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Episode 13,818
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben tries to save Ciara from arrest … Gabi sighs to Sonny she seems to have no choice but accept the ten year deal. She breaks down about Ari and he hugs her … Victor implores Will to spare Maggie from the truth and offers him the world. Will warns she might remember regardless … At the hospital as Sarah and Eric head off for the appointment Xander and Maggie marvel about the match. She suddenly remembers Will wondering how she could be sure she did not get behind the wheel - without her memory. Xander asks if she is alright and she flashes back to him saying the same thing that fateful night … Sarah and Eric are stunned by the name of Mickey’s match … The D.A. hears from Ben that he made Ciara help him but she denies it. The D.A. snaps execution is scheduled …Victor reasons lives would be ruined if it came out that Maggie had caused Adrienne’s death. Will argues he has a daughter and Sonny is divorcing him for killing his mother, which he did not do! Victor needs time to do something and urges him to stay silent. Will warns him to hurry but for now he says nothing to no one … Maggie has déjà vu with Xander, who now gets her water. She flashes back to him finding her in the car she crashed and confronts him. She even remembers how he asked where Sarah was … Sonny assures Gabi he will look after Arianna. She wishes she could fight. Sonny suspects ten years is the best possible deal. He promises to bring Arianna to see her. Gabi cries she messed up big time …

Rafe has to take Ben to a van that will drive him back to Statesville. Ciara begs for a moment alone. One minute. Ciara wishes he had not come back! Ben could not let them throw the book at her. Life without her is not worth living. She vows to find David’s father and fight. One last kiss goodbye and Rafe roughly hauls him off … Maggie wants to know if her memory was a dream or was it real … Sarah and Eric return. Xander ask who the match was. No one expected … Xander and Maggie are later back at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander thinks all is well as at least they have a match for Mickey. He asks the redhead about her dream. She excuses herself to check on Mickey again and he tells her to lie down … Xander finds Victor in his favorite living room armchair and asks about Ciara. She told Will everything but Victor got to him before he could tell Maggie. Xander hopes he will keep his silence. Victor repeats everything he said and believes that’s it. Xander doubts it is so simple … Maggie sees Sarah’s picture and picks it up. The nightmare continues in her mind. Oddly Xander found her asleep in her car … Will has his divorce papers and thinks aloud he has no reason not to sign. Here comes Ben, who teases talking to oneself is a sign of madness. He should know …

Gabi asks Sonny to get the D.A. They are both surprised when Sarah and Eric appear, announcing that Gabi is the only match for Mickey … Ben quips it is fish sticks night. Will wonders why he gave himself up. For Ciara … Rafe suggests Ciara be grateful the D.A. will not press charges against her. She cries and refuses to give up on the man she loves. Ben has one week and she begs Rafe to help. She suspects Jordan was offed by the baby’s father … Gabi is amazed she was a perfect match for Mickey. Sonny heads home to Ari. Eric and Sarah marvel she is the only one who could save their baby. Gabi gets to thinking … Xander updates Victor on Maggie’s mini memories. The tycoon thinks they were triggered by Will … Maggie shivers in her bed as she remembers Xander blasting her for boozing when she was supposed to take Sarah to the hospital to give birth …

Will is shocked to hear Ciara knocked out Rafe. Ben finishes the story by stating he came back so she would not be charged by the D.A. Tis the end of the line for him but Ciara is not giving up. He updates Will on her having a theory on Jordan … Rafe insists the father of Jordan’s baby was not interested as per her and besides he was not in town the night of the murder. Only Ben and David’s DNA were on the body. Ciara remembers the way Bo did things and suggests the DNA might have been from David’s father … Gabi calmly claims she never said she would do it when Eric and Sarah start to excitedly plan …

Rafe notes the DNA could not have been identical. But the DNA of David’s dad – the other person present – could have been overlooked. He opens the case file … Ben updates Will on Jordan keeping the name of the father a secret though there were problems. He at least has some hope he will be found and now asks about Will. Alas Victor warned him the truth of what she had done would destroy Maggie. Ben insists he call Sonny and tell him. Will stammers he gave Victor his word for sweet Maggie. She could not handle it … Victor hopes Will listened. Sonny barges in demanding to know why he went to see him. To convince him to file the divorce papers. Xander sits in silence. Sonny has to speak to Ari about Gabi. Xander calls her a hero cos she is the match for Mickey. Exit Sonny …Victor sighs he loves Sonny but he must keep covering for Maggie … Maggie gasps she got drunk and had a blackout … Sarah sadly asks does Gabi not wish to save Mickey? The D.A. comes back. Mrs. DiMera tells him to take his deal and shove it … Will would rather focus on helping Ben and Ciara find David’s father. Ben sighs he could be a ghost … Rafe checks the CSI profile and Ciara is all ears. Rafe discovers slight differences in David’s DNA … Ciara gasps it could have been gotten from David’s father! All Rafe can offer is a longshot as he enters the DNA into the national database … The D.A. storms out. Gabi now announces to Eric and Sarah they must get rid of her charges in return for her bone marrow for Mickey … Will wishes he was at the paper so he could help Ciara but he too wants to protect Maggie. Ben argues Maggie would not approve of the lie. He believes Will should be with Sonny and his daughter … Victor sighs to Xander alas Sonny would never stay with the man who killed his mother. Enter Maggie, who ominously blurts out but Will did not do it, did he!!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 24, 2020