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Episode 13,817
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben and Ciara sadly kiss goodbye but Rafe is outside the door when she opens it! He raises his gun. Game over ... Gabi is cuffed to a chair in her wedding dress when Sonny solemnly arrives. She wants the DiMera lawyer to get her off. Stefano always got lucky. Sonny suspects she is looking at long time in the slammer. He rages at her, upset for Ari … Maggie is surprised Will asked to see her. He remembers Ciara saying the world needed to know the truth to set him free … Eric ends a call with Marlena. Nicole assures him there will be a match. He sighs a sibling would be the best chance but Mickey has none … In the Kiriakis living room Brady and Xander face off after his words with Victor. Kristen wants to go. Sarah announces there is a match for Mickey. Xander soap stares. Victor wonders who … Ciara begs Rafe for time. Ben is innocent and she will be able to prove it. Rafe remains stubborn … Will is sorry about Mickey and offers to be tested if there is no match. Maggie loves Mickey and thanks him. He replies they are family. The redhead is sorry she has stayed away but the stress of that night … Nicole hands Eric a picture Holly made of them together with Mickey. Eric is touched. Nicole has a good feeling … Sarah knows not the name and needs to call the hospital. Kristen and Brady know it was not them. Brady suddenly sighs it might have been Theresa or Tate and glances at Victor …

Sonny is upset about both Ari’s parents being behind bars and is appalled by Gabi’s actions. She felt Lani had to pay for Stefan but breaks down about losing her daughter. She feels it is unfair … Maggie admits to Will she was passed out drunk the night that Sarah needed her. Summer blamed her for her drinking, declared she was dying and left her with a bottle of vodka. Now she has no memory of that night but she was supposed to drive Sarah! Thank God she did not get behind the wheel. Will asks if she is sure about that … Back at Basic Black Nicole reads the card attached to her red and white roses and thanks Eric. This and the necklace are perfect. He promises her forever and they kiss. Ring ring! Sarah calls with the match news. The former father calls it a miracle … Brady warns Victor that Tate is a little boy still so anything must go through him. Xander notes that is enough. Cross Kristen and Brady leave. Xander assumes the match was Tate and worries how to keep the secret from Kristen and Brady that Mackenzie is their child. Victor glances so Xander turns around to see who is standing there. Tis Sarah …

Brady and Kristen return to Basic Black. He complains to Nicole about Victor going behind his back. Nicole is surprised since Tate was a longshot. Kristen thinks it makes no sense. Brady knows Victor always knows the odds. Something is off … Sarah has not overheard. She informs Victor and Xander she shared the news with Eric. Victor hopes she called Maggie. She is visiting Will who summoned her. Sarah goes to get Mickey. Xander growls Ciara got to Will and wants to see him. Victor orders him to the hospital with Sarah. He plans to see Will himself after Henderson drives him … Will patiently points out if Maggie has no memory of that night how can she be sure she did not drive? He remembers everything. Maggie is sorry for all he has lost and sweetly hopes he will have a second chance … Ben gets Rafe has no choice as a man of the Salem law. Ciara screams he is David’s uncle. Rafe rages he killed David’s mother. Ciara refuses to give up but Rafe proceeds to cuff him - until Ciara whacks him from behind with a baseball bat. Rafe goes down. Ciara screams at stunned Ben to start running …

Sarah and Xander wait with Mickey at the hospital. The plan is to get in touch with the match. If they agree, Mickey must endure more chemo. She sighs there could be complications but Xander makes her feel better. They are hugging when Eric arrives … Kristen learns from Nicole that she and Eric have reconciled. Brady steps away to take a call. Kristen wants an apology …Will admits he was looking down at his phone when they say he went into the other lane. Victor walks in and the Greek tycoon gives him a dark stare. Will stares right back … The D.A. comes to see Gabi, who is still with Sonny. She wants to have her lawyer here. He tells her the plea deal they worked out anyway – 10 long years in the slammer with no way out … Ben checks on unconscious Rafe. Ciara makes him go and promises they will be together as soon as she proves his innocence. Ben takes off. Rafe wakes up, accusing her of helping a fugitive escape and assaulting the commissioner. When she mentions Hope, Rafe realizes she does not know … The D.A. talks tough about Gabi trying to off Julie more than once and warns he would love to go to trial. The wedding guests were recording and she was caught on tape. A trial would mean a life sentence so this ten years is a gift. He taunts the clock is ticking and walks out. Gabi feels sunk … Victor wants to know why Will wanted to see his wife. Maggie explains he was offering to be tested for Mickey. Victor growls they got a match and she goes to Sarah. Alone with Will, he demands the real reason … Sarah smiles the prayers worked and steps away to change the baby’s diaper. Eric warns Xander he had better never cause harm to Sarah or his daughter or else … Kristen wants coffee drinking Nicole to apologize for her lie that she and Brady were an item. Nicole lists Kristen’s deceptions and doubts she is fragile. Kristen scoffs she saved her life. Nicole snaps then she tried to steal it back. Kristen cries she held her baby girl only once and wishes such pain on no one, not even Nicole. Brady comes back, confused about what Theresa just told him …

At the station Ciara is upset no one told her about Hope being in prison thinking she was someone else. Rafe snaps she was too busy harboring a fugitive. Here comes the D.A. … Gabi cannot bear ten years without her daughter. Sonny warns it could be worse and suggests she accept the deal … Maggie arrives as Sarah and Eric walk to their important appointment. Xander innocently asks about her meeting with Will. She remembers Will wondering whether she could be sure she did not drive. Xander asks if she is alright … Will updates Victor on Ciara’s news that he and Xander framed him. They knew Maggie was driving! Victor argues he had already confessed. How could Maggie handle knowing she killed her own … Will suspiciously waits for him to finish. Her own … clan cos Adrienne was like a daughter… Gabi announces she has made her decision … The D.A. declares he will prosecute Ciara for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Here comes Ben, arguing he is no fugitive … Victor offers Will the world. Maggie can never remember ... Maggie flashes back in a fog ... to Xander asking if she was alright … Brady solemnly states Theresa was no match. And Tate? … Sarah opens the envelope as Eric waits. She is shocked …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 21, 2020