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Episode 13,819
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani ends a call with JJ, thankful he let her stay at his place. Here comes Abe, livid she lied to him for a whole year … At the club Val remarks Eli is not eating. Who can blame him – he was fooled for a whole year … Gabi plays hard ball. Her bone marrow for the baby if she gets her freedom. Eric is appalled. She plans to save herself and Mickey … At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie announces to Victor and Xander she remembers everything! She was driving. Xander looks at Victor who looks like he is sunk. He claims she is confused. She knows she was on the side of the road when Xander found her and screams they lied … Abe forgives Lani for leaving Salem but his daughter never reached out to dad for help … Pretty Val points out to downtrodden Eli that he is proud … Sonny drops by to see Evan, who wonders what is the matter. It is Gabi … Eric argues their daughter could lose her life without Gabi’s help. She argues she also has a daughter. Sarah screams about her blackmail. Gabi wants win win – or no deal … Lani stayed away so Julie would be safe. Now the world sees Gabi for the witch she is … Val informs her son he is no expert on women when he is in love. He admits he ignored Gabi’s self-serving history … Gabi boasts she saved Julie’s life before. Exasperated Eric reminds her she then tried to off her. Not so saintly … Evan already read about Gabi’s arrest. News travels fast in Salem. Sonny sighs Gabi is complex. She is pleading guilty which means the slammer. Sonny will be Ari’s only parent on the outside … Victor lies Maggie did not leave the house. Maggie remembers telling Xander that Adrienne had driven Sarah to hospital. She also knows she drank from the bottle that was in the car, hence her inebriated state and subsequent memory lapses. Victor frowns …

Eli sighs Gabi has a long list of misdeeds. Val believes he is blameless for being hoodwinked and suggests he go to Lani. He thinks tis too late. Julie arrives and disagrees … Abe updates Lani on the D.A.’s ten-year deal to Gabi. Lani is just relieved it is over. Abe tells her tis time for her and Eli to be together … Gabi regrets letting Julie have Stefan’s heart. Eric has to hold back raging Sarah, who snaps she could wring her neck … Sonny wonders how to deal with a child’s mom not being in the picture. Evan shows him a scrapbook Rafe asked him to make of Jordan for David so one day he can remember her …Xander declares Maggie was dreaming. Victor notes she was home that night. Maggie appeals to Xander for the truth. Was she the one who caused Sarah’s accident? Victor insists it was Will who caused Adrienne’s death. Maggie now remembers Xander calling him to come and get her. She calls them out on their conspiracy and begs her husband to tell her if she killed Adrienne. Xander agrees to reveal all …Evan acts sad for David that he lost his mother. Sonny is impressed. David adds he is also here for Arianna … Gabi gets Sarah’s pain as a mother so why not understand hers? Sarah calls her a beech. Gabi pouts her daughter would be without two parents. She will let Mickey have her marrow only after they get her out …

Val teases Eli is hungover. Julie wants him to wake up! He is rid of the she devil DiMera widow and should return to Lani. She proved how much she loved him … Abe wants Lani to get back together with Eli. Lani admits she left him out of love but a year has passed. Maybe that love is gone … Sonny thanks Evan and starts to say he remembers one time with Will, then stops. Evan asks about the status of the divorce … Xander insists Maggie is still innocent but she is suspicious he hid the fact that she was on the road that night. Xander argues she only came after Will … Victor adds Will would not admit to offing Sonny’s mother if it was not true … Evan hopes Will gets his divorce papers back soon. He is anxious for the divorce to be finalized … Lani believes Eli might still harbor feelings for Gabi … Eli complains Lani lied to him. Julie calls her a hero and suggests he give her a break, though Gabi has big payback coming … Gabi tells Eric and Sarah that it is the tough talking D.A. who holds Mickey’s life in his hands for he has the power to set her free …

Abe blames Gabi for everything and wants to go talk some sense into Eli. Lani wishes he would stay out of it and give Eli time. He agrees and hugs his sweet daughter. He will update her on whether Gabi accepts the plea deal and makes her promise next time she has a problem she will come to him. They exchange I love yous and the mayor departs … Eli reminds Julie he had a year long romance with Gabi. Julie reminds him it was not real. Both she and Val believe he should go to Lani sooner rather than later … Back at the station, Sarah rants about Gabi. Eric smoothly suggests they focus on saving Mickey. Gabi watches them through the window and waits … Sonny informs Evan he might not be ready to move on but he loves seeing him. Evan accepts that and agrees to see him tomorrow. Sonny kisses him and heads out. Evan now reads a second letter Rafe has been sent regarding his imperfect background check and sighs …Back at the Kiriakis mansion Maggie realizes Will did not remember crossing the lane, he just assumed he had. His car was grey but Sarah saw a black car like the one Maggie was driving. She weeps to tell her it was just a dream and sobs like a wounded animal, horrified by the realization that she was responsible for Adrienne. Xander and Victor soap stare …

Lani stands alone in her pretty red and white polka dot dress, reliving her last kiss with Eli. Eli arrives at her door and their eyes lock … Red wine Julie and Val drink to true love and to justice. Abe joins the ladies with news. Gabi turned down a plea deal with the D.A. and he senses she is up to something … Eric comes back from his conversation with the D.A. He sadly informs Sarah he refused to Gabi’s terms and they hold each other close … Evasive Evan calls a contact for help cos he is in trouble … Ominous music plays as Maggie weeps Victor and Xander sent innocent Will to the slammer. They stun her with the news that Will only recently found out it was not him and agreed to spare her. Victor concludes no one needs to know she really killed Adrienne. Sonny walks in and cannot believe what he is hearing … BOOM!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 25, 2020