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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


John pays slick Vic a visit. The Greek tycoon heard about Orpheus and suggests he is slipping. John curses him for stealing Brady’s daughter and handing her to another … Xander rages at Brady in his room, raging he stole his CEO position. Brady reasons it was his to begin with … Charming Sonny finishes his food at the pub and leaves to let Marlena and Will have some alone time. Today club sandwiches but yesterday someone Will loves was almost lost again. The blonde beauty makes light of the mayhem … Justin continues to address Adrienne’s grave. He glances at the flowers he got her and wishes he knew whether she was at peace with him proposing to Kayla … Kayla agrees to speak to Steve. First she thanks him for saving Justin’s soul. Steve drawls he did it for her … Xander boasts he is more like Victa’s grandson. Brady rages for making him, Kristen and Sarah suffer and how about his precious baby girl! Xander reminds him he gave her up anyway … Victor wanted to help Maggie. John blasts him for making her life worse. He has regrets and agreed to fire Xander and make Brady CEO. John slams him for disrespecting Isabella’s wishes and not doing right by his son, whom he has made a patsy. Victor gasps as his heartrate goes haywire …

Back at the pub Marlena and Will agree they missed having time together. Here come stylish Nicole and Eric. Nicole is amazed by Marlena looking so beautiful after the chaos. Will congratulates the happy engaged couple. They suspect Sami will be less than thrilled … John grudgingly goes for help … Steve wants Kayla to know … John interrupts cos Victor is crashing. Kayla is on her way … Justin is sitting by the flowers, not a sign from Adrienne in sight. If she disagrees with his idea he wishes she would show it. The sign arrives and chimes are heard. Tis sweet Sonny … Brady argues Rachel is with her mother. Xander lists Kristen’s crazy crimes. Brady believes if he had left them alone then he and the woman he loves with all his heart would be together. Xander suddenly realizes he might not have had a fling with Sarah after all … Nicole admits her last run-in with Sami was not good. She does not want to beg to be forgiven for being blackmailed. Eric asks Marlena to tell Sami but Marlena asks Will! Will teases to draw straws. Nicole decides to just do it and makes the call …

Back at the hospital, John admits to Steve he set Victor off after he blasted him. Steve thinks he will survive it. He always does. John apologizes for interrupting his moment with Kayla and probes. Patch was about to announce he wanted her back … Kayla gives Victor something to bring the blood pressure down. He growls about John. She suggests next time he gets upset he tell the visitor to leave. Victor is upset about Maggie languished in lockup and how she must feel about him. He feels for the hell the redhead, Justin and Brady endured. He thanks Kayla for being there for Justin … Justin puts on his jacket as Sonny admits he woke up this morning with mama Adrienne on his mind. Justin came to ask her a question he now asks Sonny. What if he proposed to Kayla? Sonny looks surprised … Brady blows off Xander and taunts him when Sarah arrives. Sarah tries to prove they are involved by giving buck Brady a passionate kiss. Xander hangs his head as Brady kisses her right back. Xander wonders why. Cos Brady is kind and would never con loved ones plus he is better in bed. She orders baby out but he repeats he loves her and is not giving up …

John is surprised. Steve is serious. Kayla has always been the one. In a way John was his inspiration … Kayla argues Justin is strong on his own but helped her as well. Vic refers to Steve as an ageing delinquent and she defends him. He calls Justin the strong and steady selection who makes her happy … Sonny goes silent. He then asks why his dad thought of marrying again. Justin was inspired by Eli. Life is too short. He and Kayla are in love soooo ... Sonny now hears he asked Adrienne for a sign and then Sonny appeared. It means Sonny can answer the question. Does he approve? … Nicole tells unheard unseen Sami over the phone that she and Eric are engaged, and thanks her for her support. She gushes to the gang she was gracious. Will believes EJ might have made her mellow. Eric now gets a text from his sister Sami, who calls him out of his mind for proposing to that beech. Sami, it seems, has improved her social grace though the legendary hurricane lives on … Brady grins it was great … sticking it to Xander. Sarah liked it too but how will revenge on Xander trickle down to Victor … Steve updates John on Kate passing on that Abe wanted to hand him and Hope the keys to the city. It made them realize they really were not acting of their own free will earlier. John drawls that’s a fact. Hope made him see only his guilt was keeping him and Kayla apart. John reminds partner there was more than that … Justin feels Sonny can speak for Adrienne. In addition, his son’s approval is key. Sonny smiles he wants him happy as would mom so he should go for it. Justin laughs with relief and hugs the son he loves …

Will admires courageous Nicole. Marlena teases Sami knows she too is a tough cookie. Eric and Nicole are happy. Hopefully Sami will leave well alone. Marlena is over the moon Sonny and Will are finally in a good place. Will lets it slip they are considering having another baby. The blonde rejoices … Outside Nicole jokes if Sami was not so busy looking after EJ she might fly to town. Eric kisses her. Here comes hurricane Xander, who urges Eric to get Brady to back off of Sarah. Eric is baffled … John brings up Justin. Kayla is officially off the market. Steve argues history. Besides Hope suggested Kayla should decide. The silver fox agrees. The classic couple would be together still if not for Rolf and Stefano. He feels strongly his friend deserves the key to the city. Steve only wants Kayla now that he feels redeemed. He vows to make it happen … Sonny comes home to working Will. Justin just reminded him life is too short. Will realizes he has having another baby on his mind and grins they should just do it … Xander urges Eric to warn Brady against sleeping with Sarah. Nicole blows him off but she and Eric realize Brady could be using Sarah to get revenge on Xander …. Sarah wants to hear the rest of the plan. Brady knows Titan is Victor’s baby so since he “killed” his baby he will do the same to him. He intends to tank Titan and the Greek tycoon with it … Marlena is with Victor when John returns from the talk with Steve. Vic calls him a loser and adds Kayla is luckier without him. John drawls don’t count his pal out yet … At the nurse’s station Justin gets down on his knee and makes a heartfelt proposal to Kayla. Steve comes around the corner, stops, and looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 29, 2020