.A. Abe hesitates given what Gabi did to his daughter … Eli assures Lani he was really rebounding with Gabi. He was in denial due to his pride. He never wants to lose Lani again and gives her a sweet kiss … Sonny snaps. Will was in prison all this time and they drew up divorce papers. He has to tell him! Victor notes he already knows and agreed to stay silent about Maggie being the real driver. Sonny looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Eli is sorry he took so long to come around. Lani believes God answered her prayers. They kiss again … Sarah argues without Gabi their baby will not make it. What would Abe do if it was his daughter? … Justin quips Stefano needs no Kiriakis money. Stefano sighs he looks like Steve and his kids have been uncooperative. Justin is no billionaire. Stefano reminds him Victor is … Sonny is stunned Will was willing to stay in the slammer, then realizes Victor spoke to Will before Maggie remembered. He demands to know whether he was aware Will was innocent all this time. Xander comes clean about finding Maggie and their decision to cover up for her. Sonny explodes at Victor for his looooooong betrayal of Will as well as him. It crushed his heart and his and Will’s life! He rages at Maggie for killing his mother. She should have remembered Daniel before she drunk drove! She drove her daughter off the road and killed his mom! She is lucky she did not also kill her daughter and granddaughter. Maggie whimpers. Xander looks away, aware her own granddaughter did lose her little life …

Abe will speak to the D.A. Sarah and Eric are eternally grateful. Abe warns this D.A. is difficult. Sarah suggests he replace him. Abe talks ethics but Sarah cares only about Mickey. Abe considers … Chad calls Gabi cruel for using Mickey’s life as a bargaining chip. She suggests he be less sanctimonious and thank Abigail who made her get tested. Chad warns she will be shunned in Salem and left with nothing. She quips she can bounce back … Eli praises wise women Julie and Val for making him see the light. He smiles about his old place. Lani still has her memories. He suggests they make new ones, kisses her and carries her to the bed … Justin scoffs Victor would never pay off an enemy. Stefano knows he would for Justin and goads him about how Steve was really on his way home to Kayla when his men intercepted him. He feels he did Justin a favor by keeping Steve out of the picture. Kayla would never stop trying to get her Steve back. Justin would support her and now attempts to appeal to Steve. He urges him to fight for his family. Stefano laughs and applauds. Kayla tried the same thing, also without success for Steve is gone forever. He threatens Kayla’s life and warns him to get the money without making the fatal mistake of contacting the cops. Stefano now sweeps out …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor implores Sonny to lay off Maggie for it was an accident. Sonny gets it. However, Victor and Xander let innocent Will take the fall. They have to get him out! Victor snaps she would go to prison. Maggie sides with Sonny and weeps she wishes she had lost her life. She wants to try and make this up to Sonny … Chad eats the cupcake and warns Gabi the board would never take her back. She quips there is no other choice as Kristen has a bad reputation, Stefano is nowhere to be seen, and Chad took questionable orders from someone who looks like Steve soooo … Chad vows to stop her from getting near DiMera ever again … Eric suggests Sarah keep the faith. She should focus on the match. Abe returns. They both wait with bated breath …Eli holds Lani in bed and admits one regret. That he never told her he loves her. She loves him right back and they passionately kiss … Solemn Abe steps into Gabi’s room. He lectures her and leers she deserves life behind bars. But she gets her devil’s bargain. She thanks him. He warns Eli is back with Lani so she has lost him forever. Meanwhile Eric and Sarah are over the moon. They stop and soap stare when Maggie marches in with Xander announcing she is turning herself in … Sonny holds his last picture with Adrienne and Will as he weeps it was not Will’s fault. Justin comes looking for Victor. Sonny bears big news … Unsuspecting Chad hangs Stefano’s real portrait on his DiMera wall, takes a drink and walks out of the room, wishing he had shared his plans ... Stefano Steve slips in from the secret passage, flashes back to drugging his son’s drink and declares he is about to have it all. Ooooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 26, 2020