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Episode 13,812
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail is ready for the wedding with her green dress but feels tired when she looks in the mirror. Chad suavely surprises his beautiful wife with a Valentine’s Day necklace and they kiss in bliss … Julie calls Gabi gushing about her new pacemaker and apologizes Doug has to be with Hope. Gabi ends the call in a hurry, happy the new pacemaker is presently activated on her evil app … Eli and best man JJ are already at the outdoor venue. Eli senses something is bothering him … Upset Lani leaves Kristen another message. She knows just what she must do! Kristen is about to call her back when tuxedo Brady arrives to invite her to the wedding … At the gatehouse Ciara sadly reads Ben the latest news on the hunt for him as he sits beside her. He tells her tis time to say goodbye. Ciara laments her life would be over without him. He, however, refuses to let her run away with him … Chad reads the cute card from the kids and gets a call from Harold. A light is on in the gatehouse … Heartbroken Gabi stares at Stefan’s framed photograph, sighing she will always love and never forget him. He would want her happy and Eli makes her happy. Still, she weeps she misses him, how he accepted and loved her the way she was. She breaks down about their tragic end, how they hounded her to give his beautiful heart to someone she hated. She admits everything else out loud attempting to somehow justify her mischief to the late Stefan. She is torn by having the app which is her leverage against Lani. She cannot risk being sent to the slammer as Ari needs her … JJ sadly states he was remembering Haley. He never had the chance to give her his ring. Eli is sorry to say Gabi invited Kristen. However, she has not RSVPed … Kristen informs Brady she would feel she was betraying Lani if she went to Eli’s wedding to another. Brady wonders whether Lani still loves him … Lani apologizes to God and leaves in a large hat and long coat. She is now incognito …

Chad explains it is his security chief’s wedding day so he will check out the light. Abigail kisses him and states she will see him at the wedding … JJ has accepted Haley falling was an accident. He will stay far from Kristen and offers to pick up Julie. Eli appreciates it … Rafe comes to see sister Gabi, who is getting her makeup on. He will accompany her to the square and sees she was looking at Stefan’s picture … Ben will not back down. There is a manhunt on for him and Ciara is ignoring all texts. He cannot have her implicated. Chad appears and demands to know what Weston is doing in his gatehouse! He has also seen Ciara. He shoves his way in and threatens to call the cops. Ciara argues but Ben is innocent. Chad exclaims he killed three people in the past and plans to send him back to the slammer … At Julie’s bedside, Abigail admits she is no Gabi fan. Julie hopes she too can forgive the girl cos she is about to become family … Gabi insists she still wants to wed Eli. She calls herself the luckiest woman in the world. Rafe makes a snide remark … Abe elegantly congratulates the groom to be and shakes his hand. He feels badly about Lani’s behavior and disappearing act. She arrives incognito as Abe admits to Eli that the girl who left him at the altar was not the daughter he knew and loved …

Kristen corrects herself. Lani loved Eli in the past. Brady admits he really came to give her a gift. He realizes she does not have her charm bracelet on and babbles about her reasons. She gushes she would never give up anything from him and shows it to him. He presents her with a charm to add for the future. Tis a heart. Kristen is touched … Abe unhappily admits he misses Lani a lot. Sympathetic Eli asks him to stay for the wedding. Abe accepts and Val arrives before Eli has the chance to forewarn him … Rafe grins Gabi grew up enough to realize she does not have to deceive in order to be happy. She takes off the locket Stefan gave her and gets ready to go … Ciara stops Chad. She insists Ben did not off his sister. She argues to guilt ridden Ben that he was out of his mind because of Clyde and states his case to Chad. She urges him to hear her out after she reminds him Abigail has also had her problems …

Stylish Val and Abe are elated to see each other! Eli has to check on the late photographer … Chad puts his phone away. Ciara thanks him. He warns Ben he must be gone by morning and warns Ciara she could get in big trouble for hiding a fugitive. They are fortunate it is Valentine’s Day for he has a heart. He leaves and Ben kisses her head … Kristen marvels it was a wonderful day when Brady gave her the bracelet until … They both remember Rachel Isabella daily. Brady suggests they take one day at a time. Today is Valentine’s Day so she should get in her dress and let him take her to a wedding … Eli sits on a bench with Lani leaving him on his mind. She watches incognito as he walks back to the wedding party … Chad joins Abigail, who wonders about the gatehouse light. All is well and he will explain later … Ciara reminds Ben this is Valentine’s Day … JJ comes for the wedding with Julie, whom Eli is thrilled to see. Kristen seems to be a no-show. JJ has no complaint … When Kristen gets Brady to help with her dress, one thing leads to another …

Here comes the bride … Rafe walks his sister toward elated Eli. She gets to his side in her slinky stylish white dress and smiles. Julie presides. Marriage is a profound matter. At the speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace part the guests giggle, given Salem’s illustrious wedding history. They join hands after Gabi gives Abigail her bouquet for safekeeping. Gabi says I do. Then Eli says I do. Eli waits for glum JJ to give him the rings … Brady and Kristen are hungry for one another and decide to skip the wedding … Ben is bothered that Chad has only given them an extra day before calling the cops. Ciara only wants to focus on how they feel now on this Valentine’s Day. She loves him. His only gift he has to give is his gift of love. They kiss like there is no tomorrow … With this ring Gabi weds Eli. Eli slips the ring on her finger. Val has stars in her eyes as Julie proceeds to pronounce them … All of a sudden Lani appears in full nun attire and orders her to stop that wedding!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 14, 2020