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Episode 13,816
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen dreams she is in a foggy empty hospital. A baby cries. She runs toward Rachel but the bassinet is empty. She wakes up with a gasp in bed with Brady, who hears she could not find Rachel in her dream and hugs her … Sarah wakes up with a gasp. She tells shirtless Xander she dreamt Mackenzie died. He swears she is safe and asleep as he holds her close … Will is surprised Sonny is his visitor … Bang bang bang on the door! Ben gasps the cops as he and Ciara jump up from romantic reverie. She gasps to go out the window but tis just mad Chad, who gives Ben one hour before calling the cops … Maggie wheels grumbling Victor into the mansion. He is grateful she got him home but needs no wheelchair. She sternly reminds him to avoid any stress. Enter Rafe on official biz for the Salem PD … Sarah has checked on sleeping Mickey. She sighs to Xander she is stressed there is no match. Xander poignantly promises she will not lose her daughta … Kristen strongly feels Rachel is somewhere out there and needs her. Brady tenderly tells her the baby is not here but he is. She shows him the baby charm on her wrist. Brady sweetly suggests they focus on their future and kisses her … Victor makes a snide remark about Gabi. Rafe admits she is in custody. Maggie worries about Arianna. Victor wants to help Sonny’s daughter. Rafe now reveals the reason he came. Someone under this roof has probably committed a crime … Sarah calls Xander her rock. He would do anything for her and their daughta. She reminds him Eric is the biodad. He lets it slip Eric is making a mistake, then covers there is more than DNA to being a dad. Sarah goes to call the hospital …

Kristen and Brady are about to take a shower together. Theresa calls and he asks to talk to Tate. When he hears mommy took him the doc for tests, he probes … Sonny updates worried Will on Gabi’s public confession and points out she is going to prison. Will wishes he was there for Ari. Sonny now poses the question he came to ask him. Why has he failed to file their divorce papers … Kristen returns in her red robe. Brady complains Theresa got Tate tested after Victor secretly asked her to. Grandfather has no right to meddle since he fired him. He senses something … Victor quips the last crook under his roof was Will. Rafe refers to Ben and Ciara. He suspects the smitten girl has been hiding him. Victor snaps Ciara has a meeting at Titan. Rafe knows she was a no show and urges Victor to tell her he needs to talk to her – if he hears from her … Later Maggie worries. She and Victor are both aware Ciara would do anything for her Ben … Ben refuses to let Ciara accompany him. She believes the only solution is to find Jordan’s real killer … Sonny knows Will did not send the signed papers back to his lawyer and wonders why. Will remembers Ciara announcing he was innocent and sighs he had a very good reason …

Will believes divorce is a big decision. Sonny reminds him they already agreed. Will stammers he simply went over the papers one more time. Just when he was about to file them … Ben got away and they were under lockdown. Sonny offers to take the papers himself … Rafe meets with Chad at DiMera mansion. Chad asks about Steve. Rafe sighs all they know now is that he snatched Kayla. Chad assumes he is here about Gabi. Abigail is out of town so he can update him. Rafe announces it is Ben he is after now and asks him to search the gatehouse … Ciara explains to Ben the father of Jordan’s baby might be the one who offed her … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie worries about Victor’s stress level. Enter Xander. Maggie heads upstairs to give Mickey a hug. Xander asks about Theresa. Victor cannot contact her for an update just yet as it might seem suspicious. He has no regrets about switching the baby. He did it for the love of his life even though Brady must suffer the consequences. Brady walks in with Kristen. What consequences? T’was Titan talk. Kristen boasts thanks to Brady, Basic Black is doing well. Brady demands to know why grandad went behind his back to have Theresa and Tate tested as potential donors for Mickey …

Maggie enters pretty Sarah’s room, praising sweet Mickey who is peacefully asleep. Sarah remembers that night, how nice Adrienne was driving her. Maggie wishes she had been there. Sarah is relieved she did not drive drunk. The past is in the past. The redhead agrees best to be positive. Mickey made it through. Alas Adrienne was a tragic loss. Maggie wonders how it must torment Will that in the blink of an eye he offed Sonny’s mother … Will claims the warden confiscated all his papers. He suggests they wait. Sonny asks if he has had a change of heart but the guard ends the visit. Will is now torn between losing Sonny and ruining Maggie and other’s lives … Chad plays it cool and doubts Ben is at the gatehouse. Rafe wants to check and senses something is up when Chad tries to stop him … Ciara only knows Jordan lost it anytime anyone asked about David’s father. There was bad blood. If she kept the son from his father, he might have had a motive. Ben gets it …

Victor makes light of the tests. Brady snaps Tate and Mackenzie are distant relations. Xander wants the whole world tested. Kristen argues Victor kept it a secret and asked Theresa to do the same. Brady is suspicious … Chad reasons the gatehouse renovators would have seen Ben. Rafe gets suspicious … Ben wonders what Justin said. That it was a longshot but he agreed to try and get info from his California contacts. Ben warns even Rafe could not find out who the father was. Ciara knows someone knows! Finding out is the key to saving Ben. He suggests she do it while he goes on the run. No way … Rafe talks tough with Chad … Maggie has been summoned by serious Will … Xander suggests Brady stop stressing Victa, who accuses Kristen of causing trouble. Brady defends her. Xander tells him to go. Brady refuses. Sarah comes in with huge news. There is a match for Mickey … Ben begs Ciara to work on her hunch from Salem while he runs from the law. Tis time to say goodbye but not forever. She vows to find David’s father, sobs and begs him to be careful. He promises to come back to the girl he loves. They kiss like there is no tomorrow and … Rafe catches him at the door!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 20, 2020