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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the square Eli is excited Lani could be with child … At the pub as Kayla has her coffee, Justin reads about Hope and Steve being hailed heroes. He complains Steve did not make Orpheus pay! He should have … Steve reads about his and Hope’s heroics on the news and scoffs about being a superhero … The bad guys are back to talk to Ben … Gabi wants to explain everything to Stefan but he is furious … Ben looks at the big wrench and insists he is not Jake. They know and want his whereabouts. Here comes Ciara, who screams don’t touch him … Gabi denies drugging Abigail and repeats she loves Stefan. Jake sighs …Eli suggests a pregnancy test … Hope talks to sullen Steve about Ciara’s wedding. He complains about the news sounding like they were heroes. Here comes Kate, who greets the duo who saved Salem. Hope wonders how she got in. The door was not locked. They both suggest she scram. She thinks they should be nicer to their old partner in crime. Hope gives her a look … Justin talks like a vigilante and wonders why Steve did nothing after he got him to hand over the gun. Kayla thinks he was just saving Justin, who is no killer. Justin is troubled Orpheus told him he had no killer instinct like Steve. Kayla loves his gentleness. Justin wants justice for Adrienne. Kayla insists the system will work. Justin sighs Steve did not take his chance to off Orpheus and he knows why … Kate came cos Mayor Abe wishes to present Hope and Steve each with a key to Salem. Steve laughs …Eli cannot wait. Lani smiles it is not certain. He reminds her when they were at the lake and hands her the box. He will be waiting, loves her and kisses her … Ben begs Ciara to go. Ciara warns the bad guys he is not Jake. One grabs her and threatens to have some fun with Ben’s girlfriend. Ben says let her go and he will talk Jake. They want answers now and one almost bashes Ben. Ciara warns them both that is the necktie killer and dares them to google it. They do. Ben gives them a dark stare and warns he will track them down and end this if they don’t let her go. They just want what Jake took from the boss. Tell him they will be back for it. They nervously leave and Ben hugs Ciara, who assures him she is alright …

Gabi gasps Rolf set her up! Jake gets sarcastic when she admits he was in the slammer. He argues if Rolf is a liar then he is not Stefan either. Gabi insists he is … Hope and Steve feel it is too soon for them to be idolized. Kate will send the details soon. Hope whispers do they have a choice? She suggests they not appear ungrateful and goes. Hope thinks the time might be right for her and Steve to stop blaming themselves … Justin worries that Steve was doing the right thing to get Kayla back. He feels overshadowed by the legend of Patch. Kayla has no regrets and loves her nice guy. Justin gives her a kiss and an apology. Kayla knows Adrienne would not have wanted him to throw away his life and kisses him again … Eli does the countdown. BABY! He hugs the woman he loves, who looks shell shocked … Ben holds spooked Ciara and tells his spitfire she almost got in trouble. She knew he would protect her and hopes he does not mind what she said. He gets she did what she had to. It worked. She wonders what Jake is really hiding …

Jake insists to Gabi he was never dead! She refuses to give up hope he is her Stefan … Eli is elated and asks Lani how she feels. Just surprised. She suggests they get a blood test to confirm. He wants to go now … Justin has decided to bury Orpheus legally cos his son pointed the finger at him. He thanks Kayla for reminding him who he is. She loves who he is and they leave together … Hope suggests the only thing standing between Steve and Kayla is his guilt. Patchman gets to thinking … Ben plans to make Jake explain what is going on and why. He gets his girl some water and she gushes Julie agreed to marry them. He cannot wait to make her his wife. She tells him to quit this job … Jake suggests Gabi stop stalking him. She claims she is no stalker and they had true love! He heard differently, calls her trouble and hopes to never see her again. She pouts he is wrong … Steve regrets not returning home when Kayla begged but now she has moved on with another man. Hope wonders whether he will be able to move on … Eli runs into Justin at the hospital and smiles Lani might be pregnant. Meanwhile Lani meets with Kayla in her office … Gabi admits she was awful to Abigail but Abigail framed her for murder! Stefan stays and wonders why Abigail is not locked up. Cos she has a cute personality disorder. She was stuck in the slammer for what Abigail did, almost ruining her relationship with her daughter. She and Stefan were so good together after she got out but then a bullet stole him from her! Stefan is sorry for her child and what she endured. He leers he is not her late hubby so leave him the hell alone! He storms out and Kate gasps about the resemblance. Jake rages he is not that other guy and keeps going …

Ciara does not want Ben here when the bad guys come back for Jake. He needs to buy her a diamond ring. She would rather forget the ring and have a living fiancé … Lani flashes back to the heart break of losing her and Eli’s baby. Kayla returns … Justin is happy for Eli having a wedding and maybe a baby. Eli wants to wed soon cos he is not wasting another second. Justin suddenly realizes he has something he must do … Steve pushed the woman he loves to Justin the better man. Hope suggests he talk to Kayla, let her decide. At least try … Kate visits Gabi, who vows to prove Jake is Stefan. Kate sighs honey has bigger problems to think about … Ben will not resign but will demand the truth from Jake, who now comes back. Ciara complains about the thugs. Ben explains she scared them off by warning them not to mess with the necktie killer. Jake is sorry. Ben seeks an explanation. When he does not get one he walks out with Ciara. He will come back only if Jake comes clean … Lani explains to Eli she is pregnant. He can see something is wrong. She does not think she can have this baby and takes off in tears. Eli follows … Steve pays perplexed Kayla a visit in her office … Justin places a beautiful bouquet at Adrienne’s plaque and shares the latest. He would like to commit to Kayla and wonders whether she is alright with him proposing … Superhero Steve wants to talk. Kayla soap stares …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 28, 2020