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Episode 13,813
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani stops Gabi’s white wedding cos she cannot let Eli marry her! The guests stare in stunned silence. Eli exclaims he does not need his ex’s permission. Rafe tries to escort her away. Gabi issues her a warning. Julie blasts Lani for breaking Eli’s heart. She can do it again only over her dead body. Gabi gets a wicked idea… Sonny leaves Gabi a well wishes message. He is home with Ari, who was not feeling well. He sneaks a peek at Victor’s Valentine card to Maggie, then reads about Ben on the loose, Will denying any knowledge of his great escape. Meanwhile Will is gazing woefully at Sonny’s picture … Lani informs the beech tis over. Abe confronts his daughter. She assures him she can answer everything. Gabi taunts she is no nun. Lani smirks she can confess and takes off the habit. She never became a nun but came back to make her pay … Sonny has tears in his eyes as he looks at Ari’s sweet Valentine. Will has the same one in his cell and is writing in his red diary to Sonny. He remembers their last Valentine’s together. Sonny booked them a week in Costa Rica. Will sweetly kissed him and suggested he open his gift. Sonny had one more surprise – skates … Gabi warns Lani she is on thin ice. Triumphant Lani is here to make things right and accuses Gabi again. Eli snaps to spill already. Gabi suggests they leave, sensing something. He wants to hear Lani and then kick her out. Lani explains she left him at the altar that fateful day for a reason …

Will writes Sonny always had him with a smile … A year ago Sonny teased him ice skating was romantic, with all the falling in each other’s arms. He listed famous pairs skaters. Will laughed they were already in love. Sonny promised to catch him when he fell … Sonny now looks online. There is still Valentine’s skating in Salem and it makes him smile … Lani announces Gabi forced her to break up with Eli. Julie suspects she just regrets what she herself did and defends Gabi this misjudged kind girl. She is like family now and Julie shouts she will finish this wedding. She proceeds to pronounce … Lani begs Eli to listen. He demands she reveal what Gabi did. Lani replies Gabi threatened Julie’s life. The guests all gasp. Gabi gives her a dark look … Will writes how he and Sonny always found their way back and fell harder for each other … After the skating, Sonny praised graceful Will, whereas he took a fall. Will shared his secret. He kept it simple whereas Sonny was too bold but he was impressed. He could not love him more and suggested hot cocoa. He warmed up his wounded honey with a blanket. Sonny wanted some ego stroking. Will thought he was perfect and teased to try out for the Olympics. Next time he will nail that double axel. Sonny felt better. They kissed in bliss. Back to the now. Sonny opens a drawer and takes out his own red diary. Evan interrupts his solitude with a rose and a smile …

Lani warns angry Gabi it is over. Gabi accuses her of lying. Lani explains to Eli that Gabi made her leave him in public or she would off Julie. Gabi calls her a loon. Lani cries she could not have thought of such a thing and reminds Eli that Gabi went after him. It was part of her revenge since she blamed her for Stefan. Eli argues she gave Stefan’s heart to Julie. Rafe agrees. JJ tells Lani to tell all. Lani explains Julie’s pacemaker was rigged and can be manipulated by an app. Gabi made her heart rate go nuts to prove it. Julie remembers that day! Lani suggest Eli ask Gabi himself if it is true so he does just that. Gabi denies it and argues Kristen made Lani crazier. She urges Eli to kick her out. Eli gets to thinking … Evan just dropped David off for a playdate and picked up this rose. He hopes he was not pushing it. Sonny thanks him. Evan suspects he has Will on his mind …

Last Valentine’s Will received a collectible typewriter used by Ian Forrester from Sonny. He got it in an auction for amazed Will the real writer. Will felt his gift could not compare. Red dairies so they could write one another a year’s worth of love letters. Sonny was much moved by his gift of love. Will now continues to write in his … Lani announces she loves Eli forever. Gabi calls her a liar but JJ, the credible ex-cop, speaks up on Lani’s behalf. Chad, Abigail, Abe and all others hear how Lani did not leave after Gabi kept threatening her. JJ tells the crowd he too had his doubts about her tale - until he saw the app on guilty Gabi’s phone. Abigail gets it from her bag but Gabi grabs it away. Julie rages it is all over and Gabi never changed … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny does not deny to Evan he has Will on his mind and wants him to see … The first time Sonny saw the red diaries he warned Will he was no Forrester. Will suggested they simply write their feelings. Now Evan wonders whether Sonny is going to show Will his letters. He cannot cos the prison is in lockdown but he does have to see him about those divorce papers. He thanks Evan for listening and for the rose. Evan smiles he has his number and departs but does Sonny really have his number …?!

Julie rages at Gabi for her revenge plan. Gabi argues to angry Lani that she saved Eli from her. Eli asks if she really lied. Gabi loses her cool, comes clean and threatens Julie's life. Rafe implores his sister to put down the phone. Julie blasts the diva devil and warns she will never see Arianna again. Gabi presses a button and a shock is heard. Julie gasps her heart is racing … Will looks through his red diary of love letters and puts Sonny’s picture back inside, his eyes filled with tears of torment … Sonny gets back to writing in his armchair and writes he still loves Will even though he stopped writing after Adrienne. He will always love him … Eli implores Gabi to stop. Julie gasps to go ahead and taunts her. Hot tempered Gabi zaps her again. Julie goes down like a limp ragdoll. Eli and JJ hover in horror. Rafe whispers what has his sister done?? Guilty Gabi gulps ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 17, 2020