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Episode 13,814
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie is down! Abigail, Chad and Eli are at her side. Rafe is appalled by Gabi’s actions but her face shows no remorse … At the club dapper Doug complains to Jack and Jen about Hope acting cold as ice. Jen reasons Rolf can undo her being Gina. Shane is searching as they speak. Ring ring! … Eli implores Dr. Val to do something. She finds a strong pulse. Julie’s eyes fly open and she boasts she feels better than ever! Gabi tries to use her phone app again but Rafe grabs it away. Julie shouts she was faking it … Jen has tears in her eyes as she tells Doug and Jack that was Lucas. Alas papa Bill passed from a heart attack while he was sleeping. Jack tells sweetheart how sorry he is. Doug is relieved he did not suffer. Woeful Jen wishes the dedicated doctor had not worked so hard … Doug announces he knew Bill for 50 years … Julie taunts Gabi she is going to jail. Abigail is confused. JJ updates them on how he recognized Gabi’s tech flunky who had a long record. He had him picked up by the police and made sure Julie’s doctor had the right pacemaker. Lani adds she had Theo send Gabi a text message as her flunky. She fell for it. JJ then told Julie, who was keen to stage a scene. Julie smiles about the mission being a success. Gabi curses. Lani looks at Eli and explains they are finally free … Doug remembers Bill as Jen listens …Eli confronts Gabi for her lie of love. She stammers she did fall for him. He cries she tried to kill his beloved grandmother. They are through! Lani leers at Gabi she is going to lose it all …

Gabi gets mad at JJ. Julie gets mad at Gabi for deceiving her and calls Lani an angel. She apologizes to her and weeps about her sacrifice. She will be eternally grateful … Jack teases he heard Brent Douglas used to be Doug’s real name. That was in his prison days when he met up with Bill and helped him out of a jam. Bill eventually saved him. He was only in Salem to go after the inheritance of Susan Martin! He gushes then he met Julie and set his sights on her instead. Jen smiles the rest is history … Chad and Abigail confront Gabi for not changing her wicked ways. Abigail believes Stefan’s death was an accident and Lani is blameless. Gabi reminds her she is to blame for her being in prison and losing her ability to have another child. Julie sides with Abigail. Abe stands by his daughter. Lani insists Rafe arrest the girl. Julie berates Miss Mendacious. Rafe solemnly reads his sunk sister her rights. She apologizes to Eli as she is led away. Lani gives him a heartfelt look …

Jen and Doug discuss Bill’s regrets about those early years. Jack was impressed by his work in Africa. Jen missed having him around during her childhood. Later having him at her wedding meant the world! Flashback to pony tail Jen getting a visit from proud papa Bill before her wedding. He gave her a beautiful pearl necklace that belonged to her mother. A heartfelt hug and then Jen was a young woman in pearls. Precious memories. Jack has his arm around her delicate shoulders. Doug holds her hand … Eli hugs Julie and then Val. Chad and Abigail depart to drive Julie to Doug … Abe wishes Lani had confided in him and hopes she is staying in Salem. She smiles she is and then excuses herself to JJ. They did it! She is eternally grateful and hugs him as Eli watches in silence. JJ suggests she go to her guy. Embarrassed Eli walks away … Julie, Abby and Chad join Jack, Jen and Doug with the latest. Julie cannot wait for Gabi to get what is coming to her … Crying Gabi is cuffed to a chair at the station. Rafe wonders how she could do this … Eli sits alone on a park bench and removes his wedding ring. Here comes Lani. He is hurt she did not trust him enough to tell him. She could not risk Julie getting hurt. He bitterly wonders why she trusted JJ more than him …

Gabi whispers she did what she did for real love. Stefan was the one but then he was taken from her forever. Rafe reasons Lani was not to blame. She recounts how the Hortons all asked her to save Julie after Lani offed the love of her life. News of the pacemaker gave her an opening to make them feel the pain she felt … Lani sighs Gabi was watching her every move. Eli is upset she told JJ. She explains it started with an incidental meeting and she needed someone to talk to. But she never stopped loving Eli and never will. He is the one that she wants … JJ joins his clan at the club, wondering why the long faces. Julie admits they have Hope on their minds. They must not give up believing. Doug is sorry to say they received more sad news. Jen stands up and cries to Abigail that grandpa Bill is gone. Julie cries and hugs Jen. Jack explains he and Jen intend to get a fast flight to Cape Town. Abigail and JJ want to come. Chad starts to call a travel agent … until Abigail announces she would rather he not accompany her. It is only because she wants the kids to stay in safer Salem. Chad gets it and will stay with them. Julie assures Jen they were all blessed to have their Bill …

Gabi complains about Abigail and Lani ruining her life. Rafe exclaims she has committed countless crimes! She cries how to tell Arianna that mommy is going back to the slammer?! She regrets confessing with so many witnesses present. Rafe sighs even the DiMera power cannot get her out of this predicament … or can it?! … Eli hears that Lani came home to fight after she heard he was with Gabi. He is glad she did and is grateful. Lani gives him a kiss on the lips … Jack wants a word with JJ. His grandfather had a full life. He points out JJ was in a hard place and praises him for helping Julie and Lani. He could not be more proud. They hug. Jen arrives and Jack asks if they are ready. They head out but JJ pauses one last time. The lad who lost so much will not be coming back … Abigail is packed at DiMera mansion. She promises her rock she will be back soon and he romantically kisses her … Doug marvels to Julie he would never have known her if not for Bill. Poignant flashbacks follow. Julie marvels 50 years and it is true in the real world too! Time for a dance and a classic kiss from this super couple in Salem and the real world.

Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 18, 2020