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Episode 13,815
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Princess Gabi gets she needs a lawyer. Rafe points out power and money might not be enough. Her biggest regret is sending Eli straight to Lani. Meanwhile Lani and Eli are kissing … In the supply room Stefano Steve ends a grateful call to Rolf for his help and provisions. Kayla appears complaining she has no phone so she cannot tell Justin where she is. The phoenix grows impatient … Hattie comes to the pub late panicking about being fired. Boss Roman replies she is not being fired but Kate is … Stylish Kate is still cuffed at the station. Suited Justin happens along and wonders what she did. She betrayed a friend … Pink jacket Marlena gets a flower delivery. John drawls they are not from him so she reads the card with a sigh. From the phoenix for his queen. John curses … Steve suggests Kayla stop whining about Justin. She refuses to be shut up about the wonderful man who was there after he abandoned them. Stefano replies with sarcasm. Kayla doubts he is capable of having a real relationship. He snaps there is someone he needs to see. Kayla quips John suspected he made that someone up. He insists his lady is real and he loooooves her … At the park Eli stops smooching with Lani. He is still smarting from her deceit though he understands why she did it. He is torn between love and hate … Gabi grovels to Rafe, who assures his sis he does not hate her. She is afraid. He leaves her with the phone to make her one call and heads out. Justin is sorry about Gabi. Rafe cannot believe what she did. Justin heard she confessed to a plethora of witnesses … Gabi calls Sonny and begs him to come see her so they can discuss Arianna. Kate comes in and cannot believe she was arrested on her wedding day …

Back at the pub Roman wonders why Hattie helped Kate … Steve claims he must catch Stefano off guard, hence his hiding. Kayla wants to go back to her life. He misses his own love interest and gushes he got her a Valentine message. He cannot wait to wine and dine her. Kayla reminds him this is their wedding anniversary. He airily replies they are divorced. She snaps since they are history he should have the decency to tell her his mystery woman’s name. Tis Marlena … Hattie explains how badly Kate felt about helping Stefano. She was trying to do the right thing. Roman doubts it and drawls Kate cares only about Kate. Hattie snorts … Kate cannot believe Gabi almost exploded a pacemaker in Julie. Gabi argues it was Stefan’s heart! Kate asks who gave her the crazy idea. Gabi quips she did … Eli explains to heartbroken Lani he was a wreck after she left him at the altar. She cries Gabi ruined everything and got her clutches into him too. She implores him not to let Gabi win and come be with her now. He cannot … Back at the station Justin gets a text and curses. Rafe senses a situation. He cannot reach Kayla. Rafe suspiciously asks when he saw her last. Last night at work. She had to stay all night but did not come home. Rafe wonders whether he knows about Steve … Kayla is stunned since John Black is Steve’s best friend. How can he want his woman? Steve rages she is his queen. Kayla thinks he sounds like Stefano DiMera. He pulls off his patch and rages he IS Stefano DiMerrrrrra ...

Marlena dumps Stefano’s roses in the trash. John drawls he will not break them up. It’s always gonna be just them baby. He hugs the woman he loves and she sighs … Back at the pub Roman is surprised to hear that Hattie offered to impersonate Marlena. She admits she was kind of attracted by Stefano’s attentions but one thing stopped her from giving in – Roman …Gabi reminds Kate that after Stefan was gone she suggested she continue Stefan’s legacy. Kate counters she was referring to DiMera. Gabi began by reading about Stefan’s projects, one of which was Visionary Bionics. The company created not only bionic eyes but also state of the art pacemakers. Lani got off and then Gabi's plan was born. Kate wonders why she did not simply move on with Eli as they seemed happy. Gabi groans threatening Julie was the one way to keep Lani from telling Eli the truth. She now asks Kate for her story …

Stefano shows confused Kayla his phoenix ring. She wonders about his eye. He boasts brilliant Rolf did that and also planted his consciousness into Steve’s body. Kayla cannot believe it. He warns he is back to reclaim his empire and his queen … Kate comes clean to Gabi about teaming up with Stefano when he offered her a high position at DiMera. Gabi laments losing it all, which was her worst fear … As crickets chirp at the park Lani wishes Eli would remember the way they were. He acknowledges she did much for him and Julie but it will take him time. He leaves to be alone … Roman is caught off guard. Hattie gushes about his looks and more. He is special and she harbors deep feelings. She has felt this way for a while and now clams up. Roman grins she sounds romantic but she calls herself a realist as well. She knows he is not interested. He teases that’s not true … Kayla argues to Steve he is no Stefano. He explains he had his goons grab her Steve when he was on his way home to her. Kayla looks into his eyes, listening …

Marlena admires the candles and flowers in the bedroom. John tells her to think of only them tonight. She smiles they have so much to celebrate. He feels like the luckiest man in the world and loves her on every day. She feels the same way. He romantically kisses her … Hattie puts on her apron and pouts she wants no pity. Roman praises her personality and her courage. He calls her special and kisses her cheek. Then he walks away like a cowboy. Hattie swoons … Rafe and Justin burst into Kayla’s empty office. They realize she was patching someone up who was shot. Rafe gets the surveillance footage … Kayla looks Steve in the eye. She knows he is strong and still in there. Together they will defeat the phoenix. Stefano chuckles at her efforts. Her Steve is now dead and gone, says he. Then he raises his glass. Long live the king … Lani will be waiting for Eli, who woefully walks away … Kate complains she has not heard from her lawyer so it looks like she will be stuck in a cell with Gabi … Rafe and Justin spot Kayla on the fuzzy footage. She left with a figure in scrubs that could be Steve … Stefano offers Kayla a glass of white wine. She tries to bolt but he restrains his hostage. She goes nowhere …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 19, 2020